LF Crickets

2021.10.23 18:33 MarleyBebe LF Crickets

I'm on th search for crickets for a little design I'm doing!! I can offer nmt!
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2021.10.23 18:33 whitesea189 Can anyone help me :)

Grabbed some coke from an old plug. Usual UK prices and the quality isn’t shabby. Some shine and the rocks break up nicely. However I know it’s been cut due to the person and from the texture and dust with it.
When racked it literally goes to complete powder, I don’t even need a second card, it’s just like whatever was holding it falls apart. What cutting agent could that be? It becomes the finest powder with just the first rack.
I’ve had great coke that does do this but this, any help appreciated
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2021.10.23 18:33 agnalf Can i play on Ilyzaelle if my ip changes?

Hey. I'm going to my girlfriends house in 2 hours. Her family will be there and i'd rather play Dofus than talking to those elders, lol. I'm gonna take my notebook there, but am i gonna get in trouble for connecting from a different IP? It's still from the same country, so i guess not, but i don't trully know and that's why i'm asking. Thanks.
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2021.10.23 18:33 Western-Fishing1731 ANY VEGAN INFPS HERE!?!??!

Hi I want more vegan friends 😩
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2021.10.23 18:33 rebelz_nft 🎁 Free NFT giveaway. Be a part of the first open-world, decentralized game environment, called Rebelworld. Don't miss it.

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2021.10.23 18:33 says___pooworld Poo World? Poo World. Poo World!

Poo World?
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2021.10.23 18:33 GypsyRoadHGHWy Breaking News! Vermont Tree Climber Bigfoot - Devil Attack in The Cemetery - Military Chasing UFO - A Glitch in The Matrix Philip K Dick's Speech in Metz Clip - The Last Super Mandel Effects Jesus' Hands

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2021.10.23 18:33 Xnalax0904 Pops Monthly Streams are going sadly down…

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2021.10.23 18:33 regian24 Pumpkin spice latte 3 splash vanilla five ice cubes and 4 tornadoes of rainbow sparkle unicorn fart please

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2021.10.23 18:33 HighBeamsCrew Honda S2000 Night Drive POV

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2021.10.23 18:33 ahmet_can_citak_19 bütün sırrı bozdum galiba

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2021.10.23 18:33 ImaginaryBridge1923 Unsure if I have IBS or something similar. Very loud gut/bowel/intestinal noises since I was about 14. Frequent diarrhoea. Does this sound like IBS?

I get these loud noises coming from what I presume is my intestines, the best way I can describe it is like an internal fart. They're so fucking loud but they only seem to happen when I am in a quiet place (school/university/work).
I had it happen in school and university, and now I'm having it happen at work in my full time job where it's often quiet (office environment). Literally never happens when I'm with friends and family. Seems like the anxiety makes it worse.
The noises are so fucking loud and I always panic because I don't know if anyone else can hear them. Squirming in my chair and having to cough to cover it up.
Going to the toilet doesn't always make the noises disappear. And when I do go to the toilet it's often explosive diarrhoea. Which is fucking horrible at work where there's only a single toilet and I have to turn the tap on to cover the noise. At home it's no problem as I can just let it rip.
I know you guys aren't doctors but does this sound like IBS? I never went to the doctor before because there were phases where it went away for a bit, or phases where I had a job in a loud environment so I didn't give a shit about the noisee
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2021.10.23 18:33 avondale602 Born in, waking up??

I was born in, I got baptized in 2013. I don’t know if I ever truly believed in the organization but I want to say i believe in Jehovah or at least there a creator but at the same time my brain can’t even comprehend someone or something always existing and not having a creator.
I’ve always lived a double life I’m 25 now and I still live one. I never felt bad for living a double life, I became really good at hiding it. I find it truly annoying that you have to go to meetings, do service, and comment to keep your privileges and be considered active.
I don’t do personal studies, I don’t go to service no more, I turn in fake service times along with my wife too. We both agree that this organization try’s to control you mentally (and yes I know y’all will agree) you have to wear certain clothes, talk a certain way, watch certain thing. You have to worship the organization before Jehovah it feels like.
We are happy that zoom meetings have happened. A lot of our friends age 20-27 have become relaxed and board-line inactive. We all joke about not listening to meetings and not doing service, but no one including myself has brought up if they believe in the organization or Jehovah.
But I know we aren’t the only ones. I know a lot of the younger generation (millennials) are becoming more inactive/waking up slowly. I’ve been lurking on this page since January.
We avoid texting the elders back about doing a little zoom meeting, we moved to a new hall in September of last year 35 mins away from our last hall. Life has been great to be honest. My wife has already said she’s not going back to meetings if we go in person and I’m the same way. If anything we will be irregular at the meetings.
We don’t plan on dissociating ourselves or even becoming DF’d. We just want to be inactive/irregular just enough to keep our relationships with friends and family.
We don’t care if the organization is a scam or if they are money hungry or anything else, they don’t get our money and never will. We don’t worship the organization. I won’t start now. And again, I don’t know if I believe in Jehovah/ A God or creator. I could never comprehend that a God was just existing and my parents always told me from a young a age to not think about that because it was bad.
Now I’m 25 and still question it. But my wife and I have been doing since we stopped doing meetings and studying and guess what, we’re still married lol! So it’s not the of the marriage if you don’t keep Jehovah in it. Go figure.
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2021.10.23 18:33 bethaneanie My take on the Diablo 2 mana bottle

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2021.10.23 18:33 Williewallace123 27m Diabetic, Bipolar, OCD, Inoperable tumor on right foot/ankle 320lb.

Hello everyone!
I have both diabetes and bipolar, which is hard to get the medication right because the majority of the meds raise my blood sugar. When I'm alone, I start to hear loud voices, (non-harmful) mainly egging m on to keep showering, which I do and end up 12-30 showers. BUT when im not alone, the voices are not there.
The voices just started with my new meds trileptal/Xanax/effexor combo. Me and my mother are completely clueless now. The voices are gettting worse. Any idea on where to go from here, or what to try to do or ask my psych, which is extremely hard, I always have to make an appointment 2 months ahead.
I told him about the voices 2 weeks ago, and he said take 2 trileptal, and ever since then its gotten worse.
I really appreciate and thank you all in advance.
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2021.10.23 18:33 kluglater Quality of life improvements

having now played Resurrected for a few hours i have come to the conclussion that a few non intrusive quality of life improvements exists

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2021.10.23 18:33 Happy_quack My roommates allowed me to hang up anything except for the British flag. So, a whiteboard and two dry-erase markers later…

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2021.10.23 18:33 metroid79 Completed Metroid dread

Finnaly defeated last boss it took 14 hours. Wonderful game 💕
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2021.10.23 18:33 Darrenyang16 Who’s next?

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2021.10.23 18:33 einfachman An r/amcstock Shill Threatened a CS Representative

An amcstock Shill Threatened a CS Representative I recently had a conservation with a CS representative that has a Reddit account, and I was alarmed to see that she was threatened on amcstock for just trying to help answer Apes' questions. She wanted to do an AMA, but was immediately attacked by a known shill in the sub.
This shill twisted her words, accused her of lying about working for CS, and said if she did work for CS, she was violating all the ToS by sharing private information (which, again, was a false allegation, as she told me nothing that she shared publicly was internal information).
She deleted her comments and stopped engaging in that sub altogether, but this didn't stop him. He harassed her in other subs, asking for her contact info. Then he DM'ed her, threatening to dox her and contact CS to get her fired. Overall, this pretty much traumatized her into deleting everything and avoid helping Apes in amcstock altogether.
I reached out to her privately, and have confirmation from our conversations that she does indeed work for CS. I was asked to censor any information that could identify her; hence, I will not share the entire conversation I've had with her, but here are some of the messages:

Here's me asking about if her comments were deleted:

The shill that threatened this CS representative is still on amcstock, mods refused to ban him, just like the other shills.
As I noted in my past DD...(https://www.reddit.com/AMCEntertainmentStock/comments/q62esj/ramcstock_is_infiltrated_proof_part_1/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)
...you'll normally see the same group of shills in amcstock; you'll notice from their repeated anti-CS spamming and harassment. This is likely to me because media companies seem to recruit around 20-or-so shills to do their bidding and so you'll mostly just see the same ones shilling over and over. The mods are complicit, because instead of banning these shills, they're banning legitimate Apes defending pro-CS sentiment.
Anyways, here's a hint as to who this shill that threatened the CS representative is (the shill's name is one of the names listed in this meme):
Anti-CS shills have consistently been using scare tactics to scare Apes out of DRSing (from accusations of collusion, to threats of banning, to blatant threats of being sued or reported to the SEC [textbook scare tactics] for just saying "buy, hold, drs").
Their scare tactics show no bounds, going as far as to traumatize an actual CS representative, which really disgusts me. I knew that shills were using all types of methods to suppress and censor anything pro-CS, but these are new levels of scum that I wasn't expect to see...
Anyways, just wanted to share that with you all. I would have liked if she could have come here on this sub for an AMA, but she's worried for her job and being targeted again, which I completely understand, and am making sure her information is protected.
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2021.10.23 18:33 VapidActions Disconnect Penalties need to be reviewed?

- This is not to complain about DC'd players, but to discuss the game mechanic of leaver penalties-
The number of players I see disconnect in matches in DbD far exceeds any other multiplayer matchmaking game I've ever seen. Not just my own matches, but watching other people's matches as well. So it's not related to a particular MMR, characters, or playstyle. While there is certainly disconnects and rage quits in things like League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Counter Strike, they happen there far less frequently. Personally, I think this is a pretty big problem in DbD, and not enough is done to counter it. I don't think we really need to discuss why a player intentionally leaving a game is bad.
To start with: how the current leaver penalty system works. Each time you disconnect from a match within the past 7 days, you get a stricter leaver penalty. This penalty always applies -1 pip, and starts at a 5 minute ban, then 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, and finally a repeating 72 hours.
I understand there's both toxic survivors, and toxic killers which make you want to not play out a match. However the problem is game mechanics which allow (or even encourage) this toxic behavior. Giving room for people to leave other players in an even worse situation is not an acceptable answer.
There's also the circumstance of sometimes, internet just cuts out. 1.) If your internet is unstable, you should not be playing a matchmaking game that cannot be auto-filled in the middle of a session with a replacement, sorry. 2.) Internet disconnections even for the best *do* happen, and we need to account for that. At the same time, if you 'just' disconnected from a match, being locked out for a short while should be perfectly acceptable to wait for your internet to re-stabilize.
There's Two things I think can be done to help address this, and more heavily target players who are intentionally leaving games specifically harming the game for the other players.
1.) Implement a voted surrender option either survivors or killer can vote for. This ends the game immediately as a loss for any who voted to surrender. For survivors it requires a 50% success vote, any survivors who vote against surrendering with a successful surrender vote end the match losing less MMR. If the survivors surrender against the killer, killer gains the same bonus as leaver bonus. We don't want to encourage killer behavior that makes players want to surrender instead of play it out, but we don't want killers to be left empty handed either. If a Killer surrenders, any remaining survivors are treated as having escaped. Repeated use of the surrender function will result in queue bans similar to leaving to prevent abuse of this for de-ranking or denying killers final hooks. This allows players a way out ending the match, and fairly ending the match for everyone. Rather than players who want to keep going being left in an 'unfun' and even more unfair match.
2.) Right now, it doesn't matter what your track record is in DbD, the lever penalty only applies to the last 7 days. Instead, review the player's average completed games vs left games and apply penalties based on that. If a player has higher than acceptable disconnection rates for acceptable internet stability, they should receive penalties escalating far more quickly than someone who rarely disconnects from matches. This allows a slower curve for someone who might just be having a bad ISP day, and punishes those who either intentionally leave more often, or do not have stable enough internet to reliably play with the community preventing them from ruining more games. As you successfully fully complete more games, your tiering goes down, and lever penalties become less severe for you.
At the end of the day, DbD is inherently two things: It's inherently toxic (meaning inherently one side is the 'good guys' and one side is the 'bad guy' already creating this idea), and it's inherently uncompetitive (it's 4v1) - these things at some point we have to simply accept. However, in my opinion, there's no excuse for intentionally leaving games leaving other players high and dry.
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2021.10.23 18:33 PomegranateOld7836 Cross post that seems fitting.

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2021.10.23 18:33 thaman667 Wonder Weapon Party

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2021.10.23 18:33 Kraken346 Zodiac astrology pendulum boards for sale.

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