(Zone 2) Karma x LR - Psycho Members (Music Video) HD RE-UPLOAD

2021.09.17 23:33 Sketch0223 (Zone 2) Karma x LR - Psycho Members (Music Video) HD RE-UPLOAD

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2021.09.17 23:33 PoweredByToast This is insane

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2021.09.17 23:33 Appropriate_Bake_537 Tell me what Am I doing wrong?

I leave to work at 6am and try not to make noise so my boyfriend doesn’t wake up. He just got his wisdom teeth out yesterday, told him when he woke up that I left him noddle soup at home. Instead of him going to spend money on food, he ended up going out to eat with his brother which is okay, he started flipping out saying “I’m a fucking controlling freak” after that I don’t even bother to argue I just simply told him not to Snapchat me or talk to me since he called me that, I didn’t talk to him all day that I’ve been at work— I get home I don’t disturb him, I just did my own thing which was start with the laundry work on some work stuff as well. I just simply asked how is he doing with the tooth pain I get no response. I didn’t disturb afterwards, I go check on the laundry and something happen to the washer texted him to see if he could help he ignored me. Idk what I’m doing wrong, need advice—- what am I doing to get treated this way?
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2021.09.17 23:33 CosmoZS Just let me pee dude

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2021.09.17 23:33 Snoo-4878 I drew Yuji Itadori

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2021.09.17 23:33 DarkTail47 DarkTail47 propaganda post

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2021.09.17 23:33 Either_Might Let the casting of the control knobs commence...

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2021.09.17 23:33 carlos1138 One of the best deals a I have done, 1,5b in few minutes....but....

One of the best deals a I have done, 1,5b in few minutes....but.... I would like to know why these high crew wages are due to, I agree that you have expenses in the FC but they are as high, do you know why?
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2021.09.17 23:33 Heng02 Poor monkey Rojo always stays alone but really joyful with his new life & new home with Sovana troops

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2021.09.17 23:33 RedditEdwin Would PRP cause a bunion to grow more?

PRP, platelet-rich-plasma therapy - Would it cause a bunion to grow more, if applied to the MTP joint? I had this recently and I can confirm it is ABSOLUTELY initially inflammatory, like an injury, before the body starts to work and heal it a few days later.

Wouldn't chemically "injuring" the toe like this induce the body to grow more bunion?
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2021.09.17 23:33 Khenghis_Ghan IIL Drive and movies with an outrun soundtrack/aesthetic, WEWIL?

Title has it.
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2021.09.17 23:33 NortonAB About to pull the trigger on this order, is there anything I'm missing or should reconsider?

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2021.09.17 23:33 candiedcorvid for sale/trade: cuttings of variegated tradescantia, adromischus sp., string of bananas, pachyveria glauca || iso: info in replies

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2021.09.17 23:33 whitefox-YT Why We Explore Space

After Bezos launched in July, a lot of people IRL asked me what I thought about it, as if it was some terrible thing that had happened. I didn't get it, but once I hopped online I saw that the sentiment was pretty negative.
Being a space nutter myself, I made a video explaining Why We Explore Space, and why Branson, Bezos and Musk aren't evil for spending their money on it.
Disclaimer: passion project, not asking for engagement or views, but I think if you're interested in BO/VG/SX, you're probably gonna enjoy the video: https://youtu.be/k-7v4ajBc24
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2021.09.17 23:33 Elegant-Ad-7790 My agouti baby Cypress! @cypressinthewoods on instagram if you want to follow his adventures!

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2021.09.17 23:33 sTr0m3r The fermentation fleet... So far

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2021.09.17 23:33 filterjohny-68 Apocalypse Now VS The Deer Hunter (UnPopular Opinion)

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2021.09.17 23:33 canyonero__ Wondering if I should go through with TRT?

I’m a late 30s male with some issues that led me to investigate TRT. However one of the side effects is infertility. I would like to have kids. Is this common or just a possible one? Any other issues I should consider and if others have undergone, do you recommend it?
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2021.09.17 23:33 TotsuLohki Best tech in the game

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2021.09.17 23:33 miss_tasha_ How can I help an 8 year old become a confindent HSP? I want to be there for her, make her feel comfortable with her emotions. This world can be cruel to highly sensitive children/people and I really want to be that grown up in her life, that every single one of us wished they had growing up

I have recently started to work as elementary school teacher and there is this little girl that always sits in front, does her tasks perfectly and is extremely shy and quiet. She gets easily overwhelmed and emotional, and doesn’t know how to stand up for herself if her friends raise their voice. I don’t always have control over what is said when we are not in class, and I would prefer to five her the confidence to be herself instead of always protecting her.
I used to be like this and I know from experience that, unfortunately, teachers often neglect these children because they don’t seek attention, do what they are supposed to and aren’t troublesome.
I am really giving my best to make her feel seen and above all comfortable with her emotions and I want to do better. ❤️
Do you have any suggestions or concrete examples of what I could say to her in order to give her that much needed confidence and make her feel like she belongs? What did your inner 8 year old wanted to hear, what would make you feel accepted as a child?
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2021.09.17 23:33 TheWindWaker64 I feel like Ridley could be upper mid tier if he was actually a heavyweight.

Hear me out. Ridley has a really good kit. Really good poking tools, great range, an incredible mixup game thanks to the extra jump, a solid (albeit not amazing) recovery, some decent combos, stupid good power and reliable kill options, and a great projectile. Hos biggest flaw is his hurtbox. Now there are plenty of other characters that are significantly better than Ridley despite having the same flaw, most notably Bowser and ROB. While ROB's strengths lie more in zoning thanks to his projectiles and gargantuan hitboxes, Bowser is another story entirely. Honestly, he has most of the same strengths as Ridley. Range, speed, and raw power. But his longevity is what puts him higher, and by quite a lot. Apply that to Ridly, who in my opinion outclasses Bowser in terms of mixup game and recovery, and I feel like he'd be one of the scariest characters in the game.
Imagine a character with Ridley's kit consistently living to 170%. That would be terrifying. Give him tough guy and that'd be a nightmare.
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2021.09.17 23:33 Jaketionary Brainstorming for Gnoll-variants

Hey gang, first post of my own, let's go!
So, I'm working up to a game featuring Gnolls as the backbone bad guy. I'm talking Flinds, Witherlings, and everything in between. Mastermind is a Night Hag manipulating these Gnolls, and she has a Red Dragon I'm modifying to be more...Gnoll-like through some hag-blood-magic-shenanigans.
Now, with the mind that "Gnoll" is a category, as Gnoll-prime comes from hyenas scavenging the kills of Yeenoghu, I "came up with" vulture-Gnolls, which are just MM Aarakocra, but with the Gnoll Rampage feature instead of the Dive Attack.
Anybody got any ideas for other scavenger-types that could be Gnollified? I would be much indebted to you
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2021.09.17 23:33 WizardForums Anyone ever heard of rocks called "Wizard's tears (or wizard's salt)?

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2021.09.17 23:33 SilentShadow1757 New Hearth and Home update question.

Question about the new update, will this update be available for existing worlds, or will I have to create a whole new world for the update.
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2021.09.17 23:33 mateonowak My SWOLA61 arrangement. Please let me know in comments or up/downvotes here or on youtube if you like it or not. Thanks !

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