Does Georgism Work? Is Land Really A Big Deal?

Azteca Azteca is a state in the western United States, located primarily within the southwestern portion of the country.It boarders the states of Tyler to the South and East, Cherokee , Kansas and Douglas to the west and to a certain extent up north with respect to Douglas. On the North it shares a boarder with Yutta, Sierra and Colorado.It's capital is the city of Canyonaro, near the national ... In political economy, including physiocracy, classical economics, Georgism, and other schools of economic thought, land is recognized as an inelastic factor of production. Land, in this sense, means exclusive access rights to any natural opportunity. Rent is the share paid to freeholders for allowing production on the land they control. Left-libertarianism, also known as egalitarian libertarianism, left-wing libertarianism or social libertarianism, is a political philosophy and type of libertarianism that stresses both individual freedom and social equality.Left-libertarianism represents several related yet distinct approaches to political and social theory.In its classical usage, it refers to anti-authoritarian varieties of ... Land in the desert is already really cheap. You’d have to really succeed at building a pretty big and desirable city before landlords started capturing a lot of value. Also, model cities are a weird match for Georgism, because a big part of Georgism is that landowners don’t deserve credit for their land becoming valuable; the land is ... Not everyone does — many of us are enjoying our lives rather than writing about them. These stories of job anxiety are dramatic and that sells ads. What they don’t show you are the corporate middle manager who does the 9-5 and ducks out of work at noon on Friday to go ride dirt bikes with his kids. Does the number of warships we have, and are building, really put America at risk, when the U.S. bat… 350957864: confused about what being based is: will I ever be based? what does it mean? 350961887: This jew was killed by an illegal alien. So are they really OK with sacrificing their own people in … 350962964 Those condos were lucky to have full control over their members and the common areas. In the ADKs hearings should be held, testimony taken, experts consulted. A region-wide plan developed. Region-wide planning is the best way to regulate land. Oregon has a state-wide land use plan, so does Great Britain. Or a centralized China versus a decentralized West. And I actually think India may be actually a big component of that. And that’s where I think things land up by 20, 40ish or so, but it’s really hard to say because time compresses in the internet era. And just to drill into that, let me give a sci-fi scenario here. If land--but specifically not improvements to that land--is taxed then there's relatively more incentive to make productive use of the land. $1 of investment to improve the productivity of land by building housing or whatever is tax advantaged over $1 of investment to try to hold onto appreciating land in hopes it goes up. Agrarian Socialism - Land reform was a mistake and Comandante Pepe needed to be stopped. Insurrectionary Anarchism - You're just an armed thug, on top of being a useful idiot for him. Get on board. Ethnocacerism - No, we won't give you Arica back. Posadism - This is the sickest commie of all! Nuclear war to bring about communism? You disgust me.

2021.12.09 07:00 autotldr Does Georgism Work? Is Land Really A Big Deal?

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If a piece of land costs $10,000 to buy, and is leased for $500/year, then an LVT that captures 100% of the land rent is $500/year, which works out to a 5% annual tax of the land value.
Unlike America, Australia has a long history of land taxation and detailed land valuation records, which Dwyer leans on to put together four tables comparing land incomes to all Australian tax receipts.
You see, Albouy estimated the value of urban land alone, leaving out federal lands, agricultural lands, and things like water rights and natural resources, which accrue rental income and are considered "Economic Land" by Georgists.
Now we have to convert land values to land rents-the amount of income the land is capable of generating each year.
To convert between land values and land rents, we need to use the capitalization rate, or "Cap rate." If your land costs $1M and earns $50K/year, the cap rate is $50K/$1M, or 5%. This is the ratio between the net operating income produced by a plot of land and its market value.
Most of the value of urban real estate is land? All of America's land rents equal a sizable % of government spending? Land represents a significant % of all major bank loans? Land represents a significant % of the value of gross personal assets? Land ownership is highly concentrated among the wealthy.
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No kidding, I am really losing my mind! Money 💸 isn’t plucked on trees! 🌅 Why do I keep losing my hard-earned money? 🧲 Is this crypto thing real at all? Isn’t it just another scam? Or am I just so bad at making decisions? ⛓ I really thought everyone was supposed to be winners in this crypto 🎑 world but it is obviously deeper than I thought, I must be doing something wrong! So, I just lost a good value of ETH! ☀️
All the while I was very optimistic and hoped for the best, I was going to reap a windfall I thought. So, I bought when I thought it was low enough to buy. Unfortunately for me, the price dump continued, it was crazy! ETH 💥 really dealt with me. I sold-out out of frustration and just days later, the price started rising! Wow!
Well, if you have been like me, there is hope and you can still make profit/returns 🌅 . There are a few tricks I learnt from bad experiences 🧲 like the one I just shared that have worked. For instance, moving forward, never buy when the price 💸 is pumping, and remember to sell when the price is dropping, or the project is collapsing. 🌖
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These are some sharing from my crypto experience, hope you all enjoy it!💥
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Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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Ouch. Everything hurts but I convinced my parents to let me use the narco finally every six hours. I am in constant pain but I know that it will only get better as time goes on.
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I have made a new sub called DecadeKids. It's a place to post your childhood nostalgia. Doesn't matter if you're a 2010s kid, 90s kid, etc.
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18 y/o male, only prior health condition was asmtha which wasn't an issue at all since 2019.
Where do I start? I graduated highschool in June, and things were looking great for me at the moment. Kickin it with my close knit crew on a daily basis post-graduation, maintained a job that required me to work 40-50 hours weekly; wanted to save up for my first car. I'd do calisthenics/bodyweight training almost everyday, would bike around my town a lot. I was breaking out of my inner-shell, growing, socializing more, self-confidence was growing like a motherfucker haha. Made a lot of memories in the matter of a couple months. Did some stupid teenager shit but aye, made the best of it. I was on top of my shit, saving money, looking for potential new jobs, spoke with my close friend about getting our hustle on and starting a car detailing business. Had a girl I was seeing almost everyday.
--August 20th--
My mother started to feel real sick. Began with the fatigue, then the fever & coughs, etc. She started isolating from us and would rest most of the time. Tested positive on the 23rd. Woke up one morning & was given news that she texted my older brother to drive her to the hospital at the time because of her worsening state. She was there for five days before being released.
While she was in the hospital, my father also started to get worse. Lost his appetite, fatigued, really malaised, and lost a lot of weight during this time. My sister thought it'd be a good idea to have me isolate and get my own hotel room. I really didn't have no serious symptoms. I got tested anyways but it'd take a few days to get my results. Started my "quarantine" on Aug. 29th and stayed in that hotel for about a week.
My mother was discharged from the hospital, with significant progress. She also got her own hote room after discharge, and my father ended up quarantining with her. We all eventually went back to the house on Sept. 4th. I remember feeling off but I didn't know what it was, decided I'd refrain myself from working out for a few days. Meanwhile, both my father & mother were slowly but surely improving.
Fast forward, Sept 10th. Said fuck it and decided to work out. Felt mad sluggish but got through it. Told myself I'd rest a few more days before going back at it. Somewhere during this period of time is when the sleep issues began, & because of it; I've been having severe, unrelenting, neurological effects because of it.
The best way I can explain is, everytime I was to drift off; my body would jolt awake, it felt like there was no oxygen going to my brain. Tried melatonin, to no avail. I went days without sleep, or if I did, 1-2 hours. The beginning of it all. Started having neurological effects. Brain fog, like my mind felt empty. Began twitching, my head would randomly jolt to the left/right, facial twitches, and not too long after walking/gait issues. Vision getting worse.
This has persisted ever since. My cognitive skills declined, anhedonia (unable to feel emotions at all), motor skills declined, mind feels empty, unable to hold a convo at all, unable to perform physical activities due to general malaise 24/7, short and long term memory problems. Can barely recall shit I did yesterday, let alone a week ago. Brain fog 24/7. I've tried every fucken multivitamin, magnesium supplement for sleep. THC,CBD,CBN, even wine but to no avail . . I've been housebound ever since because I can't function normally. Lack of sleep is beginning to affect me physically too, look like a fucken zombie.
Also tried traditional sleep meds such as:
Ambien (Zolpidem)
Atarax (Hydroxyine)
NONE of this shit worked. I feel brain damaged as fuck. It's unrelenting. I have not had 4 hours of sleep since September. It fucken sucks, slowly deteoriating mentally/physically . . I feel like my youth is wasted. I can't even keep in contact with close friends anymore because of my lack of understanding when texting/talking. This shit sucks yo. Took me over an hour to write this.
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I am new to Blender, How do i make the rectangles in the middle to squares?
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As a privacy enthusiast, I will get graphene or calyx as soon as available. But is there any as good as the official camera app for custom roms? And same for the photos app (for magic eraser for example): is there any degoogled version of it? Thank you
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I need help with this if ever get razor on my new main account.
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