Miner falls to his death at Sino Iron mine site in WA’s North West

2021.09.18 01:29 marcus0002 Miner falls to his death at Sino Iron mine site in WA’s North West

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2021.09.18 01:29 kleptoKershaw Helping an abused girl [F4M] [Wholesome] [Emotional]

Helping an abused girl [F4M] [Wholesome] [Emotional]
Hey there.
Summary: This story is about a girl who's being abused, but the listener doesn't know this. After meeting a timid shy girl, the listener ends up becoming friends and finds out slowly that she's being abused. Subtle hints here and there will be placed to show that. At the end, the listener offers to help her by having her live at his house.
The script should be totally fine to monetize, it's absolutely safe for work as well. Just credit me in description of video, no need for social media links or anything, just my reddit name is fine.
I apologize if I did anything wrong, this is my first time submitting a script here.
Criticize in me in any manner you like, I don't mind.
ASMR script - Google Docs
Main character talking to herself:
(stomach groans) (foot steps) “I’m so hungry, but I have no money.
Wish I had a little extra money to spend on food.
I’ll just make it through without anything again… I should be okay.”

The listener approaches the main character, to see if they want to sit with him and his/her friends.
(foot steps) / (crowd noise) because of cafeteria.

Main character:
“Oh hello- I mean hi. Oh, I’m just… waiting for my friends. “
“Do I want to… sit with you? Oh no… I don’t want to be annoying to you or your friends, it’s okay I can just sit here.”
I’m sure, it’s okay.”
“Why… don’t I have lunch? Well, I… forgot it at home,”
(nervous/awkward laugh)
“I’m so clumsy!”
“You want to sit with me? Oh no, it’s okay, you don’t have to. I’m okay by myself.”
“What… oh sure I guess… if you insist... you can sit here.”
Next section:
This section is going to be between the listener and the main character having a conversation. Act and talk nervously, quietly and timidly. Have a slightly higher pitch to your voice. The more you talk, subtly become less and less timid over time. Open up a tiny bit.
(sitting noise)
“What’s my name? Oh, my name is (insert name or use “Charlotte”. Whichever is fine) “What’s your name?”
“I see. Well it’s nice to meet you”.
(awkward silence)
“Where do I live? I just live around here. My house is a couple blocks away from the school.”
(Act a little excited when answering the question about hobbies)
“My hobbies? Oh! I love to play piano… but my dad usually doesn’t let me play. He says it’s… too loud. What.. Do you like to do?”
“Oh, I like that too, (chuckle)
“I… I don’t talk with many people… thanks.. for sitting… with me.”
(Become excited again) “Oh! What songs do I like to play? Oh! Oh! I love to play um.. Umm.. oh! Für Elise, Moonlight sonata and Vals de las flores! Those are my favorite! (“chuckle”)”.
“Oh no, I’m not hungry”. (stomach growl) “(Awkward laugh)”. “Wait, I can have your lunch? But won’t you be hungry?!”
(Be a little emotional when saying this, and say it fast) “Oh okay, thank you so much!”. (Eat extremely fast) “That was really good, I sincerely thank you! I haven’t eaten in… a little while. (nervous laugh). “Hey… can I.. ask you something? Why… are you being so nice to me? I’m… not your friend or anything.”
“Oh… thanks, I really appreciate you… spending time with me.” (Pause, listener gets up) (Act scared that listener is walking away) “wait, where are you going?!”
“Oh just the bathroom…, sorr- i mean-okay”.
Main character is now talking to herself:
(This abandonment triggers a traumatic memory for the main character.)
“I hope he’s not going away to his friends, I… really like him. He’s so… nice- wait, I can’t let my dad know he’s my friend! He’ll be extremely angry if he finds out I’m with a boy! What if someone tells him?! Oh no, (sob) I don’t… want him to get hurt, (sob). No!
Listener comes back:
Oh- hey.” (Listener comes back and sits down) “what? Oh I swear I'm fine. (sob)”
“No, it’s okay I’m fine, seriously! (sob) (Trail off) I’m fine. (sob)”
“You’re… really nice to me. (sob) You shouldn’t be! No one- no one likes me! (cry) I don’t deserve a person like you! Why would someone want to be with me? (cry)”
“You… Want to be my friend? w-Why?”
“R-really? You like me?”
(chuckle and sob) “I’m not cool” (chuckle) “Maybe a little… at least.. if you say so.”
(*Bell rings*)
(Speak openly and less shy) “Oh that’s the bell, I guess we should go. I’ll… can we- can we see each other again?”
“Okay” (chuckle) “I’ll see you later. (cute chuckle)”
Next day:
Main character approaches listener at lunch:
(try to talk a little more open and cute)
“(foot steps) Hey you! Want to sit over here with me?”
“Okay!” (laugh) “I’ll be over here waiting for you! (chuckle)”.
(Listener goes to talk to friends)
“(Laugh happily) It’s nice to see you again!”
“Hey.. uhh.. D-do you want to… um hang-out later today?”
“(gasp) Really?! Yay! (laugh) I’m so excited!”
“What?! Oh no no! I don’t want to go to my house!”
“I- uh- no I mean- my dad… will probably be home.”
“Oh! Uhhh.. My dad? Oh right! (nervous chuckle) He’s just… um.. He-he doesn’t want me to have friends over is all… (nervous laugh) Why not? Well… uh.. He’s just.. I-... Just... don’t come over okay?”
“So… what do you want to do?”
“I mean when we hang out later silly! (Laughter)
(Listener notices bruise on the main character’s arm, act like you’re trying to hide it) “that on my arm?- oh that’s- nothing- um. That bruise… I just fell. (nervous laughter) “Anyway, where do you want to go?”
“Oh, the park? Oh! That’s a great idea! I can’t wait!”
(*Bell rings*)
“Okay, I’ll see you at the park! (Cute laughter)
(This is where the main character confesses that she is being abused by her parents.)
Main character before going to the park:
“I’m so nervous, I can’t believe I’m meeting him at the park. What if… he thinks this is a date- No! We’re just meeting up is all… but I hope he… sees me more than that.”
At the park:
(Wind sound effect) “Oh hey! Over here!” (laugh) “I’m glad you decided to come!”
“I’ve never been to this park before, it’s so nice and sunny!”.
“Look at those birds over there! They’re so pretty! Oh and look at the lake, it’s so beautiful! (Laugh). Hey, let's go over there by the lake and look at the ducks! (Laugh)”.
(Water flowing sound effect)
“Hello Mr. Ducks! (Laugh) It’s so good to see you! (chuckle)”
“Yea, I really like animals! I feel connected to them.”
“Do I have a pet? Oh… uh.. Um.. We.. used to. She was really..l nice, but she disappeared a while ago. I don’t know what happened to her. My dad said she ran away… but he was mad when I asked him.
“Oh! Her name was cub, and she was a dog.” (Awkward silence) “So… Do you like animals too?”
“Yay! I’m glad you like them too! I really like animals and the piano! (chuckles). (Long silence)
“Hey… can I… ask you a question? Do you... like your dad?”
“Oh.. that’s good to hear. Your dad must be really nice.”
“My dad? Um.. he’s.. Nice.”
“Oh..uh..yeah, what do you want to know about him?”
“What he’s like? Um… he likes football… um.. He really likes beer too… But.. he’s not home… too often.”
“What? Oh, I am home on my own a lot I guess. (nervous laugh)”.
“My mom? Umm… she.. Went away a couple of years ago. I don’t know where… (chuckles nervously)
“I wish she’d… come back someday. (sob)”
“I’m alright, I’m sorry… it’s just…(sob, act very emotionally from now on) my dad… he… i think he hates me… (cry)”
“Why? Because… he’s always yelling at me about why mom left… (bawl) that I was the reason she left. He hits me on the wrist a lot… it hurts (sob)”
“Why haven’t I told you? Well I didn’t want to burden you with my problems (cry). My dad always told me to keep things to myself if it would make others unhappy, so I didn’t want… to make you unhappy.”
“Huh?” (Listener hugs main character, place sound effect or whatever you think fits) “(cry) Why are you hugging me?”
“No! It’s okay, I… don’t mind… hug me… for a little longer, please. (cry) Hey… do you think my dad will always be like this? I remember him when I was a kid, he… was always happy and cheerful… (cry) It’s my fault! I should’ve been a better daughter! Maybe mom would’ve stayed with us and dad wouldn’t be like this! (Bawl a lot)
(Long silence)
(From now on, talk quietly) “It’s not my.. Fault? But… why? I’m the reason this all happened.”
“How could you say that? I’m supposed to love my dad, that’s what I’ve been told!”
“But… he’s my dad. I’m supposed to respect him…”
“Do i trust you? Well.. of course I do… but I don’t like what you’re saying about my dad.”
“You man, I don’t have to respect him? Why? He’s my dad after all”.
“If you say it’s okay… then… (cry) I really wish things went back to normal! I just want to see my old dad again!(cry)”.
“What do you think I should do? I.. don’t want to live with him anymore. Anytime I see him… I get scared, because I don’t want him to be mad at me!”
“Live with you? But… is that okay? ”
“Wha… really? Your parents are okay with it?! (crying from emotional joy) Of course I want to go! Oh thank you so much! (Bawl) Hey… I.. wanted to say… th-thanks! (kiss) (chuckle).
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2021.09.18 01:29 GrahamGrower416 Please Help Identify my friends issue with me!

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2021.09.18 01:29 whowinsdares Offering: English (N)

If anyone is looking to learn English or if you just want to practice your communication skills I’d be glad to help. I’m available for voice/video calls or just messaging. PM if you’re interested!
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2021.09.18 01:29 ClampGodAaron Allure Magazine

has anyone seen them in stores? ive checked my local barnes and noble they haven’t shipped yet or what store sells them?
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2021.09.18 01:29 Intelligent_Ad6616 So is this Both Greek and Roman? In confused

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2021.09.18 01:29 AdministrationAny808 Depressed about periodontal disease diagnosis

I’m 24F (don’t drink/smoke) & got diagnosed with periodontal disease. When she was measuring my gums she pointed out 6’s I don’t know how many but there were 6’s, 5’s 4’s and 3’s & idk if there were 2 or 1. She said that there’s some bone loss. My oral habits aren’t perfect because I went through really bad PTSD & bad anxiety but I’ve only had 4 cavities throughout my life & i try my best when I can. They did the laser therapy/root planing to treat it. She did say that it was a mild case. I have a maintenance check in 4 months. The thing that scares me is that it can’t be reversed only controlled :( at least from what I’ve read/researched & now I’m feeling really depressed & have constant anxiety & panic attacks about it everyday. Can it really not be reversed? Is anything from this permanent😔
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2021.09.18 01:29 whitewateractual The entire city of DC is locking down tomorrow because the ______ are coming again.

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2021.09.18 01:29 passthemonkeybench Why do you care what your type is?

See title...
Why does your type matter to you?
What impact has it had on you and how do you make use of the knowledge of your type?
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2021.09.18 01:29 crysentia i drew N and Zorua!

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2021.09.18 01:29 Miser Is there anything more beautiful than some fresh kermit going down? (E 61st st, connecting QBB to Central Park)

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2021.09.18 01:29 RhodesShaper Stop worrying after 2 years?

It’s been 2 years now. Is it time to move on?
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2021.09.18 01:29 earo1674 others become you

Others become you at a glance:
drown out sadness with a dance,
grab the neck at every chance;
wrangle down the thought of bad,
the call for mad, the jab of had;
the cries for what once was before,
the pleads for ending, "oh, no more";
in the words the weakness seeps:
through the cracks of being leaks
the unseen forces playing cards
with your hearts and with your stars;
let in only those who smile,
and smile truly, without guile;
let in those of proper while.
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2021.09.18 01:29 Desperate_Actuary762 Noticed this animation error in the episode Charity, did anyone else notice this.

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2021.09.18 01:29 cullenmchale A late night hike in mountains outside Aspen, CO [OC] [3901 x 5851]

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2021.09.18 01:29 CompetitiveTable1 Redditors of Reddit, why do you enjoy roaming this sub?

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2021.09.18 01:29 Stevenaught City of Rancho Cordova Govt on Instagram: “Today, the City of Rancho Cordova unveiled a new Peace Officers Memorial. The memorial is dedicated to the memory of @ranchocordovapd…”

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2021.09.18 01:29 MBuccolo Teddy Long and Ryback will be in Albany, NY tomorrow.

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2021.09.18 01:29 Dark_Man_X anyone got that edited xo logo pic someone made to match the aesthetic of new album?

cant find the post anymore
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2021.09.18 01:29 Bunnynwa Had to ask someone from another province to help me get my hands on this beautiful white 3060…. Can’t wait to build my first PC this weekend!

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2021.09.18 01:29 LurkeyCat Thai emergency

Does anyone happen to know any Thai restaurants in the area that have “yam pla duk foo” on the menu? I need this bad..
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2021.09.18 01:29 hedgehogfanatic Last 3 DNA updates: somehow I’m almost 30% scandi !

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2021.09.18 01:29 buyingaspaceship What are the benefits of all wheel drive

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