Any activities that don’t involve treats ?

2021.09.18 00:31 TACOMMY Any activities that don’t involve treats ?

Hi !
I’m trying to teach my 4 month old puppy to entertain himself or play by himself when I can’t play with him - but he doesn’t really seem interested in his toys / Kong / Rope toy…
He has a food puzzle, and a treat-dispensing ball - but they will keep him busy for 3 minutes max… so I’m wondering how I can keep my puppy busy (playing by himself) with activities that do not involve food or treats !!
He had a few squeaky stuffed animal toys - but those are stimulating his prey drive too much and he starts to see small dogs as toys - so I don’t let him play with those anymore….
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2021.09.18 00:31 NickyNaptime19 Freighter

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2021.09.18 00:31 Alexjh93 Hair is currently this long, should i go back to the length it was in the other two photos or not?

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2021.09.18 00:31 21blackguys Everybody knows now how evil my twin sister is, because she decided to push me at hers son's birthday party.

Here we go again.
My English is not the best so I apologize. This is a short version of the whole entire situation. Also this is going to hit some heavy themes.
A couple days ago was my nephew's birthday (he turned two btw) so I was helping my mom put up decorations when my twin sister came into the backyard with the birthday boy, his baby brother and the husband. My mother immediately turns her attention to my baby nephew and uses that Grandma voice that all grandmothers use (you know what I'm talking about) my nephew runs up the stairs for my brother. I yelled "happy birthday" to him and that's how my sister noticed me "what are you doing here?" she said and her usually pissy tone, my mom immediately snapped at her "do not start! This day is about my grandson, not the two of you. So zip it, lock it, and put it in your damn pocket!" My sister did not dare argue with our mother, so she kept her mouth shut. Fast forward a little bit. I started setting up chairs when my boss came back with the kids, my sister asked what he was doing here and that "he wasn't allowed to be around her kids" my boss and my mom reminded her that my boss is paying for the whole thing, and that they plan this. And he isn't going to have a little boy suffer because adults got into a fight.
So the party was going good (everyone was wear masks and there was only 9 kids and 9 adults) surprisingly not the most chaos; my sister left me alone, the boss's younger son didn't trying to climb on shit like he usually do, my older sister didn't tried to be inappropriate with my boss like she usually do and the Twins didn't try to bite someone. However, peace soon ended. So we sang Happy Birthday to my nephew, cake and ice cream binge eating and I noticed my baby nephew was awake. I went over to him and tried to take him out of his car seat. My twin asked what I was doing and I said "look, I understand that you're upset with me but I'm holding my nephew" all the sudden she pushed me. My twin sister pushed me hard enough that I was on the ground and she happily explained to her baby that "te-te doesn't get to hold you, cuz she won't give us money" so I'm just laying on the ground, like "is she serious?!" I got up took in a deep breath, and thought to myself "you're pregnant, don't be stressed by her fucking stupidity. this is your nephew's birthday, his mom is stupid, just breathe" I looked around, know one saw it, remind myself to tell Mom later, all right we're good. I was walking when I heard "did you just push her?" I turned and saw one of my boss's sons. More importantly, I saw it was one of the twins and my immediate thought was "oh shit" for people don't know, my boss's twins son are chaotic little bastards, they will beat you up and not feel guilty about it. They crave violence likes sustenance. They're very protective of their family. They act like guard dogs to point where their oldest brother called them "Chihuahua and Pomeranian". So, the Chihuahua threw his cake and ice cream at my sister and I mainly grabbed him because he was about to go for her hair. The Chihuahua with a screaming and thrashing about, saying how he was going to "get" my sister and "let me go! I'm going to beat her ass!" The Chihuahua is getting very strong and big now, and I can't hold him back by myself anymore, so I called my boss to get his kid.
My boss grabs his kid and tries to calm him down. Everyone was staring and my siblings were coming up and my mom asked what happened. I told her I'll tell her about it later, when someone pointed out how I was bleeding. My hand was bleeding and i didn't realize it and that was enough for Chihuahua to spit more venom "see! She's bleeding! It's her fault that Aleezay's bleeding! she's bleeding because she pushed her!" He was screaming this while he pointed at my sister. The Chihuahua was swinging his arms and trying to break free from his dad. My mom asked if it was true but before I could say anything my boss started screaming at my sister "are you crazy?! (Yes she is) you push a pregnant woman?! she's pregnant, you know she is!" I was trying to calm him down and I got asked if I was pregnant, I said yeah then my twin sister started calling me a liar. And say that I'm just looking for attention. I wasn't trying to yell so I calmly explained that I was pregnant, and that I wasn't going to hear her fucking bullshit and try to walk away. But my twin sisters evil and and what the song Sweet sounding voice, she said, oh so chipper "Oh dea-can-butt!" (I finally learned how to spell it) I yelled at her not to call me that. Then she started to laugh, she won, she got under my skin. My twin was like "what? You don't like when I call you that?" Then she proceeded to call me that over and over again, and started laughing harder as I started screaming at her to shut up. She hasn't called me that since 2020 and I don't know why she's decided to call me that now, maybe the fact that my boss was there, I don't know? So people were yelling, I was crying then my boss asked me what that meant. I never told him that my sister knew about what his brother did to me, cuz I was just so afraid to be a burden and with my paranoia, I was trying to downplay or try to rationalize what happened, I started blaming myself for it, then my sister's decided making fun of me for it and that's when the abuse went to the back of my mind. I said in Dutch "Remember when I told you about what your brother did to me on the family trip? Well 'Dea-can-butt' is a play on words" he thought about it but my boss had no idea what I'm trying to say.
So I was like "bro, my twin sister is making fun of me for being raped by your brother!" My boss was bewildered. That was definitely not something he was expecting me to say. So he just stared at my sister then back at me and then said "get her" my boss let the Chihuahua loose and he charged right at my sister, he was out for blood. But my brother-in-law (sister's husband) and my brother grabbed the Chihuahua before he could reach her. My sister was scared, saying how could my boss let that "Beast" go. My mom was yelling the same things (in her defense: she knows how hard the Chihuahua hits) my boss looked at me and the way "does my mom know?" I shook my head no, he sighed and said that we're leaving. I was grabbing the little kids and my boss was trying to handle the Chihuahua, but he wasn't done "she hurt my mom! Let me go, I'm going to kick her ass!" My sister said that I wasn't their mom and that when my new baby comes, I will forget all about them. Well, that hit a nerve but before I could do anything "Ethan" (the middle child) started crying and ran out of the backyard. My boss went after him and I was about to go help him but my sister accidentally (I don't think she meant to say that out loud) said "let the retard run" everyone went silent and just stared at her. My sister immediately covered her mouth and started apologizing (to who? not sure) now something about me: I don't give a shit what you do to me. I still have that "even though you're hurting me I will be afraid to hurt you mentality" I don't like hurting people. I got beat into submission and with my mental breakdown when I was 17, it kind of fucked me up mentally as well. But if you hurt someone i love, you better pray to God your legs run fast enough. I saw red. I went up to my sister and slapped her right across the face, I pimp slapped her ass. I hit her so hard that I knocked out of her chair. She made my baby cry and I will never forgive her for that. Everyone was in aw, because I'm the last person to get violent. The Chihuahua let out a loud "YEAH!" I told my sister not to talk badly about my kids and that Ethan is smarter than she is. I handed off the little kids to my oldest sister and told her and my brother to put the kids in the car, while I went to get the Chihuahua twin.
I went into the house and woke up Pomeranian (he was taking a nap) I told him it was time to go and help him to the car. I went back into the house to clean off my hand and I heard a lot of yelling from the backyard. My sister was crying. My siblings were buckling the youngest in their seats, when my boss came back with a sobbing Ethan. He hugged me saying please don't forget about them and he would be good, it broke my heart. Ethan's autistic, and for a while now I became his "mom" because he wanted a mom that was normal (Aka don't discourage his 'dark colored' skin and that I was patient with him) Then I became his and his brother's legal guardian. At first I was just Lee, now he called me "Ms Mom" the youngest two call me "sissy" while the twins (besides your occasional bitch) just started calling me Mom. I explain how I will never leave them. Even though I'm going to have a baby and that babies need a lot more care, I will always love them, they're my little dude. The car ride home with was silent besides Chihuahua exclaimed how I "knocked a bitch into next Tuesday"
I explained to my fiance what happened he was pissed (for what my sister did and for me forgetting his cake) (I love his High ass) I talked to my and my sister's childhood friends and they asked what the hell happened? I just said that is what my twin sister is really like when no one's around. They saw her true colors. Eventually I went back for more cake (because my fiance wouldn't stop bothering me) and mom and I talked. I explained how hurt I am, how fuck up I became because my twin sister, how my mom made things worse when she made me forgive her. And how I tried to ask for help but she talked but didn't listen. I brought up my self-harming and how I wasn't allowed to tell my at the time therapist, my mom said that she was afraid I might get put in a mental hospital and I said good, maybe I would have got some fucking help. My mom apologized. In the boss encouraged me to tell her what "Dea-can-butt" means. My mom was horrified, I cried and I asked "why does my sister hate me?" My mom doesn't know her own damn self. Also she's excited for my little baby. My boss and my brother-in-law talked today. He apologized to me for his wife's actions, he didn't know she was like that (I think she's bipolar. One moment she sweet the next, you'd be lucky to not be strangled) My boss exclaimed how he is willing to start a college fund for my nephew's, my Sister overheard that and came in. Saying how she doesn't need his money from a man that despised and look down on her family. The boss said "I do not look down on your family. you're struggling and I completely understand that, my family came from nothing for years. we barely scrape by, sometimes we didn't know when we were going to eat. I know how you feel, I've been in your shoes once before and let it be known that I do not despise or look down on your family, I just hate your guts" he was holding that in for years.
I'm okay. I'm tired, yes, but I'm okay. We're going on vacation soon, before fall comes. just a little beach house that my boss owns. I really liked it there, it's nice and quiet. I know I said I'm going to write a story about my grandpa, but I'm just going to step away from social media for a while.
I don't know why my twin sister is so evil. My boss said it's because she has my dad's blood in her.
I don't know how to in this however I will say this. Does my twin sister count as a entitled mom.
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2021.09.18 00:31 Responsible_Towel_53 Kodi

How do you install the crunchyroll addon on kodi
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2021.09.18 00:31 SurvivorFanDan Best Male Actor of All Time - Round 2, Part 13

I thought it would be fun to do a series of polls to determine who Oscars considers the best actor of all time.
The winners of the 30 polls from round 1 will face off 2 at a time in 15 polls for round 2. The winner of each of these showdowns will move onto round 3.
View Poll
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2021.09.18 00:31 That1Guy61 Just your average day in the edz

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2021.09.18 00:31 AllCouponFree Best ioS Development Courses on Udemy in 2021

Free Certification Course Title: Best ioS Development Courses on Udemy in 2021
Enroll Here:
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2021.09.18 00:31 random62837 Domain registrar won't allow DNSSEC unless I use their DNS servers

My experience with settings up DNS and changing DNS records is: noob. However, I am trying to enable DNSSEC for a domain I bought at a certain registrar in my home country. I have registered with Cloudflare, and I have changed DNS server addresses from my registrar's to Cloudflare's. Cloudflare has prompted me to enable DNSSEC and gave me a table of information I will need to enter when enabling DNSSEC at my registrar. My registrar has a DNSSEC info page where they claim the DNSSEC is only possible for domains that use their DNS servers.
Is this something they don't have any control over, or are they just being incompetent, or am I being dumb?
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2021.09.18 00:31 PatzCM First time killing the butterfly leviathan, I was surprised

So, as the title shows, I defeated the leviathan for the very first time (also my first dragon encounter, the dude decided to enter my house) and... no drop?? Is this normal? I thought he would drop something awesome taking in mind the bud size but nah... is it supposed to be like that?
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2021.09.18 00:31 SnipingArms (Fiocchi) Pistol Shooting Dynamics 45 Auto 230gr. 26.99 CPR:(0.53) Quantity: 50

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2021.09.18 00:31 321mlbrnman Am I too tall for a Porsche?

I have always had a thing for Porsches, but never financially been in a position to entertain the idea. Luckily throughout the years of working and moving up in my career I can start entertaining the idea.
My issue is I am 6 foot 7 inches. Am I basically bound to a SUV or a Panamera?
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2021.09.18 00:31 svanapps US probes possible insider trading at Binance: Report

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2021.09.18 00:31 shaftsquad I just want to feel good again.

I am just starting a doctoral degree. I hate it. Its not fun and I only feel pockets of "alive" being in class when the professor says something mildly interesting. Otherwise, during a typical day, I only feel alive for the 40 minutes the coffee is working and I'm in the middle of a homework problem. Most of the time I get distracted in class or while I'm starting problem sets. As soon as class ends, I lose all motivation to do anything. I hate going home at the end of the day. I hate waking up in the morning and getting ready to leave the apartment. I lay in bed for 2 hours staring at my phone or calling my dad and bawling my eyes out. I bet he thinks I'm pretty weak. He was living a much more difficult life when he was my age. I have 10x the comfort he did but I still cry all the time. I hate my apartment. I hate doing the homework. I am pushing my closest friends away because I don't have the energy to talk to them. I feel like I'm ruining all my friendships and relationships because I never respond or follow up.
My girlfriend is in the same city as me this semester. I really like her but I have so many insecurities being in a relationship. I keep getting sad over stupid shit that's nobody's fault. I keep thinking why someone is even attracted to me. I keep thinking that I'm just a fucking sad loser with nothing to offer. Shes going to leave the city end of the year to finish off school. I don't know if she will wanna stay with me. I don't know whether the distance will be too much. I don't know if I'll ever find someone again if this ended.
I want to quit this program but then I have to go home. I can't take a leave because its my first semester, so my only option is to quit or suck it up. If I leave, I don't know if my relationship will survive. I won't have a job or anything which will probably make things worse, given the only thing that makes me feel alive is being in the work zone. I will feel like a failure because I am giving up a nice degree because I'm so weak. I will feel stuck because I won't know how to get out of the country and "go international" again.
I can't even get therapy started. The uni counselors want me to look off campus because they want me to have continuity if I leave the program. But, I don't have the energy or enough interest in finding someone off campus. Plus, if I leave the program, I lose my insurance so I can't even continue the therapy anyways but the school doesn't care about that. I wouldn't even know what to tell a therapist. I genuinely don't see how they would help me if I told them all this. I miss being excited about my potential career and what I was learning. I miss going to the gym and tracking my progress. I miss waking up and wanting to have a productive day, bang some quality work out or learn something new. I miss not thinking about dying. I miss not crying 3 times a day. I miss wanting to text my friends. I miss finding new music. I miss wanting to cook a new dish.
I want to move to my favorite country, work an interesting job or build a project with my friends, save money for my cool tech gadgets/that next trip, have fitness goals again, buy a big coffee machine, have a cute pet, have a loving partner, stop having relationship insecurities, cook my own food, feel alive, feel hopeful, visit my parents, eventually have a kid.
I just want to feel good again. I don't wanna keep breaking down after waking up, before going to sleep, in the train, in the shower, while walking, while eating, while in the library. I wish I would stop toying with the intrusive thought that it would be easier to just die and not feel so pathetic all the time.
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2021.09.18 00:31 UpstairsPea3614 19 [M4A] please dont send me your d pictures i am not interested

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2021.09.18 00:31 TheMenaceX Getting research opportunities?

Haven't seen this question, so just wanted to ask. Can I just cold email professors to ask if they have anything available? I am a freshman, so I doubt I'd find anything, but I guess even talking to professors would be a good idea right? If not how should I go about this? I'm interested in computer vision and robotics, and I happened to see the computer science lab on the cs website lol
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2021.09.18 00:31 Crazy_Kraken Neon Light Grimm (OC)
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2021.09.18 00:31 BigSmokeChapo59 White Manchester thot going on 30 soon.

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2021.09.18 00:31 Prestigious_Plan126 I can never finish a play through

I really need to finish one
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2021.09.18 00:31 TroyTural2005 Can anybody trade me "Jawsome Kid" Pls?!

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2021.09.18 00:31 PissedPrepCook Destin Commons

Can we park overnight at Destin Commons? We have guests coming in for our wedding and the rental is limited
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2021.09.18 00:31 theroughprobation ️PowerChain⚡️ $PWRC | Fair launched just now! | Changing the power supply

⚡️PowerChain️ ($PWRC) is a Binance Smart Chain Network token. This token is designed to act as a new way to sell or buy overproduced energy. Right now more and more people are producing their own energy for example by using solar panels. You can sell your overproduced energy to other people or companies who need it. With $PWRC and by using our upcoming platform, you will be able to sell or buy energy all by yourself. No third parties required.
We have a huge marketing campain and investors ready. For more details, visit our roadmap on the website when launched.
Buy here:
PowerChain details and tokenomics:
🎉 Fair Launched
✅ Audited
✅ Locked Liquidy
✅ Anti-Dump mechanism
✅ Verified and Doxxed Teams
⛔ ️No Presale
💵 2% Auto Liquidity
📈 2% Marketing wallet
Website: Under development
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2021.09.18 00:31 IntelligentFlan7593 Ashley Tetona

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2021.09.18 00:31 Radiochild84 Attn: Med Card Holders! South Beach 14g Popcorn for $160 tax incl. @ Consume

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2021.09.18 00:31 AdviceCity007 Is it Morally wrong for my boss to speak behind his wife's back?

To keep this short, essential they are co bosses to me, they have been married many years, I believe he is 60 and she is 40 odd however I'm not entirely sure, I don't know if ill tell her immediately because I'm close there and have a good relationship with them, but basically Boss will have conversations with his daughter about the wife regarding anything from her weight (how she is unhappy that she isn't losing it), her rants (he doesn't appreciate how she reminds them how hard she works sometimes, and so on
Personally I think she works extremely hard and is taken for granted alot, but also I don't live with her so idk if I'm just not seeing that side of her
I guess also I'm asking if this is common in Marriages? She never says anything bad about him buy he does near every day for her, and I feel kinda bad for her.
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