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The Response D2R is a significant sonic upgrade on a long-running classic, and one of the best speakers at this price. D2R Server, an HTTP server that provides a Linked Data view, a HTML view for debugging and a SPARQL Protocol endpoint over the database. More… Database Compatibility Supported databases Oracle MySQL PostgreSQL SQL Server HSQLDB Interbase/Firebird ODBC data sources D2RQ can connect to ODBC data sources like MS Access using an ODBC-JDBC bridge. Rod Fergusson joined us to discuss the latest details on the upcoming remaster of Diablo II. While the Diablo II: Resurrected Alpha took place earlier this y... Still, much has changed in the transition from D Two to D2R, including cabinet materials, tweeter design, crossover scheme, internal damping, and price. Design Like the Response D Two, the Response D2R—which measures 17" high × 8" wide × 9.75" deep (with ½" grilles off)—is a two-way bass-reflex design. Vil du være mæcen for Den2Radio? Man kan støtte Den2Radio med et fast beløb hver måned helt automatisk. Dette... 純正交換 hidバルブ d2r d2s 6000k 8000k 12000k。hidバルブ 純正交換 hid バルブ 55w d2r d2s 6000k 8000k 12000k ヘッドライト フィリップス クォーツ製 高純度グラスジャケット採用 オスラム社同様pei採用 1セット2個入 led t10付 hid屋 Stimulation of D 2 receptors in T cells has been shown to inhibit activated T cell receptor (TCR)-induced cell proliferation and secretion of IL-2, IFN-³, and IL-4 ().. DRD2 receptors are important for modafinil induced wakefulness and wakefulness in general (R, R2). Reduced dopamine D2 receptors correlate with poor behavioral control across species (R, R2, R3, R4). D2R is a film production company created by Raj & DK. Their first web series, The Family Man, is Amazon Prime Video's most watched show in India. giga純正交換用h.i.d.バーナーは、d2r/d2s共通タイプ、d4r/d4s共通タイプでありながらシェード着脱式を採用することにより、rタイプ・sタイプともに最適な配光を実現しています。 Dopamine receptor D 2, also known as D2R, is a protein that, in humans, is encoded by the DRD2 gene.After work from Paul Greengard's lab had suggested that dopamine receptors were the site of action of antipsychotic drugs, several groups, including those of Solomon Snyder and Philip Seeman used a radiolabeled antipsychotic drug to identify what is now known as the dopamine D 2 receptor.

2021.09.18 00:23 TreestyleStudios New Player Guide for D2R

Hey everyone! Diablo 2 is a unique game unlike any other I've really played. The way you level and can progress through the game (eg rushes) is even kind of weird by video game standards. It can be a lot to take in, and even today I still learn new things after having been a player off and on for 20 years. I created a little guide for some of my friends to be able to get an idea of the game flow as a whole, so I thought I'd share.
How does Diablo 2 play?
The primary gameplay of Diablo 2 is leveling multiple characters (different characters/builds excel at different parts of the game), then using them to do various types of runs to find loot and of course, PvP.
Which class should I play?
Sorceress is the best starting class from an optimization standpoint. If sorceress isn’t your first class, it should definitely be your 2nd. Her skill, teleport, makes her the fastest and cheapest boss runner, and boss runs are the easiest runs to do when your gear sucks. Blizzard sorceress is a fan favorite build. Once you can afford an Enigma (a pricey runeword armor which grants the teleport skill to the wearer), you can achieve the same run speed with any class.
There are several types of runs, but the most important factor in all of them is how quickly you can complete the run. Speed/Number of runs is the best counter to RNG. There’s also a stat called Magic Find which increases your odds of finding rare items. 200-300% Magic Find is generally the best you can get with decent gear that won’t sacrifice your speed. Again, speed is king against RNG. The several types of runs are:

  1. Boss Runs - Killing bosses is the easiest way to gear up your characters early on. The main bosses you’ll want to run are going to be Andariel (Act 1) and Mephisto (Act 3). Mephisto is my favorite because there’s a pattern to where the entrance to their level will spawn, google and learn that, and your runs will be 10x faster.
  2. LK Runs - LK stands for Lower Kurast, which is the starting area in Act 3. There’s a few super chests you can hit that have good rune drop rates.
  3. Volume Based Runs - These are runs that involve killing the largest # of enemies as quickly as possible. There’s all sorts of places that people run for this type of run. The Pit, The Secret Cow Level, Chaos Sanctuary, etc. These are generally the hardest type of runs to do because you are dealing with RNG based immunities on mobs which can throw you curveballs that might kill you or slow you down. Remember, speed is your greatest goal in running, only run things that you can run quickly.
  4. Leveling Runs - Basically different types of runs that you do at different levels for the optimized leveling experience. It’s important to note that trying to level in a certain place before meeting a specific level requirement results in no XP gained. I detail these runs in the leveling section below.
A unique concept in Diablo 2 is known as being “rushed”. A rush is when another player carries you quickly through all the acts of a game, completing only the necessary quests for you to advance. Aside from Act 2, this basically amounts to them just killing the final bosses from each act for you. The reason you want to be rushed is because leveling via specific runs is the optimal way to level up, and you don’t want to waste time completing useless quests on your own. There are some valuable quests that reward you each time you complete them in a new difficulty, but that aren’t always included in a rush, read about them here:
Note: At release, there won’t be anyone to rush you, so you’ll have to just play through the game as Diablo intended. Once the game as been out for like a week or two, it will be easier to find rushes. When leveling up additional classes, you'll surely want to be rushed.
Unlike most games, Diablo 2 doesn’t really punish you all that much for having higher level players help you. In fact, you’ll often feel like a leech as a new player, as other more powerful players clear all the enemies each run, while you hide for dear life and slurp up that sweet sweet XP. Even characters much higher level than you can steamroll you through leveling based runs with little detriment.
Level 1-15: Tristam Runs (Normal Act 1)
Level 15-24: Tomb Runs (Normal Act 2)
Level 24-25: Kill the Ancients (Normal Act 5, 2nd to last quest)
Level 25-40: Baal Runs (Normal Act 5)
Level 40-60* Baal Runs (Nightmare Act 5)
Level 60-99 Baal Runs (Hell Act 5)
\Note: Hell is substantially harder than the prior game up until that point. Because of this, it can sometimes be difficult to find a rush through Hell. If you are a new player, you may want to hang out in NM Baal runs beyond level 60. Honestly, you still get fairly decent experience there all the way up to 70. I think I’ve even got to 74 before going to hell one time. Being stronger when you get to Hell can afford you the option of clawing your way through it with some other desperate players if you can’t find a rush.*
Diablo 2 is all about bartering. The value of items is calculated in “high runes” or HRs for short. The value of things can fluctuate a bit, especially at the start of a ladder season. The value of a HR is largely based on how useful it is in crafting powerful runewords, with Jah and Ber typically being among the most valuable because they are used in multiple best in slot pieces of gear.
You only get 3 free respects per character. After that, you have to farm essences from all the main act bosses to be able to craft a Token of Absolution to be able to respec. I recommend using for free ones wisely, because farming the essences can be time consuming.
As a new player, I recommend looking up builds, but one term you’ll see often is “synergies”. Synergies are basically bonuses that you get on one skill for having put points into a different skill. Each skill will list what synergies it has and its effects. Synergies bonuses only come from having put hard skill points into the skill, they are not granted from + skills applied from your gear.
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2021.09.18 00:23 UK-LK Networking weirdness, not sure if its us or ISP

Got a bit of a headscatcher with this one and could do with some opinions if I need to point the finger at our ISP or our sonciwall (NA2600 latest firmware and rebooted just to be sure!). or maybe typing it out will just help clear the thought process.
We got a new leased line installed and its setup on our firewall along side the old leased line which is still active. Both interfaces are essentially configured the same on the Sonicwall with the exception of the IP/gateway/subnet. Both Interfaces are configured to allow ping from the internet so I can ping the old one just fine from my home machine but the new WAN just times out. A packet capture shows the firewall getting the ping and responding to it but it never gets to my home machine.
I've got a test desktop and I can setup a route on the Sonicwall to send all its outgoing traffic via either one depending on what I want to test and this is where it gets strange
When configured to go via the old line, ping/tracert work as expected all good there, but if I configure it to go via the new line, ping is sporadic, it can ping fine(!..) but if I choose a random one ie bbc (but not limted to) it fails, tracert gets to the new router ip then times out beyond that.
I've uploaded a quick output of both tests to
The first ping and tracert are via the new line and the 2nd trace and ping are via the old line. I've blanked out the router address but they represent the correct router ip for the test. (I get the same result from the sonicwall management testing interface as well)
I've combed the sonicwall config and I really dont see anything out of the ordinary here but experience does suggest they can do some whack things at times. but this is a first for me having run multiwan setups enough times to be reasonably sure its not the sonicwall but my networking is fallible. The ISP is certain its not them but this was before i did the above testing. I'll be on-prem monday to rule out the sonicwall but could do with some opinions!
Thanks for reading!
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I had just got a call from a loan company I have a current loan with, she asked if I wanted to skip my payment and get more money... Sus AF with RRPs being so high and me already knowing the truthful answer to the question I ask why they are doing that I might just actually do it 😈😈
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2021.09.18 00:23 stancurator “It wasn’t another Katrina” Ok, Ramsey Green.

Are any other natives/ pre K folks really struggling mentally right now?
Over the past few days, I’ve just really been staring into the void about this trash shit. Been thinking a lot about what life was like after coming home after Katrina. Despite all that we had lost and the destruction, things felt positive. It felt like we had survived something together and now it was time to work together to rebuild our city.
The post Ida world feels so different. The vibes are...not good. The city isn’t even the same one we rebuilt. So much has changed in the last 5 years, some good, some bad. But right now, things feel like a death knell and it’s all down hill from here. To be blunt, I’m questioning if it’s worth putting up with all of this bullshit after all the blood, sweat, and tears it took get “home” back after Katrina.
Hell, Latoya even has me missing C. Ray. At least he was yelling at the feds and the rest of the country to do something. Is it just me or are y’all picking up on something similar?
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Join Ark Unlimited on Steam and Discord! Wipes today!
-Can’t use weapons while riding stegos or shadowmanes -Reduced running speed and dash distance on Managarmr -Shadowmane and voidwyrm dismount changed to stun
Main cluster with 9 maps (all except scorched) 24/7 PvP with ORP during the week (increased turret damage x2.5 and increased structure resistance x2)
Seperate beginners cluster with 3 maps PvP Weekends (no structure damage during the week) and a starter tribe to help out beginners Option to transfer from beginners to main cluster once a month
Community Events, Reward Vault, Monthly Contributors chat, exclusive polls & perks
EXP: 5X Harvest: 5X Taming: 10X Maturation: 25X Player Weight Boosted 3X 3 monthly vote to wipe (66% required to pass)
Modded drops, Stack Mod, Structures Plus, Better Dinos, Dino Storage, Bitou2ks Binoculars, Element and tribute transfers enabled
Join us on steam and discord! Please ask if you have any questions
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Sorry if this is asked elsewhere. I am currently in act 2 of the game and I keep seeing that tempting icon to start the expansion. When would you recommend doing the expansion? As soon as possible or after I've beaten the game?
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2021.09.18 00:23 isupposeilikestuff Should I (22F) leave my boyfriend (24M)?

Our relationship is pretty much perfect except he's been through 4 jobs throughout our 2 year relationship. He's sweet and wonderful and he'll make a great father. Other than this job thing, there's nothing to complain about.
The job thing is a big thing to me because I grew up in an immigrant family that emphasized a high-paying job, prestigious and something in {lawyer, doctor, engineer}. It's kind of narrow-minded but I understand the intentions behind it. I'm still beholden to this weird hustling mindset which is that these standards are set for me because my dad got my mom pregnant (21 at the time) so they haven't really accomplished shit.
My boyfriend is trying his best and I can see that but he kept getting laid off over the course of our relationship. And that really bothers me. We've been on and off because of these lay-offs, but always so begrudgingly. I really want to continue our relationship but a weird primal part of me is upset at his getting laid off.
Our plan was to bring him to America from an European country so he could do trade school. But I begrudgingly drew the line at his getting fired again. Which happened because he wasn't meeting KPIs at work. Could it be that the job market is ruthless? I don't know what the fuck to do man. I could use some advice that both takes into account pragmatism and the absolute truth that I really don't want him to not be in my life.
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2021.09.18 00:23 SubjectCrayze MVP Completion! Moving forward quicker than anticipated - $ABI

Development of the MVP (Minimum viable product) has been completed by the dev team as per our Proof of Concept request. Once testing is complete, the developer of $ABI will be sharing a live video feed on how it works! From there, V1 of the standalone app will begin development.
And so the first of many dominoes begins to fall.
$ApeBullInu - Revolutionizing the way DeFi traders trade. Here to level out the playing field for all.
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