Can anyone identify this sauce?

2021.10.23 18:19 Mishi_Moshi Can anyone identify this sauce?

Hi everyone, I travelled to Japan back in 2019 (my 5th trip). Anyway, I had dinner at Saizeriya and had the steak hamburg. It came with a delicious tangy brown sauce. Unfortunately I have no idea what it was. If anyone could help identify it, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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2021.10.23 18:19 Dark_Temptation_ 18 [M4A] @htjay23 prefer girls but will do anything to help anyone out

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2021.10.23 18:19 Andre-Arthur S6 Lite update: pinned Edge panel, labs section in settings, general performance improvements

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2021.10.23 18:19 PrljavaBaraba Nacizam ili fašizam kako je ispravno?

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2021.10.23 18:19 njsarmstrong Resurrection

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2021.10.23 18:19 beeskness420 What’s wrong with my pot?

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2021.10.23 18:19 jom4d4 [KDE Plasma] Apu's theme screenshot

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2021.10.23 18:19 romeobarr How to do you scale Facebook ads? 😩

CBO's, ABO's??
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2021.10.23 18:19 Ok_Calligrapher_6889 This isn’t gonna be like stocks if you don’t have silver when the manipulation is shown you missed a rocket fair warning

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2021.10.23 18:19 el_guapo_chapo [WTS] Magpul Bipod Mlok $90 Upper Slim $110 [CA]

Selling Magpul Bipod new only attached and Decided didn't like it for my M5 (AR308).
Magpul Bipod M-lok $90:
Also selling a Aero Precision FDE Slim upper $110:
MOE grips SL
BLACK $15:
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2021.10.23 18:19 Jazzlike-Equipment75 I DON'T THINK I SHOULD DO THIS BUT I'M STILL GONNA ASK WFL

Them: no potion crow, no potion meerkat, daimond egg, golden egg, NR triceratops, R starfish and some random adds ( I don't remember but they weren't worth anything much)
Me: MFR trex
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2021.10.23 18:19 moose_load Shipping To Gunsmith Questions…

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2021.10.23 18:19 XenocideIsEpic Stellaris, galactic geography and biomes, more exciting mid-game experiences, and the galactic core.

So I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I’ve finally decided to write a post about it. Essentially, Stellaris is already quite old, it’s been about five or so years from its release and the galactic geography has seen little love aside from the “Distant Stars” DLC. Lots of people here agree that the game’s middle and later stages need more excitement other than the joys of being spammed by diplomatic agreements and AI war declaration notifications. Here are my ideas:
The galaxy is divided up into different “territories” separated by “subspace turbulence” of varying magnitudes, which are represented as “tiers”. As such, you need to research the respective tiers of hyperdrives to access these more unstable pockets. Here are some of my territory ideas:
—Open space:
> No accessibility requirements.
> Covers around 60% of the galaxy, all open space systems are connected into a single hyper lane network.
> Moderate habitable world spawn rare.
> Plenty of raw resource and science deposits.
—Supernova remnants:
> Small, uncommon, mini-nebulae consisting of 3-6 systems like we have now.
> No accessibility requirements.
> Sensors less advanced than tier 4 can’t penetrate it.
> Will contain a special “origin point” star class at the center varying in class to represent different supernova types.
> ”Origin point” star classes give different research deposits, special anomalies, or resource deposits.
> At least 4 rare resource deposits guaranteed to spawn within the nebula.
> From 4-10 may spawn depending on galaxy size.
—Stellar nursery:
> Covers around 14-26 star systems.
> Around 1-4 may spawn depending on galaxy size.
> Incredibly dense nebulae.
> Every system has a 75% chance of containing a large rare resource deposit(2-4 units), or a 25% chance of containing 1-3 barren terraforming candidates.
> Sensors cannot penetrate this nebula type unless said sensor is a sentry array megastructure.
—Black hole cluster:
> Exactly what it sounds like.
> Consists of 3-7 systems.
> Only 1-4 may spawn depending on galaxy size.
> High chance for the “Event Horizon” event chain to spawn alongside other black hole-related anomalies, events, systems, and dig sites.
> Guaranteed 3-5 dark matter deposits, with 3-6 dark matter units each.
> Every black hole cluster is filled with roaming void cloud space fauna and a dimensional horror leviathan.
> Systems not connected to the hyper lane network.
> Only accessible through gateways, wormholes, or jump drives.
> Extra ghost systems can be revealed after building a sentry array megastructure and researching a special physics technology.
Galactic eden: Contains 1 Gaia world and 1-3 other habitable worlds and 2-4 habitable world-related events, dig sites, anomalies, etc.
Precursor vaults: Can contain anything from a ruined megastructure, to a relic world, a shielded ecumenopolis, or several shielded worlds granting 2-3 technologies or precursor ships when unlocked. Maybe some dig sites and events can be added to give these systems more flavor.
These are only a few ideas, but I just wanted to share them because so many people are going “hurr durr muh ground combat rework” when Stellaris is clearly a space-focused game and not a ground-focused game.
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2021.10.23 18:19 Posessed_Bird The "break room" at my wife's store, where they don't even get to take 15 min breaks, only lunch!

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2021.10.23 18:19 Stellar_Hurricane Geo 🔶 (I'm new here, hi~~)

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2021.10.23 18:19 killthenerds A JetBlue Jihadist? The Great Press Cover-up

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2021.10.23 18:19 buzzfun_official Which Attack On Titan Character Are You?

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2021.10.23 18:19 SelfDevolpment Quarantine in same household

I began feeling symptoms Monday. I thought it was just allergies or slight cold. I got tested Tuesday morning just in case. Thursday I received positive results. I immediately went into lock down in my room. Unfortunately my partner and toddler also got diagnosed a few days later. My question since we are all diagnosed as positive can we be around each other? Im feeling better and they didn’t have symptoms. Thanks in advanced
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2021.10.23 18:19 HoGoNMero Darkai on me 9706 9803 0905

Going in now
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2021.10.23 18:19 pirakaplant Leak_irl

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2021.10.23 18:19 FuckCommieRedditors Governor calls for halt to refugees after Afghan rape charge

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2021.10.23 18:19 RiverComprehensive27 Weekend study places

Where do y'all go study during the weekends? Langson only open from 1-5pm. Anywhere else that's open for longer?
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2021.10.23 18:19 chatelegram جروبات تيليجرام للتعارف 2022 | قروبات وناسه وتسلية

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2021.10.23 18:19 Oothereshego I declined them all separate, then declined them all together. Sorry tony

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2021.10.23 18:19 Samuel_004 Ich🇬🇧iel

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