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2021.11.28 06:01 No-Alps835 Bitgame Global

Bitgame #LUT #Bitgame_bounty #BTC #Crypto #Sports A great project that is strong and a good known team, which definitely inspires confidence. dex trust is great way to invest your money to get a good benefits.
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2021.11.28 06:01 GuyPersonsonMcMan How were war drums used in battle in the crusades era?

Do we have any detailed accounts of how drums were used to affect and direct the goings of a pitched battle?
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2021.11.28 06:01 Mr_Comasa අලංකාරයි විසාලයි... 😂✌️

අලංකාරයි විසාලයි... 😂✌️ submitted by Mr_Comasa to TKASYLUM [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 06:01 GamingDragon27 Gift ideas for a Yu-Gi-Oh fan this Christmas? I have minimal knowledge on the franchise as I've only watched the original series as a kid and collected some cards here and there.

Are there specific sets available now that are "objectively" better than others, like if they had more valuable, rare, or popular cards? Is buying packs related to the Burst of Destiny set anything worthwhile? Particularly quality collectibles, statues, etc. (UNDER $50)
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2021.11.28 06:01 Dutchcourage22 PSA: Now is the time to sell your Toyota Trueno if you have one! You can get it back for free via next seasons playlist.

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2021.11.28 06:01 Original-Run-1988 automatic strategy conversion

I wonder if it's possible to add an option to automatically convert strategy to indicator?!
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2021.11.28 06:01 cuppachae “Don’t worry, he’s blind”.

So why is he always staring at me with that huge grin?
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2021.11.28 06:01 TrinklingRain Regice 0811 6991 8817

Be online or you won't be added
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2021.11.28 06:01 CronoDroid MAMAMOO Wheein - Ice Cream (One Ordinary Day OST Part 1)

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2021.11.28 06:01 Hyemhyemyou 211128 Yujin Instagram Update

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2021.11.28 06:01 Bats-13 Looking for scholarships

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2021.11.28 06:01 ObsessedGeorge PS5 update still not released yet?

I have Visage PS4 installed and I have been checking on my PS5 regularly if the PS5 patch is live yet but still nothing. I have patch version 1.03.
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2021.11.28 06:01 Matt_2006 Fitness app not working on iPhone

I have an iPhone 11 and an Apple Watch series 6. I cannot get the fitness app to load on my phone. All that comes up is a black screen with a spinning circle.
The fitness app loads fine on my iPad and syncs with the watch correctly.
I’ve tried reinstalling the fitness app on the iPhone, unpairing watch and tried to load the app, but still nothing seems to help.
Anyone experienced this or have any ideas on what to do?
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2021.11.28 06:01 MysticOnyx Post Covid breathing

I just got over Covid almost two weeks ago. One thing that I’ve noticed is my breathing is still not back to normal. Is this something I should be concerned about, or does it get better over time ?
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2021.11.28 06:01 The__LOL Uhh r/3HealthBars?

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2021.11.28 06:01 dendy_d Time to say goodbay. Plasticine Globox made by my son

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2021.11.28 06:01 from_cold_north &meripäivien

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2021.11.28 06:01 Trademark380 Gyms in CBD that allow for short term memberships.

Looking for a Gym in the CBD that you can buy a weekly pass at a time or something of the likes. Not in the city enough for it to make sense to buy a full year membership. But would rather pay each time I want to use the gym or for a weekly pass or something. Anyone know of a gym that offers these services?
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2021.11.28 06:01 Lakakakau5151 jmd bock zu snappen bin m? dm mit alter😏

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2021.11.28 06:01 Aashish_savi Lol how and why?

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2021.11.28 06:01 stiridinbucovina BILANȚ CORONAVIRUS ROMANIA.1.377 de cazuri de persoane pozitive cu SARS-COV-2.

Conform datelor existente la nivelul CNCCI la data de 28 noiembrie 2021, ora 10.00, în intervalul de 24 de ore, au fost înregistrate 1.377 de cazuri de persoane pozitive cu SARS-COV-2.
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2021.11.28 06:01 davidducker Best RPG for starfighter dogfights? And/or airships and flying mounts?

Looking for an RPG with good rules for starfighter dogfights ala Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, or Cowboy Bebop.
And/or games which allow airships and flying mounts such as Dragonrider of Pern, Drifting Dragons, and Sundered Sky.
Just good vehicle and chase rules in general would be nice. But ideally a system designed specifically for one of those two styles of play.
So far Savage Worlds is my 'go to' but Traveller, and Stars Without Number also seem pretty serviceable. Looking to expand my horizons though
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2021.11.28 06:01 GODwOROSEOSTic 🌈 Meta Floki Inu - MeFloki 🌈 | Stealth Launched 10 Minute 🌈 Join our telegram, don't miss this opportunity 🌈 Easy x10 - x50 GEM🌈

🌈 Meta Floki Inu - MeFloki 🌈 | Stealth Launched 10 Minute 🌈 Join our telegram, don't miss this opportunity 🌈 Easy x10 - x50 GEM🌈

The launch will take place this To Day, we will do the best publicity we can to reach more than 100K marketcap, help us by sharing this project with your friends.

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🌈 Total supply:
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🌈Initial liquidity: 4 BNB
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Don't miss this opportunity, we will hit +100K marketcap

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2021.11.28 06:01 C19NewsBot Coronavirus Australia News Updates (28 November)

This daily news summary was automatically generated using News API data from Australian news sources. If you have feedback, please send a modmail to /CoronavirusAustralia.
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2021.11.28 06:01 fradeilrt Hidden thoughts to my ex

I met my ex in first year and it took almost 2 years to get over them, mostly because it was my “first love” and I was stuck on the happy memories. Recently, I reread my darkest thoughts during the time I was trying to move on. It was painful but I feel relieved that I am not at that stage anymore and I can go on my own path.
I used to add to my notes every time I cried at night or on the bus home. I am not usually a poetic person but damn I surprise myself.
“ Did you think erasing the person you love from your heart is easy? Having to get used to not caring about every little action you do I look at your emotionless eyes without love and my heart rips apart I tried so hard but you continued to walk away in the other direction You fucked me up a million times and I can still look at you and want you But I know you don’t feel the same so I turn it off and close my eyes to the world My heart disintegrates into the land of lost souls mourning for freedom The once foolish and passionate me is trapped eternally in the past Love is too cruel taking away our love to give birth to another’s These days I’m getting better but I still have that tiniest feeling inside of me that will burst if you show me your heart You don’t know how many days and nights go by with me crying on the bus going home from meeting you pretending everything is ok Im not blaming you for not loving me it’s blaming and throwing a tantrum to the world the world You tell me to date someone else but I can’t knowing that will end our relationship forever I don’t want to give my love to someone else you don’t want it anymore I’m left trying to deal with this love overfilling me trying to keep it together Every time I pass by the place you used to live my mind temporarily goes back to our lovely memories You told me you weren’t worth loving but all I see were reasons why I should love you My heart is searching for that warm you who looked at me with loving eyes but now there’s only you who looks at me like a stranger I tried to hate you be mad at you get annoyed at you be frustrated at you but why do I still love you it hurts too much to be loving you by myself You used to be my greatest happiness now you’re my source of unhappiness You once said i couldn’t have you forever and I should be a kid Some people say you should know when to let go some people say you should keep going to not regret what should I do my heart still stubbornly wants to hold your hands I can’t move on from the you who once looked at me so sincerely I hate you so much and I love you so much I know I can live without you but sometimes it hurts so much that I want to die I pray and pray a million times but at the end nothing changes we don’t have a future together I want to rip out these eyes that look at you like you’re the most beautiful thing in the world Little by little I realize your unconcern for me I realize that your love for me is gone and I realize that I’m not important to you anymore Your world would be fine without me but without you my world collapses I tried I really tried so hard letting down my pride stubbornly holding onto you but you were the one who walked away guess it’s time for me to stop trying to protect myself from this hurting You disappointed me so much that I don’t know if you were the same person I loved I just need those words... I had a dream of watching the stars 🌟 with you we were so happy just being together now I wake up into reality where our hearts are separated Everyday my heart goes back and forth I think I’m getting better and moving on but then those moments just hit me and I’m crying pathetically missing the you who used to love me I know I should get over you but that’s asking to rip my heart out and smashing it a million times against the cold pavement I just have to learn to not care and maybe one day this pain will subside Even though I stubbornly force it the truth is becoming more clear each day Our love is now a thing of the past and a part of my heart dies along with it I have no choice but to leave it behind Loving you was the one thing that I poured my heart into working so hard to try and make it work but it won’t work out the way I want it to you’re not there for me when I need you to be
I didn’t meet the wrong person you didn’t want to be the right person for me Do you understand the feeling of sudden tears bringing back everything I was trying hard to push down I thought I got better and was slowly forgetting you but my vulnerable heart for you is still here why do I have to hurt this much I want to replace this weak heart of mines it hurts so much but me doing nothing is the best for you so I shall keep this night a secret as have many nights before muffling my tears to not alarm anyone on this ordinary night It’s the first time I feel Helpless against this world having tried my best Even you gave up on this love who am I to keep forcing this love on you Maybe this love is not as great as I thought it was maybe our relationship was not as deep as I thought it was maybe we weren’t meant to be but it still stings trying to take you out of my heart maybe I’m too emotional maybe it will get better with time maybe I’m the only one being like this “
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