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It's a beautiful day to save lives.

2021.09.18 00:42 Local_Vermicelli_856 It's a beautiful day to save lives.

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2021.09.18 00:42 themoorofvenice Letter of the week: A self-motivated child will do well in any school

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2021.09.18 00:42 wammer18 Mantle Vermilion (Discord OC Hatsu)

Mantle Vermilion
Category: Specialization
Lord and Master [SPE]-
The user employs this ability passively. The user has spent much of their lives bonding to a close, familial animal companion. The user and companion can telepathically communicate feelings, impressions, and commands to one another, despite normal language barriers, and they both know each other's location at all times. Additionally, if they are within one mile of each other, they may trade senses (switch sight, hearing etc.), and they share a pool of aura, which the user distributes. The companion can use nen to the same proficiency as the user and is a Transmuter.
Equinox Aeternus [SPE]-
This is a collaborative-type loan ability that works specifically with a trusted animal companion. The user may swap injuries, physical statuses, and curses between the two, providing the switch would not directly kill either party, both individuals are in physical contact, and both individuals consciously consent. Further, the two may also switch nen types. This change only needs consent and may last for a maximum of thirty minutes before reverting to original types. Whatever time spent with swapped affinities, must be given back at some point (if they switched for 15 minutes, they must wait 15 minutes on cooldown, may continue for another 15, or a mix of both).
Glorious Dusk [TRA/ENH]-
The user transmutes their aura and plumage into flame, and the strength and intensity of the flame and the user is greatly increased the more damage the user has sustained.
Dynasty’s Heir [TRA/CON]-
The user’s aura becomes a fiery but feathery cloak, with high peacock-esque plumage and beak-like, pointed hood. When the user hits an opponent, the area that is struck is tagged with a little emblem of a red feather. Each emblem deals negligible amounts of smoldering chip damage, but the longer the emblems stay, the more the damage dealt grows. There can be up to 10 emblems on a target at once. Physically hitting the user knocks an emblem off, and the user must be within 300 yards of the tagged target, as well as maintain a constant sightline. The user can only use this ability while their companion is conscious.
Gracious Dawn [SPE/CON]-
By entering a state of zetsu and taking damage that would kill the user, the user activates this ability. Instead of dying, the user bursts into flame and is reduced to ashes. If the human user is within close proximity, and 30 seconds have passed, the ashes will swirl around the human and the animal companion will reform at full physical health. Upon activation, both the companion and the user’s original Nen affinities are restored.


Hatsu for Kyrie, in discord competition. Feel free to comment all thoughts and feelings, but keep in mind the power level for this tournament.
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2021.09.18 00:42 DANK_F0RTN1TER Chester's Knowledge 19: Give us more about the 7!

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2021.09.18 00:42 FistbumpMovement [Lore] Got a Lil Captain In Ya

Salt in the sea air was the true life’s blood of Captain Morgon Banefort. She stood tall at the helm of her warship, Lady Luck as it glided into the port of Banefort. She had spent the war treacherously docked at Harlaw, but when the dilemma of death or dishonor was upon her, Morgon Banefort always chose dishonor.
Where her lord-brother was intolerant of the Ironborn, Morgon had found friends in her years spent upon the docks and decks of Ironman’s Bay and the Sunset Sea. In particular she had found a second home upon the isle of Harlaw. And it’s lord had paid her the courtesy of warning before putting the fleet of Banefort to the torch in the name of Rhaenyra Targaryen.
It was for this reason that the infamous sails of Captain Morgon Banefort were met with swords drawn as the Lady Luck was tied into the dock.
It was Lucifer Good, her brother’s dornish catspaw, that greeted her descent from the gangplank.
“My lady,” his voice slithered like a snake, “Welcome home. Lord Garrison and I have been most concerned and…curious over your disappearance. I am sure you heard of the tragedy here, mayhaps you even saw our ships burning as you sailed beyond the horizon?”
Morgon had expected this. Suspicious as her flight from Banefort was, her brother had no way of knowing it was the Lord Reaper that had given her safe harbor.
She met the catspaw’s words with a dashing smile.
“Now Lucy, I am sorry to disappoint you with the proof of my still living, but I resent your implication. If my brother wishes to see me than I am here. So do us all a favor and shut that greasy mouth of yours so you can do what you have been sent to do and escort me to the castle.”
The heavy door to her brother’s council chamber had barely slammed shut when he started on her.
“Where have you been!?” His words came flying from behind his bushy black beard.
“Over a year we have looked for your sails. Over a year I must contend with the quibbles of my advisors. That you had turned your cloak on your house, on your race. That you had thrown your lot in with the ironborn, that the Lady Luck was at Fair Isle, at Lannisport with the rest of them! Burning and raping and pillaging and murdering. And no I said. My sister is loyal to her family I said. An explanation for her disappearance will reveal itself, if only given time. So now you are here, and I will have my explanation.”
Morgon smiled her trademark smile, two teeth missing from their roots.
“Brother, what would you have me say? You know I was not a part of the Red Kraken’s fleet. If I were I would not be standing here with my head still attached to my neck. I have known the Ironborn long enough to know when they are apt to attack. Would you rather have the Lady Luck be at the bottom of the bay as well? “
Garrison’s look darkened as he heard her pathetic response.
“You test me with each breath you take sister. You think me a fool, but I assure you I am not. Should you pull such an act again I will not hesitate to drive you and your scallywag crew from these lands. But now we have work to do, a fleet to rebuild and revenge to be had. I want you to rebuild andlead the Banefort fleet, Morgon. Do not leave it to slaughter. Do not choose loyalty to your salty friends.”
Morgon, for perhaps the first time, was cowed, or at least, she made it seem that way. Garrison was a fool. She had abandoned Banefort and was now given command of the fleet? Hah! Only Garrison.
She bowed to her lord-brother, “Your charge is my duty, brother. I only did what I thought was right, and I will continue to do the same. I will take my leave.”
Smirking, Captain Morgon Banefort returned to her ship and her crew. Ready to loose the sails upon another adventure, with three more warships hers to command. But first, they needed gold.
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2021.09.18 00:42 ArbysKnights Anyone else put a drop or two of sumthing-sumthing in their drinks?

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2021.09.18 00:42 demlilthings XBOX Microsoft brand headset no longer works.

I've watched videos on YouTube discussing mic threshold and stuff and what to adjust. My mic never had an issue, now there's no mic signal in the lobby. Restored default settings all that.
My question is can Activision manually mute players? It's the only thing I can think about that happened. Thanks dudes.
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2021.09.18 00:42 AlphaDZero Catalyst - Traits and Skills

It ain't pretty but i tried to kinda get all skills down, so that everyone can read up the things.
So here you go https://imgur.com/a/BrHB1o2
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2021.09.18 00:42 orenog Give me 1 Reason to use C4D and not Blender

Don't say ease of use because once you learn how to use blender it's not longer an excuse
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2021.09.18 00:42 Remarkable_You_8685 You got me you bastards

Took a while to work it out on the exchange (and had both bank cards locked while doing it) but got my first few tokens here 👌 won't be a whale but I'm in the damn water
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2021.09.18 00:42 jurassicparkwatercup How do I go about finding original 1925 house plans/blueprint?

My parents live near 27th and Van Dorn. Throughout the years my parents have been ripping up old carpet and tiles, and what’s found underneath has been so cool, like looking into a time capsule. My mom has continuously mentioned how she wishes she could see what the original plan for the house was, so for Christmas I’d love to surprise her with photos or original layout blueprints.
Does anyone know how I could go about finding this? I live in Los Angeles, so it would have to be over the Internet/phone.
Any help would be appreciated!
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2021.09.18 00:42 themoorofvenice Letter of the week: How can customers be accountable for OTP fraud?

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2021.09.18 00:42 zamease I think we need to talk Nicki

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2021.09.18 00:42 No-Duty-2652 Confused

My boyfriend (32) and I (26f) have been dating for 6 months together and living together for two of those. He recently nonchalantly made a comment about being unsure if he wants children or not. We touched on the subject in our earlier days and I thought he told me he did. I feel blindsided and it hit me in the gut right when he said it. I’m nervous to ask him about it because he tends to be very abrasive and I don’t want to get myself upset by his reaction and response. But this is someone that I want a future with and someone I actually want to become a family with. If he doesn’t want that then I don’t see the need to keep going on and the possibility of losing him scares me. I don’t want to lose him. I could really use some encouraging words or other peoples experience along this topic.
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2021.09.18 00:42 4Berlioz20 Booze Genie

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2021.09.18 00:42 brats699 Nikola Tesla secretly discovered an extraterrestrial language that he didn't understand, Tesla's biographer revealed | MRU MEDIA

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2021.09.18 00:42 cobramullet Inquiry: Oakland Apartment, “The Logan”

Hey all, curious if there’s anyone here who is living at The Logan? I’m familiar with the area and I’m curious about how loud street traffic is inside your unit?
Any other thoughts or comments are also appreciated!
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2021.09.18 00:42 EtherGlassCircle Free to Claim Satoshi NFT through the EtherGlass Tweets

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2021.09.18 00:42 The_VR_Potato New players!

I am starting a new campaign with 1 person who has played and loves dnd (he is dming) and we are playing with 2 people who have never played but have heard about it. I know this isn’t a lot of people. How should we explain dnd to them and get them super excited about it?
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2021.09.18 00:42 Prestigious-Cycle-65 Nitraflex pre workout

Been on this product for almost 3 years. I’ve tried other top 10 from bodybuilding.com and most top reviews online but it doesn’t seem to compare. Not sure if it’s the high caffeine dosage or what it gets the job done. Looking for more options. Any advice?
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2021.09.18 00:42 larrydonlibra Duolingo Karat interview

Hey guys! I have done the hackerrank for Duolingo and aced that. I have the karat interview tomorrow. Any tips?
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2021.09.18 00:42 asianj1m nO oNe geTs RAped At ChuRcH

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2021.09.18 00:42 BobTheGC Favorite movie from the year 1970

I collect movies and am trying to get one from every year. I don't have any from 1970 and haven't really seen any from that year. I know Multiple Maniacs, El Topo, and The Aristocats mostly by reputation, but I don't really know about any movies from that year and would really appreciate any advice!
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2021.09.18 00:42 Geotech-8309 Error Message on External drive device was not migrated.

Trying to set up Used External HDD
Error Message on External drive.
error “device was not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match”
Will not show up in Crystal disk info.
Error message in Disk manager, Events.
I think this is caused by Old Win 10 files left on HDD.
What would be best program to Erase HDD.
Regular Erase would Not remove Old Win 10
file Left overs. Thanks for you advice.
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2021.09.18 00:42 Dry_Investigator4591 What do you guys think about the edit

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