Spotted in Miami, Brickel

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2021.10.23 18:23 G1lgam3shh Spotted in Miami, Brickel

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2021.10.23 18:23 Orionsbeta Of all the things to leave empty…

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2021.10.23 18:23 LAZERPANDA15 bOy fUcKiNg mUrDeRs LiTtLe BrOtHeR aNd bLoWs HiM uP!!1!

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2021.10.23 18:23 Erowid90 Will Switch look much worse than PS5 do you think?

Just wondering if they've said anything regarding graphical differences between the different platforms?
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2021.10.23 18:23 kiarru1 could you please check out my order? the money has been deduced from my bank account and still nothing

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2021.10.23 18:23 sunnyfloury The finest of charcuterie boards

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2021.10.23 18:23 antithica When Marvel named a movie after Chadwick Boseman's wife, they crossed the line

Seriously? Black Widow? Show some respect!
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2021.10.23 18:23 gindf Chill international alliance home to growing accounts and vets sharing wisdom, located in Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. > BOARDING NOW <

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2021.10.23 18:23 g33orge [Academic Poll] How do people in the UK feel about the future of vehicles?

As part of my final dissertation, I am conducting research into UK consumers attitudes towards electric vehicles. As part of this, I am looking to collect over 400 responses to my survey. If you have 3 minutes to spare, I would be very grateful to anyone who is happy to help me and fill it out! Thanks
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2021.10.23 18:23 _lucastb_ Silver Arrowsss

Just think about it, If George Floyd didn’t die. The silver arrow would still be silver.
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2021.10.23 18:23 superkoolman123 Westbrook Trade Was a Mistake

No, this is not an overreaction. This was my reaction when the trade happened and what I kept trying to tell people. The Brooklyn nets were able to get away with getting 3 superstars and still had a few quality role players. Our team literally gave up any depth we had to the point where if Russel, Lebron, and AD don't all play great we lose. Yes, I understand we are missing THT, Ariza, Nunn, etc. and it is early in the season, but some mistakes just cannot be fixed. For example, Russel is a terrible off-ball defender (constantly loses his man). That leads to constant open three-pointers (as we saw last night). If the suns shot at a near-average %, we would have been down by 40.
This trade was a huge mistake. Look at the roster we would've had if we traded for Buddy Hield:
PG: Lebron, SG: Hield, SF: KCP, PF: Bjelicia, C: AD
PG: Caruso, SG: Use MLE + pick, SF: THT, PF: Ariza, C: Dwight
Backups: Rondo, Bazemore, Melo, Wes, Reaves
That's a starting lineup with great floor spacers (Hield, KCP, Bjelicia), has 4 average to good defenders, and isn't super old. Lebron is the best PG in the league. Anyone we give his duties to will just is a step-down. As we saw in last night's game, there were a lot of possessions where Lebron was just standing at the 3 point line–what a terrible way to use him! Also, Lebron's turnover percentage has been pretty consistent throughout his career. That means that regardless of who is in the starting lineup, he will always average around ~4 TO a game. Pair that with a turnover machine, and we have a disaster.
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2021.10.23 18:23 ivan5658 My first and last 32 heat. I call this build “the coward’s starter pack”

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2021.10.23 18:23 fangqutaijian123 兄弟们准备整个大活,爱奇艺投资新剧女主角台湾女艺人曾之乔曾采访反华歌手陈芳语(曾之乔老公在大陆发展,我们爱国浪友绝不能放过这种赚中国人钱背后还敢说中国坏话的台蛙艺人和卖国资本爱奇艺)

兄弟们准备整个大活,爱奇艺投资新剧女主角台湾女艺人曾之乔曾采访反华歌手陈芳语(曾之乔老公在大陆发展,我们爱国浪友绝不能放过这种赚中国人钱背后还敢说中国坏话的台蛙艺人和卖国资本爱奇艺) submitted by fangqutaijian123 to CLTV [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 18:23 PM_ME_UR_COOL_SOCKS [QC] October 2021 Haul (Hoodies, Nuptse, AF1, Dunks)

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2021.10.23 18:23 Wonderful-Pasta360 Being abusive and lack of respect

Me and my fiancee work in the same office. He liked me 2 years ago and told me, I talked to parents and so we engaged. There were couple of issues I faced, including girls flirting with him, getting into the relationship phase, my anxiety etc.
I really am slow in the matter of attaching to someone. I have kind of 0 friends to whom I can share my daily life chat/gossip. We(me and him) are different but go along. I need alot of space after arguments and I don't want to talk much, which gives him the idea that I am ignoring him. Although I show love in different ways but am not expressive in saying love u more oftenly(my family suppresses their emotions, so it builds up in me too).
It is a big problem for me that we are quarreling alot. We both use bad language, after that apologize, but it hurts us and he forgets mostly and I can't move on from the disrespect. I tell him that I need time for my stuff but at times I he complains to me, and I feel guilty.
I need an advice on how to maintain the respect element.
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2021.10.23 18:23 Iwantlove123 20F Am I pretty?

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2021.10.23 18:23 Myra_Loyer24 Dead By Daylight Halloween Bonus part 2

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2021.10.23 18:23 introbutextro Super shy, but stepping out of my comfort zone here! Hello everyone❤️

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2021.10.23 18:23 JenzierWasHere personal item question

Would my backpack be considered too large for a personal item? It’s a little less than 18 inches tall and less than 14 inches long, but the width of it is about 9.5 inches with all my stuff inside. I’m worried because it’s the only backpack I own that fits my laptop and i’ve never had to fly with my laptop before. I also don’t know how strict American is when it comes to personal items.
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2021.10.23 18:23 hnelsontracey Slimehouse Podcast - Episode on "Ernest Scared Stupid"

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2021.10.23 18:23 sleepysnafu what are some wrestlers liked by marks and smarks, and what makes them that way?

the common wrestling fan (a mark) would be a fan of pure babyfaces like cena and dislike heels. meanwhile, a smark typically cheers the heels and dislikes the babyfaces, with some exceptions like bryan and gargano. of course there are tweeners, that ideally arent massive assholes but still have an edge that makes them enjoyable for older fans. what are some of the best examples of a wrestler that was enjoyed by common fans and smarks alike?
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2021.10.23 18:23 darionn17 🔥 Kill The Virus | Private Sale For Early Members | Play To Earn | 100% RugProof & Liq Lock 🔥 100X

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2021.10.23 18:23 BananaTurtle12 Do you think I should try fix this board?

Hey I attached images too. I put by myself some epoxy last year on one of the cracks
So this is my old board from 2014 and I really liked the model but didn’t use it so much.. the thing is that I will probably buy a new board now, but I wanted to know if you guys think it’s a good idea to send this board to someone who repairs twin-tips..? I sent him the photos and he said that he thinks the cost of the repair will cost me too much and the result will not 100% be good enough, so maybe I should consider it again..
1) Should I send it to him to see what he can do? The bindings looks pretty good and I cut with knife only the color that keep getting off
2) Maybe I can try to have an adventure and learning to fix it by myself with YouTube or something?
3) Maybe I will just make a cool shelf/bad/chair or something out of it…. 🤨😃
Thank you all for the help
2014 Old board
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2021.10.23 18:23 Hippinerd Mystery floor water?

Our kitchen is tile, & today we found water gathered in some of the creeks between the tiles (not coming from fridge, sink, or any other obvious source). The other morning we noticed the same thing in the room next to the kitchen. Any idea what this could be from?
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2021.10.23 18:23 newstart3385 Buckle down folks

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