What should be the order of my skin care routine?

2021.09.18 00:37 Big-Swimming-7886 What should be the order of my skin care routine?

These are the items in my skin care routine so far. I first have CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser, then my prescription Clindamycin Phosphate, aloe vera gel and last my CeraVe Moisturizer. I am also thinking of adding sunscreen, niacinamide and azelaic acid. What should the order of my skin care routine be? Should I add or remove any products? My main goal right now is getting rid of the dark spots on my face, under eye bags and smoothing my skin.
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2021.09.18 00:37 Inevitable-Silver594 [WTB]

World gold coins near spot. Interested in something along the size of a 20 franc up to a $5 American gold. And anything in between. May be historic or bullion. Just looking for some inquires. Hit me
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2021.09.18 00:37 Interesting-Oil-3682 Ps4 EU i am a strech four n need 2 guards to run threes

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2021.09.18 00:37 haappygooluckyy Bear 🐻

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2021.09.18 00:37 Place-Novel Loona’s Japanese debut is SO good!

i can’t get over how cutesy of a song StarSeed is like omggg it’s sooo cute and i like it so so much !!! Hula Hoop is also really good too & i love the city pop version
In short Loona’s Japanese debut is stellar !!! At least in my opinion ! What do y’all think ?
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2021.09.18 00:37 SilverBalls2399 Vigilance wing or no time to explain in Trials of Osiris?

I don't have the catalyst for either
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2021.09.18 00:37 guwop_official marcus smart on Twitter

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2021.09.18 00:37 Miss_Lola_Pink Finally got a chance to wear this dress!! [Over 18]

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2021.09.18 00:37 UltroGmr The secret to never getting lag

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2021.09.18 00:37 Gregthehero1 Aragami 2 gameplay 1 v 1 Against the secret shinobi 🥷

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2021.09.18 00:37 Superchecker What should Canada/Canadians REALLY be worried about?

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2021.09.18 00:37 The_Drifter117 The only way I could find to make the new Precious Scars ornament not look horrific

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2021.09.18 00:37 MinecraftOverwatch Was Ground War an Afterthought?

Were the GW maps just randomly pulled from the WZ map and they happened to somewhat work or was the WZ map made with GW in mind? Some GW maps are good, like Farmland or Riverside, and others are fucking terrible, like Tavorsk District or Promenade. I feel like GW was an afterthought and that's why some of these maps are so bad, but is this actually the case?
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2021.09.18 00:37 Safe-Dealer-3254 BabyToyCake - Receive $CAKE rewards automatically just by holding 💰 - Just Launched 🔥 lt's your turn to get next moonshot! 💎

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2021.09.18 00:37 streamjuice You know that picture of the baby twinks at tgi fridays and they all look like kris jenner?

I met them at an in terminal location. They were being really mouthy and stanning Ariana a little too loudly and it was really not looking good for the community. And they kept making comments about the other customers and throwing shade and saying work girl and slay hunty and people were getting annoyed so I knew I had to do something so I said a prayer to Gaga summoning all my courage for what I was about to do.
As I stood up my eyes locked with another traveller. Realizing what I was about to do, he smiled broadly with a manly glimmer in his eye. He looked like Hozier. Was it Hozier? Could’ve be.
I went to the twinks and told them to simmer down and that no one appreciated their sass and they were showing our community in a bad light. Everyone at TGI Fridays began clapping but I silenced them instantly because the applause felt tinged with homophobia. The twinks were momentarily shocked into silence. But as I returned to my table they called me an old gay who probably stans Katy Perry.
I turned with a wink and a Smile, and said with pride, « I am honoured to call myself a KatyCat ». I hope someday you become worthy of being true Arianators, classy and gracious. Worthy of your idol’s name.
I sat back in my seat with quiet dignity. The twinks were silenced and hung their heads in shame as I finished my burger and fries.
When the server came to clear up and asked for the bill, I was told that the handsome man who I’d seen before had paid my bill and left a note for me at the bar. I walked over to the bar and collected it.
It was from Hozier himself afterall. He thanked me for representing the community so well and that he wished he were brave enough to stand up to the bullying twinks. At the end of the note he left his number and said he wanted to see me again. Thank Gaga. She gave me strength and it bore froot.
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2021.09.18 00:37 Goose_Yena I’m starting to like my best friend

I’m starting to think i have feelings for my best friend who the fuck do i stop lmao
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2021.09.18 00:37 GamemakerRobin Need people to read my game's script

Hello indie devs, I need a focus group to read the script for my game "SPIRITBOUND". A meta RPG/Platformer about a girl who is in a mysterious mythical land, and has teamed up with the "Overseer" (aka GOD...aka "YOU") to save this dying world. Heavily inspired by old Studio Ghibli movies.

The script works on a chapter by chapter standard. So you guys would be reading a chapter a day (or every 2 days), and telling me what you think. We can work out some type of special reward too for your early support. Add me on discord: Lamp#3807
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2021.09.18 00:37 Adventuresofthetaco2 Wolfpack Car Crew

So Im not gonna Write here and Brag about how good our hosts are, or that we are the best car meet server to ever exist
Instead, Im gonna tell you, Honestly, about this group
So WCC has about 80 members, its a small, yet somewhat active group
It is Playstation only
The car meets, while not full servers, are fun nonetheless
We are pretty chill with What Car you bring as long as its according to theme (and isnt stickerbombed, obviously)
Griefings are pretty rare, and usually are dealt with
This group also helps out with prize rides and are pretty friendly
Also got good hosts, and if your not a host you can still host meets using the unofficial meets.
And, We dont spam the same Script every day of the week 24/7 on this sub.
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/PvSXKtdY
I do hope you enjoy this group if you decide to join, ill also be hosting a jdm meet on this discord tomorrow so if you do join, please do attend
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2021.09.18 00:37 fetfree First time using Camera Mode

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2021.09.18 00:37 JonnyLeake I raised money for my business on kickfurther, AMA about the process.

Hey everyone, I have raised money on Kickfurther for my business and have been thinking about putting some personal money to work on Kickfurther. I have been reading a lot of posts and figured that if anyone wanted to know anything about the due diligence process or what it is like to deal with kickfurther on the company side of the relationship just comment on the post!
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2021.09.18 00:37 nerdygirlmom In search of new spooky piece…HELP!!

Hello fellow entwives!! This is my first post here and as it states, I’m looking for a new piece with a spooky theme for my birthday next week. I’m really having a hard time finding something that catches my eye and I was hoping y’all might have some advice or places to look. I’m more so interested in a rig or water piece, bubbler. Something for dabs since that’s about all I smoke. Thanks in advance and I hope everyone is starting the weekend off right!!
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2021.09.18 00:37 Embarrassed_Yam_3534 what if Germany successfully invaded russia

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2021.09.18 00:37 Souperplex Take this wine, for this is my blood

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2021.09.18 00:37 penneroyal_tea Guess which one of these you think happened in my preschool class today:

(Fake names)
Sally stuck her hand in the toilet water and wiped it on her shirt
Becky showed Sally her ass (which left Sally very distraught)
Timmy stuck a toy train down his undies and slept with it there, then had a meltdown when it fell out from his ass cheeks
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2021.09.18 00:37 hombrecharro64 Walmart and Antique Shop finds

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