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Just a question

2021.11.28 06:30 MrMtMoon_ Just a question

When was the first time you died in Minecraft and what caused it?
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2021.11.28 06:30 LaserRaptor3D All will become crab

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2021.11.28 06:30 EgweneMalazanEmpire Seeing double 📸 Stephen Paul Taylor

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2021.11.28 06:30 fnjanfskjanas trans meme for y'all

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2021.11.28 06:30 gh0st_xx Ha ha ha ha, staying alive

Hey guys, complete noob here :D
Is it actually possible to survive the game, and assuming you have a great base, tons of food, water, etc, to just keep on living?
Just imagine not getting bitten, getting into crash, and stuff.
Im playing on the easiest difficulty levels rn(dont bash me plz), and im wondering if the game simply doesnt have a timer to turn you into a zombie anyways.
Keep on surviving bros and sisters :D
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2021.11.28 06:30 SnooHobbies3635 Tricho maniac

If you are still wandering in this sub i just wanna know if you are fine, pls bro dont lose hope, i know you can do something goood in the future, i can't stop thinking about you, pls bro take care.... . . . Just want to let you know that someone cares, take care bro
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2021.11.28 06:30 deojilicious JP Holotalents that speak non-Tokyo accent/dialect

So I was watching Subaru play Yakuza 0 and I noticed she has a little bit of Kansai accent when she talks (using 'や (ya)' and it's especially obvious while she was playing Majima's first few chapters. And so I got curious—who among the HoloJP talents (including the boys) speak non-Tokyo accents/dialects? I'm really interested with learning different Japanese accents and I wanna know how many of the JP talents has one besides the standard Tokyo accent.
***I still have a long way to go with my Japanese and Kansai-ben is the only non-Tokyo accent I can fully distinguish and recognize. And the only talents I know that speak non-Tokyo dialect are Roberu (heavy Kansai-ben), Okayu (Tsugaru—which she barely speaks. Only knew it because of this JShay clip) Korone, and to an extent, Subaru (not even sure if she's from Osaka but some say she is)
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2021.11.28 06:30 Rupletrooper A round with no Personoids

So I just had a round where there were no personoids and all the players were residents. Clearly a glitch, couldn’t find any word of it being encountered before though.
Either which way, it was an absolute blast and probably one of my favourite matches thus far. When it was revealed at the end it made for a pretty mind blowing plot twist. And it got me thinking it would be pretty cool if that was a rare (but plausible) possibility in the game normally to just add an extra dynamic to the deductions.
Anyone else encountered this weird anomaly?
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2021.11.28 06:30 theabbiee theabbie on Vivaldi

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2021.11.28 06:30 christianmuseodark Video quality - which is better?

I am confused by the names for the two video quality modes I can pick in the Home app. It says ‘Max.’ and ‘High’. Which of the two is the better one and which is the ‘normal’ mode that safes bandwidth?
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2021.11.28 06:30 svanapps Here's How Cryptocurrency Exchange Gemini Started And Grew As A Platform

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2021.11.28 06:30 wonder_bro Make chemtech soul respawn be no ult and no item actives

Pretty much the title. I think chemtech soul would be a lot more balanced if the respawn “zombie” cannot use ult and item actives. For example I do not want the enemy Aatrox zombie to heal nearly 40% health with Goredrinker
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2021.11.28 06:30 Tall-Seaworthiness-4 ....

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2021.11.28 06:30 AcceptableFollowing5 bro i jus farded n it hit diff

bruh i just farted and it made me bounce a lil. The stench was absolutely putrid but i loved every second of the scent. I wish there was a way to hold fart stenches
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2021.11.28 06:30 Foreign_History_II Fanart of Trials (pt. 1, Heavensward)

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2021.11.28 06:30 Zappypants Overview & quick analysis of the upcoming units! Gatov seems to be a solid DPS, but Nevin may give Amps a fighting chance.

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2021.11.28 06:30 sammorrison_ SEVEN wickets - all in less than a day's work for Taijul Islam

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2021.11.28 06:30 Pwaol A university drop out plans to enter computer science field! (looking for every possible advice).

Hi, I was a student in information systems engineering for one year. Before a week I decided to drop out, because I saw no interest in IS jobs, and saw that I couldn't take more CS courses in the late years, and I couldn't force myself to continue learning stuff that won't bring me into software development (or atleast bring me closer, but from the bottom as a "relevant" field), plus I couldn't change major or anything there (had alot of mental problems, and it kept growing the more I got away from what I really wanted).
I have decided to drop out and not suffer 3 more years of these stuff, and here's the opportunities I have, I will try to explain them well so I can get advice on each one (I am 20 years old now):

  1. Take the whole year off trying to get requirements for a top university for CS, I won't get all the grades 100%, so it's a little risky for me, but alot of people I know want me to learn there, I know it's a better university, I'm just not sure if it's worth all that step back atm for me.
  2. There's an open university that has a CS program, the university isn't the top in CS, but it's considered good enough + I have heard that companies appreciate the self learning ability in that university (since it's open). Note: I'm confident in my self learning ability, I've had 85% and 90% averages in my first year of engineering degree in an online year (corona), with all this learning experience, I'm sure I can handle this. And I sent them my grades and they might take some courses off.
  3. Enter the open university, while not taking advantage of the courses they take off, and there's a program where if I get 87%+ average, I can hop on to the top university. (Again, is it worth it paying for the courses again and wasting a year for a chance to learn in a top university?).
Other than these options, are universities far away from home, which will make me spend more money or alot of time for transportation, and I'm already feeling guilty from my mistake of choosing my major, and removed those options.
I'm obviously leaning in towards (2), but I am still asking alot of people, in facebook/websites, and still didn't take the choice. But what stops me a little is my personality, I think I need to overcome lots of social anxiety problems so they don't become a wall between me and between finding a job in the industry, and the open university really cuts the opportunity to get forced outside (I can still go there, but I'm not forced to do so).

But, anyway, now I have two months (if I chose route 2) that I could either work or focus on learning something specific that could get me a job (maybe while doing my degree too) so I'm a little bit confused on what to do now. I live with my parents alone, they've told me that they will support any decision I take, I'm feeling very guilty, so I thought getting a job is a must, but my parents really insist that if learning is better for me now, then I should stick to it. In any route I take, I will give it 100% so I can succeed and make them proud and help them back in the future!

I would love to hear your advices, tips and any thoughts you have that might help in my situation, I'm free to take any choice right now, and I will listen and read every possible advice before taking a step. Thanks in advance!
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2021.11.28 06:30 InvertedEntropy *checks the door lock*

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2021.11.28 06:30 sheidan 🎁[GIVEAWAY] CyberKongz | $37,000 worth | Upvote this post , as well as join Discord + Twitter. Links in comments!

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2021.11.28 06:30 uhhh__idklol [Palm Phones/WebOS] [2009-2011] game with moving circles that can’t touch

**Platform(s): Palm Pixie, palm pixie plus, Palm Pre, palm pre 2, webOS
Genre: puzzle, mind game ?
**Estimated year of release: 2009-2010
**Graphics/art style: simplistic grid with black/dark gray background (lines going vertical and horizontal, with different colored simplistic spheres, black background , white grid lines,
**Notable characters: none
**Notable gameplay mechanics: you tap the sceen and on one of the grid lines either horizontal or vertical and the ball will continuously move down line back and forth up and down or left and to right etc. then you continue placing more balls/circles on the lines at the perfect timing making sure they don’t hit each other and try to fill the screen with as many as possible, until one of them ends up colliding with each other
**Other details: none
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2021.11.28 06:30 MeringueWhich9353 Dreams and past lives

Does anyone else have detailed, recurring dreams of the same place? I have been having dreams for over a year of this same city, and there is a downtown area I've gone to bars to several times. There is a house, which is different some of the time, but one of the rooms is very consistent, I have seen it many times. I always know that it is my home.
There is a college that I've been too, and also dorms that I lived in for a short period of time. Of course, it is not 100% realistic, because it is a dream. But there is an overwhelming feeling that is a specific, consistent place that I am very familiar with, and visit regularly in my dreams. I have had dreams that are very similar to the places that I have lived in, but this feels like its own place.
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2021.11.28 06:30 TheNeonBeach Have you read Second Variety by Philip K. Dick, 1953? Here is a link for the full short story and some of my thoughts about it. I would like to hear your views in the comments below.

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2021.11.28 06:30 itsBopp1ns what are the types of devices i need to register?

so basically, i just learned about this IMEI thing happening, was wondering what are the types of devices i need to register, because im planning to go back home soon and i will bring multiple electronic devices, like my phone, a SIM cardless tablet, a laptop, and a desktop, or do i just need to register the ones that i plan on using an indonesian SIM card with?
i plan to go back and star in indonesia permanently if you guys need to know that
thank you
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2021.11.28 06:30 76_Just_Works h:ultra emergency/calibrated plan w:bear arm puncturing mod plan

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