Aquatic Ambiance (piano cover) - Donkey Kong Country - David Wise - SNES

2021.09.18 01:15 pianopossession Aquatic Ambiance (piano cover) - Donkey Kong Country - David Wise - SNES

Check out my new pianocover of Donkey Kong Country - Aquatic Ambiance - by David Wise :)
Aquatic Ambiance on piano
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2021.09.18 01:15 Dependent-Luck2990 wiz n spottem was finna shoot a video nigga pulled up shot spottem kidnapped wiz took him to peanut death site and slit his throat stab him 5 times n then shot him n the head

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2021.09.18 01:15 OkRice6686

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2021.09.18 01:15 DtBannecke Stoop Kid

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2021.09.18 01:15 Rapid_falls263 What is the strongest beer you have ever tried?

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2021.09.18 01:15 NinjaLorian Student Football Tickets (Non MUSS)

Does anyone know where we can get tickets for the football games? The only link I could find on the athletics website goes to a page that doesn't exist.
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2021.09.18 01:15 PSU232 Not understanding alibaba trade assurance?

I’m looking at buying an item on alibaba for the first time. They said they don’t accept PayPal, but they do have trade assurance. How protected am I? I’m fairly positive if I would t receive the item I can dispute it on my credit card. But I’d rather not go that route.
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2021.09.18 01:15 singularfunzone As a new player, I find it nearly impossible to enjoy a match that takes place during an event.

The disparity of skill level is absolutely ridiculous. I really wish I could participate in the double XP but I seriously don't stand a chance against some of these people. Just kinda bummed about that and wanted to share.
Additionally, I've never had much of a problem with toxic, racist, hate-filled 16 year olds up until I decided to play some matches in the current events. Bad parents, I guess.
Still love the game, just wish there was a way for me to enjoy that sweet double XP! Gotta git gud I guess.
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2021.09.18 01:15 haut3wh33ls Brands like Rundholz ?

Not necessarily haute couture, but I love their draped items and color schemes and don’t know where to ask for more ideas ! I’m just looking for new brands to look at and never be able to buy lol. Brands I also like are Yohji Yamamoto, Ivan Grundahl, Sarah Pacini, Porto SF, Issey Miyake, etc. I love good tailoring combined with unique patterns and neutral/dark colors
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2021.09.18 01:15 KrasimerMAL Road trip survey - should only take about a minute

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2021.09.18 01:15 ExpressionEffective1 What’s the deal with multiclassing?(is it worth it)

So, Im a relatively new dnd player, I’ve played a few isolated encounters and a short campaign, and played with a few basic character setups
I’m getting ready to play my first real campaign that last for multiple weeks ( don’t know exactly how long but there’s no limit). I decide to create a half elf bard, and read a lot of things about how bards can become very good at filling multiple roles by multiclassing with warlocks or paladins or whatever else.
What I’m wondering is, is multiclassing worth in the long run when you get to level 20, in the case of the bard, you miss out on your level 18 magical secrets and thus possibly never getting a 9th level spell (like wish or time ravage). Is the generalization worth the lack of specialization?
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2021.09.18 01:15 imafuckingshitshow The silver lining of hating myself

One of my few remaining teeth, I basically only have the front ones left sure to poor genetics and self neglect, just broke. It was on the top, exactly next to the top-left center tooth.
My smile was one of the very few things that I could fall on for a shred of confidence. So it goes.
But when I stop to think about it I remember how no one is ever gonna love me anyway because I'm such a piece of shit. So really it doesn't even matter and may save someone else some major disappointment and heartbreak down the road.
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2021.09.18 01:15 RIP-Circadian-Rhythm Is WoW Classic Fresh/+ going to be released and when?

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2021.09.18 01:15 TrafficSweet6426 Pick your poison

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2021.09.18 01:15 Adorable_Passenger35 Museums 2050 Be Like

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2021.09.18 01:15 ProdTrap FREE Meek Mill x Lil Baby type beat 2021 "Glocks in Heaven"

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2021.09.18 01:15 ThaSkywalker DEATHLOOP PS5 GAMEPLAY PART 6 KILLING EGOR (No Commentary)

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2021.09.18 01:15 hurtfocker You’re in a boat with 6 other people. The boat will capsize soon unless you get rid of one person. You get to choose who goes overboard - who you kickin’ out?

View Poll
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2021.09.18 01:15 ItsKibzy Anyone want to rage with me?

Looking for active players to grind with. I’m 20, may or may not be a sweat and can be a little toxic. 😁 I’m on PlayStation. My PSN is WRYD-Step-Bro
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2021.09.18 01:15 Holyjoe11 Two Miracles for Wrigley1

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2021.09.18 01:15 maggieamos4 Kelsey, you know...the mom

She has said many times how much she loves being a mom, and how "natural" it comes to her.
Now, I'm a mom of 2 boys, and there was no time for me to pursue my dreams when they were young. She can't claim to be an available mom while trying to become a chef. Didnt she say her dream was to own a Michelan Star Restaurant? I dont own a restaurant, but I'm almost positive that takes up all your time. Where does that leave her family?
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2021.09.18 01:15 tom_snout This is how embarrassing Trump’s ‘fraud’ claims have gotten

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2021.09.18 01:15 Nathanyang29 UWO SGBV Walkout 2021.09.17

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2021.09.18 01:15 packpeach List of food the I4 crew took with them

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2021.09.18 01:15 superstoreman Top 10 Net Transfers In and Out 17/09/2021 - 18/09/2021

Most Net Transfers In

Name Net Transfers Change % Ownership %
Ronaldo 254553 7.8% 43.2%
Bamford 238222 20.7% 17.1%
Lukaku 187282 8.1% 30.8%
Gray 182968 16.3% 16.1%
Marçal 125627 30.0% 6.7%
Saint-Maximin 119729 19.8% 8.9%
Duffy 85020 5.6% 19.8%
Alexander-Arnold 81889 2.9% 36.2%
Torres 76263 5.6% 17.8%
Raphinha 71314 5.7% 16.4%
Most Net Transfers Out
Name Net Transfers Change % Ownership %
Antonio -533143 -17.6% 30.8%
Calvert-Lewin -230115 -28.8% 7.0%
Fernandes -173350 -5.8% 34.6%
Son -156657 -13.7% 12.1%
Tsimikas -102814 -6.5% 18.2%
Toney -91278 -7.6% 13.7%
Benrahma -91232 -3.7% 29.5%
Ings -84399 -4.5% 22.3%
Mount -72761 -5.9% 14.3%
Martínez -70739 -5.6% 14.6%
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