Took my snake to the 2021 LMR Cruise-In at Texas Motor Speedway today

2021.10.23 16:53 blind_rebel Took my snake to the 2021 LMR Cruise-In at Texas Motor Speedway today

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2021.10.23 16:53 icydata Lindholm nets OT winner for hatty

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2021.10.23 16:53 Kellen_Kloster Summer/beach Saimatsu (source in comments)

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2021.10.23 16:53 FunnyAnimalPerson Fire Elemental

Can someone draw my fire elemental in a non minecraftian form?
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2021.10.23 16:53 ninjashark2991 Mega Absoul 0234 3496 0010

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2021.10.23 16:53 babateee Who has a Fiscal Calendar table code for SQL pls?

I need a full code to create a fiscal calendar table in SQL. I should also be able to add the date parameters 😩
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2021.10.23 16:53 granitestate420 [H] EpicVape E-nano w|stuff [W] $140 incl shipping PayPal

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2021.10.23 16:53 trinitastvbiggestfan Nobody takes my mental health seriously

I have been feeling down every single day for the past 5 years of my life. I am about to turn 20. Everytime I am not distracted by something (and it's rare that I'm distracted by something enough to take away this feeling) I fake smile and I'm on the verge of tears. I can't take this feeling anymore, I haven't been showering consistently or taking care of my hygiene for the past five years- I want to live a normal life, I'm always exhausted, people think I'm lazy and it hurts so much.
I can't make friends anymore. On the outside I look like a normal girl and I smile and laugh often, but I never know what to say in conversation. I am so boring and I don't know how to change it. I just miss making connections with people, because I used to do it so easily, even with people I had nothing in common with.
I sound whiny but I don't mean to be. I'm an optimistic and usually positive but I'm so tired. Nobody takes me seriously except for my boyfriend, they know about these things, even my therapist doesn't realize how bad it really is.
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2021.10.23 16:53 wbradleyjr1 New patent proposes digital surveillance to vaccinate people based on social credit style scores

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2021.10.23 16:53 GodKiller999 Addressing Destiny criticism of my post regarding his opinion on voter suppression

For context this is the post in question and Destiny had this to say about it. So I'm just going to go point by point with the timestamps for ease of reading and yeah it's gonna be real fucking long due to this, so don't bother unless you care (though I do point out some stuff he does wrong regarding his engagement with the sub if you care about that). I'm also gonna address Destiny directly for this one to make it easier.
I'll remind you that the premise of post was that while the effect of voter suppression was small, it could make the difference in close races and that it was used in conjunction with other methods (that obviously all need to be fought). So I agree that it's not some kind of enormous impact like some people believe, but that you shouldn't say it's nothing when you can just go "The effect is small and I think we should put more focus elsewhere." (there's also value in actually saying what does efforts should be) which is both more factually true and won't turn away people who could be convinced.
1:07:06 - You talk about this is a good way to see how people think, but never make any actual point about it what exactly was I trying to say that I didn't say? Beyond implying I could have done more effort there's nothing much.
1:07:39 - Cursed to be remembered as LSF guy, also I'll have you know I get way more annoyed with the false claim about there being equal misinformation on both sides.
1:09:04 - Why would you ignore the rest? Yes it's "conjectures", but you're the one who's always talking about judging your if your premises are correct by looking at the actions of others and I point to clear actions from the politicians who's goal is to stay in power and aren't limiting their actions to legislating about small culture war stuff to fire up their base. Hell they even say so behind close doors.
Hell you could argue that they're simply wrong about their evaluation of there being value in doing so, which is why I point at the fact that their analysists and experts who's sole goal is to get them elected don't seem to agree and have data we don't have access to, meanwhile you've barely done any research on the matter. The point is to make you consider "mhm if even those people think differently than me, maybe I'm being too sure of myself here".
1:09:07 - Nope I could be wrong, but at this point you've talked about this so many times without having done your research on it, so I'd say it's fine to call you with some stuff to push back.
1:09:15 - There's no you going "ok what do you got", we didn't setup a debate or something and I don't even know if you're gonna read my post, though of course I can infer you've my read my stuff from what you say on stream (assuming I watch the bit).
Hell even when you do read it there's no saying that you won't just dismiss it even though the poster met your standard or that you're in a bad mood cause someone shat in your cereals that day and won't just delete it someone posted a copy of it for the curious, it was especially funny cause it was right after this.
Now let's also be honest about the reality that other streamers pretty much don't give a single shit compared to you, so even if this post has a harsh tone I do appreciate the fact that you do seem to read most big threads posted here, though I do wish you'd actually engage, otherwise it doesn't really encourage what you say you're looking for from your sub.
1:09:31 - Never claimed there was a ton of studies showing this, for obvious reason the impacts of voter suppression are hard to measure and within the post I did post one that was more raw numbers and you didn't mention it at all? So why do you expect me to post a ton research when you didn't even engage with the single one I put? Hell I won't even blame you, pretty much everyone in the post ignored it, but it does highlight why I didn't bother.
1:10:33 - Good thing I never claimed that there was all this research that showed that voter suppression was a really big thing was never something I claimed in my post, for the simple fact that I don't believe there is. My only claim is that there's an impact, even if it's small and that it can make a difference, to counter your own that there's nothing.
1:10:40 - Ah, glad you moved over my exact point then, an impact of 5/100 is a lot from a single strategy, if you stack a bunch of illegitimate ones and you end up with say a 25/100 impact then that's a huge impact compared to what it should actually be. Hell let's say all those strategies only amounted to a single 1% difference, in a close senate race that would have made the difference and the current political landscape would look very different right now with a majority republican senate.
Yes you're right, voter enthusiasm has so much more value, but you realize that it's very hard to produce and that again, there isn't a single strategy in play, you want to stack everything you can to get over that 50% and there's nothing that shows that caring about voter suppression reduces efforts you put in improving voter enthusiasm.
1:12:05 - Yep it's possible that politicians only care about it because voters care about it and that it galvanizes your base enough to combat the effects, but (and this is pure conjecture) I do think the amount of efforts republicans put into (and what they say behind the scenes about it) show that it goes beyond simple culture war stuff.
1:16:35 - Yeah no shit people are gonna vote if they care, I outright state at the start of my post that the problem is that they don't which is why a few roadblocks can work, if we lived in a world where people were more politically active things would look completely different, but we don't. So stating this is useless, if you got a secret formula to make people care go ahead and become a political adviser and get the money to roll in.
1:19:20 - Kinda unrelated to my post, but the only good solution I've heard to deal with Gerrymandering is either proportional distribution or STV.
In conclusion, Destiny kind of miss the point of my post, doesn't engage with it much.
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2021.10.23 16:52 Fur_rnr Career change. Going for Macc at university of central Florida. How do I position myself for big 4 accounting?

It seems like a lot of the major accounting jobs in Florida like universal or Disney like to see big 4 accounting experience so I think I should aim for that after the masters degree. I’m in my early 30s if that matters.
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2021.10.23 16:52 riverrboatgambler My monitor shakes everytime I click, but it pays the bills.

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2021.10.23 16:52 ladderinstairs Nice base starting to form on the 10 min chart.

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2021.10.23 16:52 MaddenCFMDaily Coastal Connected 3 CFM (30/32) (Bucs, Vikings open) (Active users only) (XBOX CURRENT GEN) (Y1 W5) (Read description)

Looking for active users to take over the Buccaneers and the Vikings. Coastal Connected is a competitive league, but will not tolerate pure cheese. If you join, you should expect to play at least 1 game every two days. Rules in discord server, laid back commissioners that will give you a great experience when you join. Rest of the rules in discord, spots filling up quickly!
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2021.10.23 16:52 chaseitwithme 32 [F4M] QC | Can't Sleep. Missing the warmth.

Having my alone time and I like it. Really. But the time alone makes me remember the moments when I was with him. I miss him. Unfortunately, it's never gonna work out. Thankful for the short-lived romance. It was what I needed. Cheap wine under the stars. Honest conversations. The laughter. Hugs and kisses in between the silly kwentuhan.
Not on the rebound. But those are the moments I keep chasing. Mildly putting myself out there (here) for the hopes I find those moments again. On the cycle of getting to know yous and introductions and it's getting old. Not that I want to get serious fast but, hey, a girl can dream.
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2021.10.23 16:52 BlackSurferBeats (FREE) Travis Scott Type Beat 2021 | Don Toliver x Drake Type Beat 2021 ...

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2021.10.23 16:52 nerdlion910 Bounty Hunt: Poisonous Cooking Master

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2021.10.23 16:52 LunaCrystalFrogStorm Does anyone know what type of spider this is? It’s keeping me from going outside atm.

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2021.10.23 16:52 pinktv2 This Grain Bin Farmhouse is amazing! The owners did a spectacular job!

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2021.10.23 16:52 Puzzled-Put-1947 J O I N U S

B E M A D!
Org: MAD (Money.Attrition.Death) Specialization: Bounty Commitment: Casual(ALPHA ONLY)/Hardcore Role Play: No Main Language: English Timezone: US/EU (other T.zones welcomed)
Other Essential Info: We are an elite bounty hunter group with the sole purpose of eliminating high valued targets. We set the rules, we set the path. Our purpose is simple. Death and justice to all!
=*=PVP/PVE Missions Ran Daily/Nightly =*=Events Ran weekly
Interested? We will consider...send msg to (discord) -=A.O=-#7369 Links: MAD Trailer:
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2021.10.23 16:52 iotajun Filled out 2021-2022 Fafsa before but I graduate after the Spring 2022 semester. Do I need to file for the 2022-2023 Fafsa?

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2021.10.23 16:52 devonscoles [INSPO] What pants and boots are these?

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2021.10.23 16:52 CaptainDust1000 Motorcycle Mechanic

Is there anyone in Bakersfield that you'd recommend for tuning up vintage Japanese motorcycles?
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2021.10.23 16:52 RoyaleHighRandom Whos selling Halloween halo 2021

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2021.10.23 16:52 DavidKristin560 How to write high quality papers

First, if you are constrained of time, or simply want high quality papers done for you, this is NOT your post. I would recommend you check out .This post is for those that want to write their papers by themselves.
I’m gonna be lying if I told you that writing an A-quality paper is easy. To be honest, it sucks. But again, don’t we all love getting As?
Today I’m going to take you through a crash-program that will help you turn your random thoughts and scattered reference materials into quality academic papers quickly leaving you with time to do things that you love (like watching Premier League)
Sounds impossible? Let’s get started!
Great paper writing be it for undergraduate essays, dissertations, or even Masters level project reports and thesis can be condensed into just 7 steps. While step 7 sounds absurdly obvious, it is often the step that will determine whether you get that A or not.

  1. Understand the Assignment
Sounds obvious, eh? This may, at the face of it, sound like somewhat banal advice – but available statistics shows that failing to properly understand the question set is one of, if not the most common reason behind a disappointing grade. An argumentative essay will, for example, require a different approach from one that seeks to compare and contrast concepts. The ultimate waste of time when writing a paper is to write something that doesn’t even answer the question the assignment is asking. It like boarding a train heading opposite to your destination and hoping that you will arrive.
  1. Research with precision
As the old aphorism goes, if you are given eight hours to cut an oak tree, spend six of the eight hours sharpening the axe. While writing may appear to be the core task, reading is equally important in the production of quality paper. If your professor provided a set of reference materials, it is important to restrict yourself just to those materials. However, if you are free to choose what to refer to, you should conduct a broad search for relevant literature. Learning how to sift through a large amount of data is an important academic skill. You should start by searching through databases – Google Scholar is a great tool for this – using key words related to your research topic. Once you find an article that sounds promising, read through the abstract to ensure that it’s relevant. But beware! If you’re not careful, research can be one of the best ways to procrastinate.
  1. Actual writing
You have understood what your professor want you to write about and you have conducted a review of the relevant literature with a ruthless efficiency. It is now that time that the rubber must meet the road. You must now convert your research, thoughts and ideas into a paper presentable to your professor in the required form and format. Remember time is of essence. Every assignment have a deadline, and to some professors, submitting your assignment a day late is a reason enough to them to give you an E!
Regardless of what type of paper you are writing, your essay should have the five basic qualities of good writing, namely; Focus, Development, Unity, Coherence and Correctness.
· Focus- An essay should have a single clear central idea. Each paragraph should have a clear main point or topic sentence.
· Development- Each paragraph should support or expand the central idea of the paper. The idea of each paragraph should be explained and illustrated through examples, details, and descriptions.
· Unity-Every paragraph in an essay should be related to the main idea. Each paragraph should stick to its main point
· Coherence- An essay or paper should be organized logically, flow smoothly, and "stick" together. In other words, everything in the writing should make sense to a reader.
· Correctness-A paper should be written in generally correct Standard English, with complete sentences, and be relatively error-free.
  1. Citation and Academic honesty
Remember the literature you were reviewing during your research or the reference materials you were given by your professor? That was someone’s academic work and needs to be acknowledged as such. The idea behind citation is simple: when you make use of other people’s specific ideas, you must give them credit for those ideas. As a writer, you have the right to articulate your own ideas and opinions, as well as the right to draw upon the work of those who have come before you. With those rights comes the responsibility to both inform your reader of which ideas are yours and which are not and to give credit to others when you make use of their work. This is your way of showing others that you have both done your research and understand the importance of your sources in developing your own arguments.
  1. Editing and proofreading
No matter how good a writer you are, you’re inherently blind to the mistakes you make in your writing. The goal of editing is making your writing clearer, more precise to ensure that your readers will be able to understand it while proofreading helps to identify and fix minor errors, careless mistakes, and typos. When you’re writing the draft, you need privacy and focus. But when you’re editing, having someone else to look over your work can speed things up.
  1. Focus on quality over quantity.
One of the frequently asked question I often encounter is, ‘When my professor asks me to write a 5-7 pages essay, how many pages should I write’. While 7 sounds like what a diligent student should pick, it should not be surprising when a good 5 pages essay score higher than a 7 pages one. Quality will always win over quantity.
  1. Submit your work on time.
Always endeavor to submit your work before the deadline. This will save you a lot of trouble in case of failure in technology on the deadline day. If your paper is to be handed in in hard copy, print it in advance and have a photocopy. After handing in your work, you can now do things that excites you as you wait for your A!
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