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[no spoilers] this dude got a jinx tat

2021.12.09 07:47 samsoomadi [no spoilers] this dude got a jinx tat

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2021.12.09 07:47 Western-Pilot [Offer] $10 from me to set up OnlyFans account.

Set up an OnlyFans account for me with $10 USD wallet credit. I will pay back $10 via PayPal.
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2021.12.09 07:47 niuz-bot Franța anunță că nu va boicota Jocurile Olimpice de la Beijing în contextul în care tot mai multe țări iau această decizie invocând nerespectarea drepturilor omului în China - [Articole]

Ministrul francez al Educaţiei şi Sporturilor, Jean-Michel Blanquer, a afirmat, joi, pentru postul RMC/BFMTV, că Franţa nu va boicota Jocurile Olimpice de iarnă de la… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/franta-anunta-ca-nu-va-boicota-jocurile-olimpice-de-la-beijing-in-contextul-in-care-tot-mai-multe-tari-iau-aceasta-decizie-invocand-nerespectarea-drepturilor-omului-in-china.html
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2021.12.09 07:47 nanixa Wie heißt dieses beliebte Spiel (glaube es hieß Chello?) um 2005 herum?

zwischen 2002-2008 muss es gewesen sein. Das spiel hieß irgendwie so ähnlich wie "Chello" und es war zum Aufbauen. Es gab dazu auch eine Werbung im TV. Es war an Mädchen adressiert und es ging darum eine Welt bzw. Figuren aufzubauen aus Kugeln und anderen abstrakten Formen. Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen, ich finde dazu nämlich leider nichts.
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2021.12.09 07:47 dragoninmyanus Why are my hands always so sticky? I wash em and an hour or so later they feel sticky and gross again

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2021.12.09 07:47 _marla_marla Suche nach geringfügigem Job

Momentan arbeite ich als Fahrradkurier, aber nach so einer Schicht bei diesem Wetter scheint alles totgefroren und ich mag einfach nicht mehr. Nun bin ich auf der Suche nach einem anderen geringfügigen Job innerhalb von Graz. Ich habe die Seiten aller großen Supermärkte/ Drogerien/ etc., das Jobportal der AMS und andere Portale durchforstet, ebenso Facebookgruppen. Ich dachte, vielleicht hat hier ja noch jemand einen Tipp, wo ich noch schauen könnte? Bisher war die Suche nämlich recht erfolglos.
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2021.12.09 07:47 SherikaBrink WE'VE JUST BOUGHT BACK 50 BNB ($30,000) of $MVC & "BURN" IT TO LIQUIDITY 👉

👉 https://mvc.finance/buybacks
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🪐Where the buyback's fund comes from, is it limited?🤔
MVC unique yield farming mechanism will provide an infinite revenue stream backed up by any selling of $MVC token, which can be invested in multi-chain farms such as AVAX, Fantom... & compound and then buy back $MVC and add to the liquidity pool.
The buyback's fund comes from profit of MVC Multi-chain farming, so the more time the project runs, the bigger the fund —> buyback is unlimited.
🪐How $MVC Buybacks & Burn to Liquidity Work?🤔
In the world of Decentralized Finance, buybacks are a prevalent mechanism to support price. However, most projects will “Buy Back and Burn”, which does nothing to improve the position of the LP (Liquidity Pool). In sharp contrast, MultiVerse Capital has improved the buy back process to increase liquidity at the same time, which makes price both increase and more stable over time!
#1 Get profit from multi-chain farming, compound it
#2 Use part of the profit to Buy Back $MVC
#3 Add Liquidity to $MVC/ $BNB LP Pool
💹This will both increase price & grow liquidity for price stabilization!
💹Look at Thoreum, their buyback fund is nearly $5M now without farming & compounding. Imagine what will happen in MVC if overtime that $5M is farmed & compounded every day —> the buyback fund is unlimited.
You can read more here: https://docs.mvc.finance/buybacks-and-burn-to-liquidity
MultiVerse Capital channels
Website | Twitter | Tele Group | Tele Channel | Docs | Youtube | MVC Contract
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2021.12.09 07:47 wizard_jizz It’s a mole cricket

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2021.12.09 07:47 niuz-bot Ministerul ucrainean al Apărării susține că Rusia și-a suplimentat numărul trupelor de la granița cu Ucraina până la 120.000 de militari, inclusiv forțe aeriene și navale: „Creează rapid forțe de lovitură” - [Analize]

Oficialii ucraineni din apărare susțin că Rusia a suplimentat numărul trupelor din apropierea graniței cu Ucraina până la 120.000 de militari, inclusiv personal al forțelor… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/ministerul-ucrainean-al-apararii-sustine-ca-rusia-si-a-suplimentat-numarul-trupelor-de-la-granita-cu-ucraina-pana-la-120-000-de-militari-inclusiv-forte-aeriene-si-navale-creeaza-rapid-forte.html
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2021.12.09 07:47 AdelinDumitru Boonlake is a joy to play

We've managed to play Boonlake twice so far and the 2nd play got me so hooked that I knew I had to let everyone know how much I liked it. I enjoyed the first play as well, but it felt kinda long (over 2 hours with 2 players). The 2nd play took a little bit over 1h30, which is the perfect length as far as I am concerned for a game of this complexity.
What I enjoy most about this game is how streamlined it feels, in spite of the fact that there are apparently a lot of rules that you have to remember. But every piece of information is neatly emphasized on the player boards / main board, the iconography is easy to understand, and intermediate scoring goes smoothly.
It gives me the same feeling as Great Western Trail once did, when we used to play it every other night. I absolutely love the fact that the action selection mechanism is a built-in method of keeping all players at the table involved at all times, and that you have to take into account how the other players are affected by your actions. Sometimes you might choose to pick a different action tile than you initially wanted just because the effect that applies to all players would help your opponent more.
The cards all feel useful, depending on the state of the game. I have not seen a single card so far that I could not envision wanting to play in certain circumstances.
Although it has similarities to Great Western Trail and Maracaibo, it also reminds me of non-Pfister designs such as Clans of Caledonia or Gaia Project, due to how placing buildings on the map and upgrading them functions and how you care about adjacency at certain times.
Knowing when to sacrifice victory points is also quite a big deal in Boonlake.
I don't know if it's just me, but while I enjoyed Maracaibo and I was curious about CloudAge, I feel that Pfister excels at non-campaign games. Mombasa, Great Western Trail and now Boonlake have been games that I thought about all the time after playing them. With Maracaibo, I had to think a lot before the game, just because I found the campaign rules a bit hard to understand (especially when it comes to what legacy tiles to exclude), and the additional setup started to get a bit annoying. But Boonlake? It's a joy to play!
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2021.12.09 07:47 Tazzie2021 Sia/Skynet and blue sky meeting tomorrow December surprise?

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2021.12.09 07:47 66Scorpio Raboniel be like.

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2021.12.09 07:47 ImLINGLINGyay Gelatin not setting - cheesecake troubleshooting

I have this cheesecake recipe that calls for two sheets of gelatin sheet. Well I don't have it so I used one teaspoon of gelatin powder. It's sprinkled onto surface of 20g of water. It wouldn't dissolve after 10mins so i added another 10g of water and its still watery and wouldn't bloom. I didn't bother much and just added this mixture into my cheesecake mixture. Turns out the texture of the mixture was more watery than what the video stated with little grainy lumps. I tried using a teaspoon of gelatin powder, sprinkled lesser each portion every time, stirred, with 40g of water and it won't set. What do I do lol and how do you even use gelatin powder? I used it no problem back then with my last cheesecake.
I'm like 70% sure the cheesecake won't even set and im not sure what to do now. I just want to know why. Cream cheese is expensive and I guess I haven't learnt my lesson of not messing around with recipes.
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2021.12.09 07:47 Delicious_Raisin_258 $CUFFIES - is building the future of content monetization💰. ✅A free-to-use app. ✅An app that doesn't track you. ✅An app where you get 90% of every tip. ✅An app that doesn't judge you. ✅An app where you get a share of all tips. ✅An app powered by our crypto token $CUFFIES. /CUFFIESTIME

$CUFFIES - is building the future of content monetization💰. ✅A free-to-use app. ✅An app that doesn't track you. ✅An app where you get 90% of every tip. ✅An app that doesn't judge you. ✅An app where you get a share of all tips. ✅An app powered by our crypto token $CUFFIES. /CUFFIESTIME submitted by Delicious_Raisin_258 to cuffies [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 07:47 chaturbaniya Vinamra Shraddhanjali to CDS Bipin Rawat ji

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2021.12.09 07:47 SouthDetective7105 I got so many compliments on this.

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2021.12.09 07:47 ZoolShop Abu Dhabi GP: Sky partners with Channel 4 to share historic Formula 1 climax with the nation

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2021.12.09 07:47 proxmaxi The single best possible explanation for why Dio did not incorporate his vampire powers when VSing the Crusaders

You often see people criticize Dio for not using his vampire abilities followed by cringe explanations, the most popular one being "Johnathan's body was stopping him from doing vampire stuff." Obviously this is nonsensical as Dio regenerates constantly and quickly in the final battle, fleshbuds are made of his undeadflesh and he still needs to avoid sunlight like a plague. His vanpirism is still fully intact. This is where I offer my theory. This will be, of course, non canon but the way that it fits so perfectly really tempts me to just mentally self insert it. Anyways...
First I want you to analyze Dio for a moment. He was embarrassingly exposed to not only Johnathan but the police force in very public fashion. He had nowhere to run Or hide, so he took a desperate chance and donned the Stone Mask, granting him awesome vampiric powers. But despite these powers, he still loses to a regular human being in the same house he used to torment him daily in, again in humiliating fashion. So now he has two very ignominious lossess. The third loss comes when he battled him 1on1 Johnathan but managed to lose to a forzen decapitated head spitting a rose in his eye, leading to his reduction to nothing more than a talking head; another shameful L. And lastly, in his most pathetic state as simply an encased head, he was was forced to respect his most hated enemy's prowess and tenacity, taking his body for his own and only just barely pullIng it off at that. To make matters even more amazingly insulting, you were potentially rescued by your archenemy's wife during this whole process. Loss after loss after loss and your only victory is one, again made out of utter desperation and fear of death and possibly enabled by your enemies wife.
I am all but convinced that Dio refused to engage the Joestar group with vampirism for a very simple reason: shame. Dio was ashamed of his prior life of failure. His status as a vampire was due to failure and despite the boost im power, his vampirism did not help him to escape further failures, even when he was using every trick in the book: zombies, freezing touch, eye beams, everything. Dio, bitter with self loathing, is desperate to completely shun his old self. Perhaps he fully realized after he made the hapless screw up zombie Nukesake that he fiercly hated his vampirism, or it was his entire self that he hated. It was the constant reminder that he had failed himself. Bearing all of this in mind, it should be little wonder why he went on to laser focus on honing his Stand ability over almost everything else. He even went so far as to adopt a brand new name stylization (DIO) and paired it with some of the most bizarre attire even to this day. He is desperate to shun his old identity because his ego is just that huge and his sense of worth is just that damaged.
Lets suppose that the Joestar group are on the run from Dio and his mystery ability like they normally were. Things play out as they normally do up until Kakyoin gets his idea. He prepares his 20m radius attack as Dio pursues him relentlessly. Dio is in his element, completely bullying Hierophant Green with The World and its vastly higher stats. Dio swears to himself that he isn't going to use his ability against anyone but the Joestars, everyone else was inferior. Of course, he fails at this as not only does Kakyoin trap Dio in the 20m radius mesh, instead of an emerald splash, he combines a UV light with several emerald amplifier and aims a laser beam of UV light directly onto the ensnared Dio. His confidence melts away. Dio, terrified and seconds away from total erradication, is yet again forced into a corner (see the Stone Mask) by a set of completely unforseen and almost unfair factors. (see The mansion sculpture and Dire) He is forced to use time stop against the opponent he regards as 'inferior' slashing his ego for the umpteenth time. An enraged and heavily wounded Dio mercilessly slaughters Kakyoin; B/being reminded of his status as a failure vampire by none other than a traitor subordinate had put him in a profoundly foul mood. However, Dio's ego is somewhat soothed by his hollow victory. He hides away and regenerates before revealing himself again.
Now mostly healed, Dio swears to himself that he won't use vampirism (beyond regeneration because duh) on his remaining foes. His fights with Jotaro and Joseph remain mostly the same but now has the new element of immediately destroying any remaining UV lights and redeeming himself from his humiliating 'defeat' at the hands of Kakyoin. He's wise enough to abuse timestop on Joestars but vampirism was absolutely off the table, he's "transcended" the need for it. (why he relies on knives rather than eyebeams and timestop rather than freeze touch.) The fight plays out as normal, Jotaro tricks Dio, caves in his skull and Dio is forced to retreat and steal blood. Resisting the temptation to handle Jotaro with vampirism had finally paid off He was now at his peak. But ofc Jotaro gets time stop and we all know the rest. However, the one pivotal change I am making here is that now yet again, Dio is forced to need his full self. He lay on the ground hating himself, knowing that Jotaro was unintentionally forcing him to rely on the side of himself he hated most. He tries to blast him with Stingy Eyes moves but SP safelymoves Jotaro out of the way. He tries to freeze Jotaro but Dio is hopelessly too slow to actually make contact. Basically he tries everything in the book and fails, he acknowledged what he truly is only when it was far too late. Inevitably, it ends in the same Stand clash; Dio explodes into pieces from the force if impact. Dio dies with the full knowledge and forced acceptance of his status as nothing more than a doomed, subhuman vampire, not the deluded messiah of humanity he lusted to be.
I honestly think this makes a massive differece in the story as now Dio doesn't look like an idiot for not using vampirism. It's the perfect explanation that fits his character like a glove and I really wish this was a real thing. When you combine this with the parrallel theory that The World has no true Stand ability and merely reflects living Joestar abilities, that adds on another layer of character depth. But rather than get into that I think i'm going to end it here. This is already ridiculously long. Thanks for reading, really.
Tldr: Dio's shame of his own vampirism, shame brought about by constant humiliating failures against Johnathan, should have played a crucial role why he rebranded himself to DIO, put on the wacky jester clothes and refused to use percectly viable vanpire abilities against the Joestars Group. He timatelt hated himself which (imo) was kinda apparent. But I think this element could have been given greater depth.
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2021.12.09 07:47 Ri0ee Car Hackers Shield Users

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2021.12.09 07:47 takk12_5 Internet speed on my laptop only suddenly became 10 times slower

Hi, I have thinkpad x380 yoga and I noticed that my interned speed just randomly became slower. Fast.com gives me 6mb, but on another comuter it works just well with 45 mb. I tried troubleshooting and some cmd lines and restarting Internet card but othing worked. When I run Lenovo Vantage it shows me 8 issues with internet but i don't have premium so I can't solve it.
Do you have any suggestions how to solve the problem?
Paying for Vantage be my last option since it is very expensive where I live.
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2021.12.09 07:47 HarryWraith SoundFX

Good morning campers. I am looking to take my TT audio to the next level so I am after recommendations on the best paid audio for sound fx AND a module that will help me deliver that in foundry?
Any recommendations?
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2021.12.09 07:47 Imgoga Landsbergis: esu pasiruošęs trauktis

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2021.12.09 07:47 xXProKillerXxII Got shafted on all of my summons until this gem dropped

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2021.12.09 07:47 notwherelmao Is there any announces that custom games (solo/bots) is a possibility soon

I just wanna try out new killers without fighting survivors
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2021.12.09 07:47 cutehungarianmaria isnt she the cutest🙈

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