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Fanmade DFFOO character - Hilda Ware (XIV)

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2021.12.09 07:10 ConduckKing Fanmade DFFOO character - Hilda Ware (XIV)

Yup, I'm doing these again. And who better to start with than a character from the best FF game's (arguably) best expansion, who plays the best job? So since she has a 0% chance to actually get in, here's Hilda from XIV.
Basic info: Hilda is a machinist, and like machinists in XIV, she plays like a single-target DPS. She also has a lot of party battery from her whole kit, with her LD also granting off-turn damage. She also has party buff extension and the unique utility of debuff extension. Assuming this is in JP, Hilda gets an FR weapon. All Hilda's attacks are ranged.

Sphere slots: ADE
Sphere (D): When dealing single-target BRV damage, increases party ATK by 5% for 3T
Weapon: Gun
Crystal color: White
HA/HA+: Attack, Party BRV Limit++

Hilda uses basic machinist gear, like many of the job-based characters. Her weapons are, like my Estinien concept, related to different expansions, and her armor is the machinist artifact armor
15CP: Steel-Barrelled Carbine
35CP: Shire Musketoon
EX: Seiryu's Revolver
LD: Emerald Pistol
FR: Pistol of Divine Light
35CP armor: Machinist's Set
90CP armor: Gunner's Set
HA: Gunslinger's Set

S1: Heated Clean Shot Combo (9 uses)
2 AoE BRV + ST HP (20% splash) 2x --> 5 AoE BRV + ST HP (20% splash)
Battery party (30% HP DMG) after every HP attack
Grants 1 stack of [The Mongrel] for 6T (ATK & mBRV + 20% per stack, max 4 stacks)
Inflicts DEF Down 50% on target for 3T

S2: Wildfire (5 uses)
Inflicts [Wildfire] on all targets for 6T (BRV DMG resist - 20%, HP poison for 20% Hilda's ATK, battery party every turn (40% Hilda's ATK), decreases by 1T every field action)
Grants [Unwavering Justice] for 8T (OF (both) + 20%, BRV DMG to debuffed targets + 40%)
Grants mBRV Up 50% for 8T
While target has active [Wildfire], becomes Detonator:
3 BRV + HP 3x, ignores DEF, free skill use

EX: Hypercharge & Drill (normal recast)
Turns BRV+ into Heat Blast for 1 use
Turns HP+ into Auto Crossbow for 1 use
Battery party (40% ATK)
5 BRV + HP 4x
Extends active buffs by 2T
Grants [Gunslinger] for 4T (Uses Ricochet after every turn)
Ricochet: 2 AoE BRV + ST HP (50% splash)

LD: Reassemble & Rook Autoturret (3 uses)
Grants [Reassemble] for 1T (100% chance to deal BRV capped damage, cannot be extended)
Battery party (100% ATK)
Extends all party buffs 2T
Low turn rate
Grants for 9T (Triggers additional attack every field action, decreases every field action, triggers Rook Overload upon expiration)
Additional attack: 4 BRV + HP 2x
Rook Overload: 4 AoE BRV + Full HP 3x, battery party (100% Hp DMG)

FR: Bleeding Shots (2 uses)
Partner: Prompto (both machinists dressed in black leather who are acquainted with the leader of their city)
6 BRV + HP 6x
BRV Limit + 250%, HP Limit + 250%
Extends all debuffs on target by 2T
Force Time (10T):
Starting Bonus 110%
Consumes 80% of Force Gauge after expiration
When a character deals ranged BRV DMG: HP Damage Bonus + 15%
When a character's BRV is above their iBRV: HP Damage Bonus + 15%
When a character uses an additional attack: HP Damage Bonus + 15%

Heat Blast:
1 BRV + HP 8x
Ignores DEF
Instant turn rate
Returns to BRV+ after use
Auto Crossbow:
5 AoE BRV + Full HP 2x
Ignores DEF
High turn rate
Returns to HP+ after use

AA: All BRV Up Shot (3 uses)
3 BRV + HP
Battery party (30% HP DMG)
Instant turn rate, no turn count
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2021.12.09 07:10 PandaPlayr73 I recently learned that I cannot die.

I hate it because that means the government testing will never end
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2021.12.09 07:10 lambsauce316 Guwahati: 200 pvt schools get GMC notice over property tax evasion

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2021.12.09 07:10 UltimaMetatron Trophy coop boss help

Server: HK Password: j9b8a7 1-3 My SL is a bit high, and I'm in NG+, anyone still not finished with this boss? Please summon me. I'm online right now and wating at the boss's entrance just wanted to get this trophy thanks.
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2021.12.09 07:10 -matilda- Good kitchen knife sets? (UK)

Thinking about getting my mum a good quality set of kitchen knives for Christmas, not loads around 3-5. She has had one knife for everything for as long as I can remember, the blades gotten so short from sharpening over the years that when you use it your knuckles hit off the chopping board! Not too fussed about fancy colours etc just want some long lasting, good quality set of knives and thought I’d ask all you Reddit chefs for some recommendations! Thanks
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2021.12.09 07:10 shnaniel Does anyone have all the unreleased Juice Wrld songs?

I myself only have around 160 unreleased songs from Juice, and wonder if anyone has like a whole collection of them?
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2021.12.09 07:10 808gecko808 Batman loach returns: fish feared extinct found in Turkey. Scientists working on the Search For The Lost Fishes project have spotted the freshwater Batman River loach, which has not been seen since 1974.

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2021.12.09 07:10 livetonotlive Do you think it’s worth flying from Australia to America to see dr terry tsang? I’m struggling snd I feel like i wanna see the specialist

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2021.12.09 07:10 Smilefriend Roaming in Ue, prolungato l’addio fino al 2032: raggiunto l’accordo tra i Paesi dell’Unione. I cittadini Ue potranno continuare ad usare il proprio sistema tariffario anche fuori dai confini del proprio Paese

Roaming in Ue, prolungato l’addio fino al 2032: raggiunto l’accordo tra i Paesi dell’Unione. I cittadini Ue potranno continuare ad usare il proprio sistema tariffario anche fuori dai confini del proprio Paese submitted by Smilefriend to oknotizie [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 07:10 Whole_Eggplant10 17M introvert from malta love books and gaming

Hi, I not looking for a long term friend but if you want to be whoever you are, why not give it a try :)
I love gaming, mainly Skyrim and elder scrolls games
I love books about history (i love history)
from malta
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Posting a card is an inexpensive way of reminding a friend or loved one that you care and are thinking of them. And it's always lovely to get a nice surprise in the post.
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2021.12.09 07:10 agnclay IOC evacuates 300 athletes from Afghanistan, announces $560,000 in ‘humanitarian aid’ for those left behind

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2021.12.09 07:10 Return_of_Hoppetar Hey all, I'm looking for the font of the subtitle (spelling out "Symposium of Post-Mysticism"). It's probably a custom build, but if it's available anywhere, or if someone made a reverse-engineered version and uploaded it someone, I'd appreciate information. Thanks!

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2021.12.09 07:10 polly_blank Can Minoxidil advance a naturally far back hairline or am I wasting my time?

My hairline has extended pretty far back in that M shape for literally my entire life, even as a kid and teen, so I'm pretty certain I have no hairloss. This runs in my mothers family and she has a pretty far back one too though obviously not like mine since she's a woman. Would minoxidil help me at all in these areas where no hair seems to have ever grown before, or should I pack it in and just get some grafts?
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2021.12.09 07:10 5igorsk В издании 4PDA провели любопытный опрос на тему "Что вас больше всего бесит в современных смартфонах"? Результаты для почти 10 тысяч проголосовавших.

Processing img u64klmmkrh481...
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2021.12.09 07:10 talgu Functional tree similar to a parent vector representation

So I'm using Scheme and I need a structure that allows indexing into the nodes (for example getting a list of leaves and starting at those). And also bidirectional traversals.
Currently I'm using a parent vector representation. Which works okay, but it's a touch annoying to use in Scheme. So I thought I'd ask.
On a completely different, but still tree related note (should perhaps be in algorithms instead). Is there a simple way of calculating a mutual parent of two nodes in an arbitrary binary tree without walking the tree?
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