H: Bolstering ap sentinel and bol ap cav marine sets W: Other ap sets offers

2021.09.17 23:43 Trashpotatolol H: Bolstering ap sentinel and bol ap cav marine sets W: Other ap sets offers

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2021.09.17 23:43 SomeBoringTwat Prettiest Black Luster Soldier card?

I am trying to collect as many Black Luster Soldier cards as possible as it is my absolute favourite card archetype. My question is what would you people say is the prettiest Black Luster Soldier card to exist (including foil rarity and variant), I wanna try find a gem I haven't found yet.
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2021.09.17 23:43 StanTweedl Anyone else play Coin Hunt World?

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2021.09.17 23:43 BlankVerse The Long History of Vaccine Mandates in America — The Covid-19 pandemic has revived a debate over public health and individual liberty that goes back to colonial times.

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2021.09.17 23:43 Glad-Faithlessness-3 [flash] [I have no clue] I'm looking for a flash game where you play as person with a red hood

It was on friv it had flash style animation I think and it was 2d. you play as a guy who wears a red hood and had black skin like void black. there was a trophy room which you would get things in their it when you did specific things like if you jumped in hay you would get some hay. you could slide underneath stuff and you could pick up flowers that you give to people in the background. (sorry if my spelling is bad)
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2021.09.17 23:43 Jaguars4life My worry about the Gen 5 series

I think the film will be fine but I worried that the Gen 5 series will be some Disney Jr or Nick Jr like show and it will drift away from the viewers that made FiM popular and that the juvenile tones and feels of G2 and G3.
At the same time though I think that would be nice if the A New Generation film is like passing of a torch from the millennial era bronies to a well new generation.
Hey it was a fun era and don’t be sad it’s over be happy it happened
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2021.09.17 23:43 oberonus01 [for hire] hihi, commissions open 05 slots

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2021.09.17 23:43 LandlordsRansomHomes How would you hide the bodies?

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2021.09.17 23:43 clique34 “None of them stand on their own.” - Patrice on Hollywood. I was thinking about how life would be different if Patrice didn’t self-destruct. As honest as he was, I don’t think he could have maintained that had he have more things to lose. It’s the golden handcuffs analogy he said.

“None of them stand on their own.” - Patrice on Hollywood. I was thinking about how life would be different if Patrice didn’t self-destruct. As honest as he was, I don’t think he could have maintained that had he have more things to lose. It’s the golden handcuffs analogy he said. submitted by clique34 to patriceoneal [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 23:43 Usual_Expert_414 Survey

I see that many people are facing challenges in getting response to there survey but trust me i can help you in getting real people to fill your survey just send in your survey questions and i will help you get people to fill it
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2021.09.17 23:43 Myothercarisawalrus [WTS] SB Tactical AKTF Brace $140 shipped (NH)

Like new, only shot with it twice before my SBR was approved.
Payment will be through Paypal G&S, can ship the brace out tomorrow. Lucky you, the sticker is included!
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2021.09.17 23:43 Any_Message7138 Difference between gamemodes in eOthello

Hey I'm trying to make an AI to play Othello but I can't quite understand the difference between Normal, Random or Anti modes.
Could someone explain?
Thanks in advance :)
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2021.09.17 23:43 downward0 First time forager.

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2021.09.17 23:43 Throwawayjvjvjvjv Physical altercation

Throw away account. I (F20s) am in a somewhat happy relationship of 5 years with my (M 20s) bf. Over the years we’ve gone through thick and thin together and seen the best and worst times together. Recently, we went through a rough patch but were back to normal. I’ve got a fairly bad temper and am mentally unstable. I hold my anger and often end up erupting. There are certain things my bf does against my wishes, including constant body shaming disguised as jokes, and straight up ignoring me when I say “no” to things. A prime example of this has been when during sex he came inside me without my permission, after I shook my head to say indicate “no”. He claims he never heard me and if he did he wouldn’t have done so. Anyway, I’ve forgiven him for that a long time ago.
Fast forward to yesterday. We were having a great time, and I was making lunch for him standing in the kitchen. He was playing a game. He yells at me “flat-oooo”. I immediately freeze and ask him what he called me. He’s laughing and denies he said anything. Then I confront him and say I heard him call me flat. So then he started laughing and said you know I was just joking etc etc I love you. I forgave him for that, but this is literally the millionth time he’s skinny shamed me, after repeatedly telling him it makes me feel hideous and gives me body image issues. Today morning, I’m working from home in bed. He comes to my room and suddenly my phone starts ringing. It’s a call from a phone company offering me a deal, that I don’t want to take, and have been avoiding their phone calls. My boyfriend picks my phone up and says you’re getting a call. I tell him I know I don’t want to pick it up. He then goes ahead and answers the call, and the caller asks for me. I’m now signaling to my bf that I don’t want to talk but he tells the caller, yes she’s here you can speak to her right now”, all while I’m wildly waving my arms to tell him not to say I’m here. Then my bf hands me my phone and I’m almost in tears because I feel disrespected and had a lot of work to get done, didn’t have 30 mins to waste on the phone. My bf meanwhile keeps laughing, and I finally mouth to him “get out of my room”
He leaves. 2 hours later, I leave my bedroom and I’m mad. I start yelling at my boyfriend about why he always ignored me when I say No. he keeps gaslighting me, calling me crazy and that I make big deals out of nothing.
At this point, I lose my freaking mind and say “NO means NO”. Im telling in his face, smash the remote on the table, and idk what got into me but I gently slapped his face. I didn’t hurt him at all.
That gets him mad, he goes to his room. I’m panicking and immediately follow him. He grabs my arms and pushes me out of the room. At this point I’m bewildered and i say I’m sorry. And he says no he won’t be physically abused by me and he wants to break up.
Im livid right now. I don’t know how I’ll ever forgive myself ever again. I really want to kill myself.
Am I a physical abuser? How do I live with myself?
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2021.09.17 23:43 Majimaclan How about smoking it?

Because orally it isn't doing much for me
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2021.09.17 23:43 Singular-Strike-Egg Same Energy

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2021.09.17 23:43 Lewbosh About a girl

There's girl I like who just wants to be friends, but seems to like me. We hang out all the time, like bowling, escape rooms, e.t.c. she's always super enthusiastic about going out. She hangs out with me more than her friends at this point. She talks to her friends about me as well. She dresses up nicely and we always go out for between 6-8 hours. We text all the time. When we were leaving her bus arrived and she hugged me goodbye. It wasn't a super short goodbye hug it was about 3 seconds. In school she sometimes glances over at me and if I see she glances away quickly. Also like our entire year group was saying we like each other.
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2021.09.17 23:43 TheCuriousOne1234 I have no idea what I am doing with my life

I am 26 yo dude, and I simply have no idea what the hell I want to do with my life. Not just on the professional aspect, but also on the personal. I barely have hobbies and stuff I like to do in my free time, and I barely have motivation to try. I already spoke to people and got general answers like 'find what you like to do' or 'just try stuff and find out', and I did try, but the more I try, the more I get a dissatisfaction that questions my motivation to do stuff, and that brings me back to the 'I don't know what to do with my self'
Is there anyone here that relates to what I wrote, and GOT OUT of that loop? Out of the unmotivated mindset? I'd really like a practical advice.
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2021.09.17 23:43 ZoobBot 173373

This is the 173373rd time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.09.17 23:43 RedditGuy294 What are some bruh moments in death battle

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2021.09.17 23:43 BocciaChoc Oda has an opinion on Group Iron Man

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2021.09.17 23:43 SomniaCE Tips for making 4-2 bearable? (PS3)

I seriously can't remember the last time I've seen level design this genuinely awful. The grim reaper dude was annoying at first but I quickly realized that you just need to jump on top of him early on. Simple enough!
Patches was frustrating due to his model breaking animations to turn and face you whenever you roll behind you makes backstabbing him blind luck. Since I'm using a katana I couldn't break his stalwart defense. Thankfully I had 10 magic which is enough to blast him with a few fire spells. Simple enough even if far too frustrating!
But after that you encounter the 2 rolling skeletons (who are already poorly designed bastards) and the archer, all of which have vastly increased health and damage from the ones you've faced in 4-1. On top of that you're having harpoons chucked at you from the sky manta ray things who are too far out of range for soul arrow to hit them and which take VERY little damage from arrows despite how incredibly tough hitting them with one is. Did I mention that you have to approach the skeletons on a thin passage that sees them barreling towards you and keeping you held back in hitstun with the rolls?
Oh and the thin mountainside passage means your right side is blocked off, meaning you can't move any direction but back once the skeletons approach you. But it gets better! The way back into the ruins sees you having to climb up a ledge which is a finnicky animation that usually won't activate right away. The skeletons can't follow you up the ledge either and due to how magic aiming works you have to hug them to hit them with spells, assuming they don't strike you down first.
Remember, all of this is happening while you can't roll diagonally and you're being pelted by harpoons and arrows being fired at you THAT CURVE TO TRACK YOU!
"Oh just parry the skeletons" you might say while forgetting that you are being assaulted by projectiles and timing the parries is random due to the variety of attack timings.
"Use soul remains" you remark while forgetting that they're buggy as hell and only distract enemies maybe 66% of the time they're thrown, only distracting them for 1-2 seconds when they work and still allowing enemies to attack which makes approaching them on a thin mountainside passage a nightmare. Not to mention it will instantly aggro both skeletons at once for twice the fun!
I beat all of world 1 and 2 (minus the parts that you need to kill an archdemon to attempt) and didn't really have any issues. But 4-1 kicked my ass in entirely unfun ways and 4-2 is giving me such a headache I haven't even taken a few steps out of the damn ruins.
I'm losin my mind, someone please tell me how to get past this one tiny section consistently. This ONE SECTION is making me want to drop the game, I can't cope lol
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2021.09.17 23:43 sundaytimes7 Super luxury yachts as investments

A post earlier on this sub showing the Ngoni sail yacht made me curious.
Are mega luxury sailboats like that one generally depreciating assets the way most boats are? I’m not quite sure what I even mean by a “mega luxury sailboat,” but maybe something like $10M+ ? Clearly there’s an order of magnitude of difference between a hunter and an oyster, and between an oyster and a boat like this. I also know that older boats are generally considered to hold their value, and I’m wondering if the same applies to these kind of super luxury yachts, considering they’re basically works of art.[Ngoni](post)
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2021.09.17 23:43 MrMando23 Mando Smp

Anyone want to join a Minecraft bedrock edition realm. The world has been around for awhile so there are cool bases to explore. Cheats are not enabled. We are a very active realm. Here are the rules: Mando Smp rules: 1. NO HACKING 2. No Duplication glitches 3. No one pixel skins/invisible skins or any skin that can give u an unfair advantage in game. 4. Do not share the realm invite code. I will share it. You can invite people to the discord server though. 5. No combat logging 6. No cussing 7. No stealing unless you are in a war. Then you can steal against the people you are at war with. 8. No griefing 9. You must be honest to staff. 10. You must respect staff. 11. No killing unless you are in a war, a tournament, or someone has invaded your property. You can take any loot that they drop when you kill them. 12. Nsfw content is prohibited.
Dm me if u want to join.
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2021.09.17 23:43 loehb took a plan b after unprotected sex, my period was 2 weeks ago. will i be okay?

I had unprotected sex last night and my boyfriend ejaculated in me accidentally. I took a plan b a few minutes ago (it’s been less than 24 hours since we had sex) I am just worried because my period ended two weeks ago and I don’t know if i’m ovulating. Will I be okay? I’m really stressing about it and I don’t know if I should take another one, or if i’m good and just working myself up. Any input is appreciated.
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