A. DCA over the next 2 weeks B. Buy a chunk now C. Wait for a bottom to buy a chunk (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

2022.01.28 20:42 ASICmachine A. DCA over the next 2 weeks B. Buy a chunk now C. Wait for a bottom to buy a chunk (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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2022.01.28 20:42 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.28 20:42 miki_minoch Tested Positive but Feel Fine

I got tested for covid this thursday, after having my allergies acting up the entire week. Today I got my positive result back and for the most part, I feel completely fine. The only thing that’s wrong is minor coughing and congestion. Idk if I should be worried or not because i might have panicked at the doctor’s office today
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2022.01.28 20:42 ASICmachine question from a noob (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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2022.01.28 20:42 dalekeogh Wet Kiss, Me, Prismacolor pencil on black paper, 2018

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2022.01.28 20:42 unlikely_suspicious Canadian groom surprises his indian bride with a performance of a bollywood love song

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2022.01.28 20:42 Notverycancerpatient I messed up and didn’t use a liner, now i have pins and fruiting along the sides what do I do? Thanks!

Any tips would be greatly appreciated
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2022.01.28 20:42 comic-nerd92 [Rumored] Chukwudi Iwji might play High Evolutionary in the Gotg3

what do you think off this news, do you think it's real or fake news?
leave your thoughts below.
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2022.01.28 20:42 kozlova123 Commander Farsight is ready to see new codex

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2022.01.28 20:42 bsakxbjash El Camino Fire Academy vs Rio Hondo Fire Academy

I’m looking to apply to a fire academy in Los Angeles and I found that the two popular choices are El Camino and Rio Hondo. I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with either of the two and why you chose one over the other.
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2022.01.28 20:42 MurkyTrust Retraite et cotisations

Bonjour, Comment obtenir une retraite descente quand on n'a pas assez de trimestre ? Y a t'il possibilité d'obtenir plus de trimestre ? Je crains d'avoir une petite retraite. Merci pour vos conseils.
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2022.01.28 20:42 1_am_groot The Stranger - Gemini (FFO: Caligulas Horse, Haken, Terramaze, Wilderun)

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2022.01.28 20:42 DrPann A few different carts I have came across none of these cost more than 30$ from 3chi to OM

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2022.01.28 20:42 ASICmachine Hello I invested in https://worldwideexpertfxtrade.com/ a place sending my bitcoin, can some one tell reading the story if it is a scam (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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2022.01.28 20:42 digitlhaze Woo! I've finally spotted my first A. gestroi mancae. I was worried these dudes weren't gonna take off.

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2022.01.28 20:42 danirojoelmatoho22 *SPOILERS SEASON 3—4* Detail about Chuck

A detail that many of you may have seen, but that I just discovered by watching better call saul for the fourth time. I just finished the first episode of season 4 and noticed that the song that plays at Chuck's funeral is the same one he plays on the piano in season 2.
It's kind of silly, but I thought it was a good detail, it lets us see that Chuck was human after all and also had hobbies and tastes.
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2022.01.28 20:42 Soak_Disko how do you bring something to the attention of devs in the division2?

Ive become aware of something fishy being done in the game, how to address it without the post being removed by a mod?
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2022.01.28 20:42 DisclosedDeception Mike G Deal exposed - Part 3: Hype and Manipulation

Before reading Part 3, see Part 1: Lies and Part 2: Excuses an Hope
Now that we've established that Mike keeps his pledgers on the edge of their seat by steadily feeding them just enough hope to forget about their constant disappointment, let us look at the final ingredients of his recipe to get people to hand him money: Hype and Manipulation.
While the lies, the twists and the turns described in the previous two parts are in of themselves manipulative, what seals the deal for Mike to get his victims to participate, is his way of striking them at the core of their vulnerability: their desire to be helpful, to belong to a community, to be part of something significant, to be wealthy and to be in control of their lives.
By priming their mindset, from ego stroking to downright guilt, Mike achieves his goal in any way he can.
Disclaimer: For the purpose of clarity and succinctness, the quotes have been clustered by date and some parts may have been paraphrased and/or condensed. All sources are available as evidence.
1 - March 7 2020 | Call

South Korea wants to be 1st country in the world to go full crypto!
A lot of people are gonna make millions on this deal, it's there! Garry said it's small company, but it's the value of their assets that make it so priceless!
We're gonna make it, I just need your help!
Please please please, we're almost there, we're almost done with this year's worth of nonsense and being able to cash in big and all meet in Vegas!
2 - March 28 2020 | Call
The tokenization market is predicted to bring in hundreds of trillions of dollars into the economy in the next 5 years or so! That's how companies are gonna be raising money without doing it in the stock market, bypassing the global investment bankers who are the big corruption in the banking world!
This cryptocurrency is probably the biggest physical change the world has ever seen!
Ladies and gentlemen, help us out, I'm offering more more more bonus money than I ever have.
3 - May 4 2020 | Call
I'm feeling like a child at Christmas time, elated! We're soo close, I'm already practicing my Irish jig!
These new bonuses are a one time only deal and I need the loans soon, in case they ask for the money, sorry.
Payday is almost here!
4 - August 5 2020 | Call
When this is all over and we party in Vegas, I'll tell you stories that will make the hair stand on the back of your neck. This thing has just gotten wild! All legit, but wild!
The seller is desperate, so he opened his pocket book and said alright Garry, ok Mike, let's get it closed. Call whoever you know, I'll put another $5B on table as an incentive to raise the money!
If the seller doesn't close, the problems get bigger and he gets nothing, so he figured "why not throw $5B into the kitty", you know?
I really really need to have the wires, some of that $5B will go to those who invite people they know, everybody on this call knows somebody with money! The floodgates are open, I don't want you to just refer, I want you to collect! Tell everybody it's being offered by this guy Mike G, he's been around for long time and he has a reputation to uphold!
To the person who pledges the most money when it's all added up at close, I'll give an extra $1B!
I'm gonna make a prediction right now, we're no more than 1 year away, probably 6 months away from you and I am being able to walk into our bank and deposit a pay cheque partly in savings and partly in crypto!
We're so close, so close! I just wanna make it clear to you, this is no scam! This isn't some Ponzi scheme!
Thank you everyone, help us out and I swear to God I will change your life! I will put a smile on the person who stares back at you when you're getting ready for work every day. They will be smiling at you, thank you so much. Folks, I've got to stress this, we've got to move fast!
5 - October 10 2020 | Call
We’re nearing the finish line, no hype, no BS, it’s happening!
I have averaged at least 1 update per day, each 3 pages, so 1,200 pages of updates or roughly 4 books in 2 years. If anybody was out to con someone, they wouldn't do that. I want you to know and feel good about that.
I just want you to know that and feel comfortable with all of this. We're knocking on the closing door, that Irish man is backstage warming up!
So we're expecting the champagne buckets to be flowing next week!! I spoke to the seller and he said he would be contacting legal counsel on Monday morning!
We're knocking on the door folks, God's on our side. For some reason He told me to use the quote in the last update.
Folks I hope you can help out, I don't know where to turn. I wanted Garry to explain so you don't think I'm trying to manipulate some fongolas out of you, that's not the case at all.
This is one of those once in a lifetime Amazon deals, to get there 1st. Well, we're there first folks, we're in this together. Please don't let it go down the drain for a few bucks...
I don't know how I'll cover payroll next Friday... I suppose that my businesses always make money... that should come in. In 30 years almost, I've never missed, never missed payrolls so I'm not too worried about that.
I'd love to hand you the keys to a new Bentley if you are the person with the largest loan from this call!
Don't rely on everybody else pitching in and helping out, you know? Whatever you can do is what you can do!
Don't run your life by committee. The money you make or the money you're investing, nobody needs to know about this.
6 - October 24 2020 | Call
Once in a lifetime opportunities happen more often than you think on Wall Street, you just have to understand the industry and be willing to do it!
A birdy told me that they plan to take the company public and will do a pre-IPO, giving you a chance to make a second fortune on this one single deal. The infrastructure is totally in place, pretty exciting times ahead!
We're so close folks, we're so close!
if you talk to your friends and family about stuff like this they're gonna think you're nuts! Don't run your life by committee, it's your life. You make the informed intelligent decision, based upon what you have learned about this company.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you thank you thank you, we've got to pull together, we're so close, we're 3 feet from gold, that's how close we're. And I know I've said we're close before, just one thing after the other, but the obstacles are out of the way now. COVID was the last and it didn't stop the deal, it just slowed it down.
I've spent a fortune of my own money, somewhere around $4M in the deal. I hope you can jump in and make that pledge as soon as possible, you have my promise to sit on it as long as possible so the bean counters can say "yes boss, they have the money"!
Frankly, I'm looking for people with 25k chunks so we can get through it quickly because we don't have a lot of time. Frankly, I'll take anything that people, anything anything that they can do. It all adds up, it all adds up.
We need your help, we're 3 feet from the gold as I said, we're just so close... it's happening, it's happening, it's happening! The banks want this deal, the billionaires want this deal!
It's not a pipe dream, I know it's big money, but it's not a pipe dream because it happens. Those opportunities come along, it's my 2nd once in a lifetime opportunity.
It’s big, thank you, love you love you, need your help though.
7 - November 14 2020 | Call
Congrats to the newcomers, your timing couldn't be better! Sometimes it's fashionable and profitable to be late to the party!
My passion has made me stick to this deal at the expense of my other businesses. I'm about to be the only man in the world who will make so many millionaires instantly at one time, real millionaires, not with stock!
For those who think it's impossible... I know it's crazy, that's why I did my due diligence for 6 months and I didn't even tell my wife because I don't run my life by committee.
This is big money, it's crazy money, it's insane money, but we've got to get there! I'm going all out to raise a measly $150k because I just don't have it, I have expended it all. My passion won't let me quit, and we're so close, it's gotta happen, we're so close!
The Bentleys are nickels and dimes compared to what’s coming in folks, I need your help! There's not far to go, we're so close.
It's happening, this is happening! I hope I can count on you, I pray I can count on you. This is my last reach out to you. I'm going way overboard with what Garry and I agreed on, but the paperwork is done.
Thank you for your time, I'm counting on you, a lot of people are counting on you, and you're going to be rewarded enormously, don't forget all the perks too... thank you.
It just kills me to have to ask for some money this late in the game, it just kills me to have to do so, but we're so close, we're so close!
Thank you so much, I will be looking forward to those pledges coming in, get us across the finish line, it's happening, it's happening! We're gonna make this, somehow! We're gonna make this.
If you can do an online wire today, do it today! Thank you, I can't wait to meet you, for that big day we'll have such a wonderful time. I'll show you how the other half lives!
8 - December 5 2020 | Call
We've got two ways out: Plan A and Plan B. We're moving one way or another!
I'm real and have nothing to hide. Soon I'll be vindicated and I'll ask people to change their comments online once they get their cheques.
This is legacy money, generational wealth! Change what you can do and who you can help! One of my goals is to build a fish pen in South Africa, raise Tilapia to feed people. It'll probably will cost me $1B or more but I’ll do it!
Thank you for being on the call, have a wonderful Saturday and I sure hope you can help. I have some wonderful partners and I just hope you can step up and just help me this one last time!
$250k might sound like a lot but you know what, I’ve got personally close to $4M of his own money in the deal, that’s the confidence I have in it!
9 - January 16 2021 | Call
I absolutely positively guarantee you'll be paid and smiling!
The VP is there now and won't leave until it’s closed. There will be plenty of money to pay everybody!
I will take any amount of money you have to get over this, we're so close, everything adds up!
The Seoul bank paid $4.5M before the deal even closed, and opened an office in Hawaii to have a legal presence in the US. This is not a game, this is real! We just have our issues to deal with, and I need your help to deal with those issues.
We’re almost there, but I can't do it alone, I can’t… even if I make money everyday… When the time comes, you know I’ll have more to throw in the pot on my own, but that time is coming really fast. How much time you have? I don’t know, we know now at least until next Thursday so please. I don't know, I don't know, all I know is we’re gonna get there if it kills me.
Thank you ladies and gentlemen, we all have people we want to help, we all have people we're responsible to. Now we can do it on a global scale!
I promise you, there's plenty of money to go around to put a smile on everybody's face, don't worry about the little things. Have a good weekend, thanks for putting up with me.
10 - February 6 2021 | Call
As we're coming to the end, we're a family and this info is important to keep to ourselves, it's nobody's business until the money starts flowing!
The Board expects signing next Wednesday!
I believe Bezos will take this company public. A $3T transaction, amazing isn't it?!
There's a new category of loan pledge paid: $15k will get you 2 billion dollars! First time I've offered that, I'm trying to make it easy for some folks to get in some really big money!
There are some people who are going to make more than Garry and I!
I'm very excited ladies and gentlemen, you know, I've been telling and telling you we're almost there, but by God we're almost there! We're almost there!
We start signing next Wednesday, maybe Thursday. We go into next week and then we show them the money, "show me the money honey!". Help me out. folks, we're almost there! Help me out.
Thank you for being on today's call, I appreciate it. The really big news is Jeff Bezos is going to be at the helm of our new company. Isn't that amazing? You are involved in that. Just think of that: you’re involved in that! We wouldn't be at this point if it wasn't for you so far, you know that? You helped it get to this point so far!
11 - February 20 2021 | Call
They picked Bezos because of his seasoning and his ability to buy in. I'm sure there's a big buy in!
What really excites me is that, knowing Jeff Bezos, I'm absolutely confident that one of his 1st actions will be to maneuver this company to take it public. There's just too much potential not to! We'll all be sitting on a lot of dollars to do the buy outs for that!
We've come a long way, we really pulled off a coup and it was just, it was just a miracle that it happened. I prayed every night, I prayed every night for a miracle to get us that German company. And it happened for us folks, I've told you before, I'm not going to let this thing die. I'm not going to give up, I have too much of a responsibility to too many people, by God I'm going to keep my word and make this thing happen!
I need your help guys, I, I just I don't know how else to put it, I need your help! I need your help! And we're there! We're there, we're not looking at a month, we're not looking at 3 weeks, we're probably looking at a week, maybe maybe 10 days, maybe 3 days, 4 days, we're not sure!
Help me out folks, we're almost there, please! For God's sake, please, we're almost there!
12 - March 6 2021 | Call
I just really get a lot of satisfaction from helping people out. As a matter of fact, folks, the very reason that I made the decision to offer this once in a life time opportunity with others, is because of my overriding desire to help as many people as possible. Because I know that the vast majority on the people that I invite in this program, when they get that big payback cheque, I know that they're going to also spread their wealth.
I've got somewhere around $7M of my own money in this project so far!
This is the largest commercial transaction in the history of business transactions!
Once in a lifetime opportunities happen every day. You just have to be at the right place at the right time to learn about them to take advantage of them!
Everyone is born with a negative wiring, from primal days, it's a defense mechanism for safety! It takes a conscious effort to be positively wired, to change that mindset. You won't talk to a billionaire or even a multimillionaire who is not positively wired. Those people who are trudging through life, struggling to get their bills paid, and just get by on the money they make, these people just never learned how to be wired in a positive fashion!
Garry and I are in line for multitrillions which is why we can pay out so much, anywhere from 50% - 70% to our loan partners. Yeah, when I found out he US government was involved, our bonus level went from, you know from the billions up to the hundreds of billions, and you know, into the trillion dollar level!
I had a hard time comprehending, you know from millions of dollars of bonus, to billions of dollars, and then all of a sudden it just it just skyrocketed. Mike must have a nose for divining where the money is, because it's just astronomical!
Thank you everyone, I appreciate your time for being here, more than you know, more than you know. Dig in, dig in, do the best you can, give me that reserve I just might need! I'm all in! I do need your help to get there, that's all I'm asking, that's all I'm asking.
Guess what? It's very very likely, and it just happens to turn out this way, you’ll be the last in with the shortest amount of time to wait for your payout!
We’re 2-3 weeks away from getting everything cleared through Homeland Security to pay you. Absolutely amazing folks! Absolutely amazing! I hope I taught you some things. I hope you appreciate me inviting you to be part of something very special, very big, unlike the world has ever seen!
If I didn’t tell you about what we're doing today, 6 months from now this thing would be an absolute reality, all over Asia and starting to spread throughout Europe and then, the other side of the planet. You know about it ahead of time and that's a tremendous advantage, I hope you understand, I know you do!
Hope to see you in Las Vegas baby! Where we have a big party and educational seminars at the same time, and give some beautiful Bentleys away!
13 - April 10 2021 | Call
We're so close.. and I know I've said this before and I just, I wanna cry. I just.. more than 3.5 years of my life are invested in this program, not to mention my personal fortune.
You'll all be invited to be part of the Millionaire's Club, where 3 times a year we all get together and we all consider the next once in a lifetime opportunity as a group!
We all have our own individual strengths, we're all unique individuals, made in the image and likeness of God. We all have that God power in us, we're all uniquely qualified and if we all work together, we can change the world!
I'm sorry to keep interrupting, I'm just so excited Garry, I just know how close we're!
It's just really really impossible for a lie to continue for over 3.5 years, it's, it's really impossible for a lie to, you know.. all the evidence not to show up, because every week something's going on, and I'm privy to the follow-through, and there's always a continuation!
This isn't a Ponzi scheme, nobody gets paid until everybody gets paid when the deal closes. Neil is Christian and he's a family man.
We're on the verge of a new way to transact in the world!
If I do not raise the necessary balance of the cash, I'll swallow the pride pill and get the last of the money from family I know. Well, they're gonna have me bend over with a higher premium, but we'll get it done!
Thank you ladies and gentlemen, I hope you found it useful, I just thought this information was crucial for you to know, and that no one is out jerking your chain. We're so incredibly close! I just, I, I, on one hand I feel tense and on the other hand total relief so you know, I guess on the average I'm ok!
14 - April 22 2021 | Call
The funds will be distributed by the end of the year, the deal will close by the end of the month!
You have to start thinking like you are already wealthy!
15 - June 30 2021 | Call
Lying to people is a lot harder to do than telling the truth. Telling the truth is easy because you never have to remember what you said before. If you start lying to people, it's just impossible impossible to keep it up because you just can't remember from one person to the next what you said before. I just want you to know that because I just want you to be comfortable with what we're doing.
We're in the final final days of everything that we're doing here!
If this wasn't a real deal, I would not have stayed here for 4.5 years and I would have been shutdown a long time ago!
I just want you to feel good about who you are doing business with: all my info is out there, I answer all emails, I hold teleconferences like this, I've sent full disclosures of every date and amount, what con man would do that?!
Who in the Devil in their right mind would risk going to jail because of fraud? Not me! Con men are in and out of the game so quickly so as to not be tracked down! I hope you're getting a feel for this, I want you to feel good about it, I want you to know this very real, and it is in progress, but I need your help.
16 - September 8 2021 | Call
Having the new people involved has really been a Godsend, and we're just so grateful for our new partners!
Isn't that amazing folks, isn't it amazing? Words like "Global currency reset". It's ok to let that cat out of the bag finally, because we're that close!
When Trump became president and heard about the Silicon Valley companies working behind the scenes - basically working against the US by destabilizing the world's reserve currency. At the same time, the US is last country on the planet to really focus on the crypto markets, but Donald Trump being a business visionary, said "Why fight with these guys, why not get involved with them? Get me up to speed!"
Neil is meeting with high power people from the Fed in Las Vegas! The bonuses got exponentiated because once the US got involved, a lot of other big countries got involved like Japan and possibly Australia and Singapore.
We just wanted to share these final steps with you and where we're at, because we're so close. We have not been hiding things from you. So with Donald Trump came a lot of expansion in the bonuses and it got blown out of the water! I was just amazed at where things are right now, this is why the enormous payback folks!
We're gonna build a team of philanthropists that's gonna change the world forever! Because of these bonus dollars that Garry is talking about, and it's ALL VERY REAL, there's no BS being talked about here!
The only time Jesus was upset in the Bible was with the money changers in the temple. The money changers are still the global bankers today, are still in control and had 2,000 years to hone their skill. Hopefully we the people can rise up from the bottom up and start taking back some of this from them!
This is in all of our hands collectively, you know, we're asking you to bide your time for a couple of more weeks and we should be able to celebrate after!
Bide your time with us, we’re getting there. We love all of you for being there with us. Thanks very much!
17 - September 15 2021 | Call
If someone on the fence to join has money earning a couple of % per year, they could put it to use immediately and get payed back within 2 to 4 week with astronomical returns on investment!
Make sure your bills are paid, your mortgage and gas, but if you still have money, you can get a position at $27 with a return of $12M! If we reach $450k collectively, that $27 will be $13M, for $600, it will be $14M! WE CAN DO IT!
We know we're closing, let's put the icing on the cake thick, get that little over $2M extra and kick that shark out of the water!
18 - September 20 2021 | Call
Testimony: Mike G is an awesome amazing visionary, relentless, strategist, philanthropist, very compassionate, wonderful and pleasant man.
Testimony: Garry is a dedicated man, amazingly humble, very personable, loyal and vastly knowledgeable.
You and I are going to build a foundation called the "Worldwide Bamboo Group" together. It comes from Ivan H's story of bamboo seeds needing to be nurtured for 5 years to create an root structure in the soil before they can sprout.
Did you know we actually have a judge, a state supreme court judge, as one of our partners? Dozens and dozens of attorneys, so you know, we've been vetted! I just want you to know that, we've ben vetted!
When we close this puppy, and it's gonna happen. I'd like you to give 5% of your gross nest egg that I just paid you, to the Worldwide Bamboo Group. With just 5%, we're going to end up somewhere around $150B in the coffers of our foundation (that's $3T in payouts to members).
We will have an effect on people not yet born, by feeding, and clothing, and educating people now, so they may in turn educate, and feed, and clothe, and put a roof over house of those kids that are yet to be born. And who knows, who knows! The day may come, because of what you and I doing right now, somewhere down the road, it's going to happen, it will spawn the birth of new children who will grow up and become famous, educators, scientists, entrepreneurs, who knows!
We may spawn the birth of someone down the road who finds a way to turn the billions of acres of desert now, into productive soil. And end starvation in the world once and for all. And do it at such a ridiculously small price, that's the key! So anyone anyone can be fed, imagine that, imagine that! You're part of what's going on right now, oh it makes me wanna cry, I'm so emotional about it! I know it's going happen, I know it's going to happen! That's the big fallout, the big reason that I went the way I did rather than talking to those pension fund managers, who's partnership of money would go to a handful of people and we may never see that money trickle back into the world economy, like you will see it happen, because I chose to invite the average man and the average woman into what we're doing.
The size of this deal goes beyond most people's ability to comprehend. Outsiders look inside and say it's impossible, but when you look at all these countries, it's very real and in the final phase of getting this wrapped up!
If you know anybody that can come in at $1M minimum, we will pay them back in 30 days or less, the 1st to get paid back, $500M per $1M and we'll pay you $5M per $1M for the referral upon close!
We have met the September per diem requirements by the skin of our chinny chin chin. We're not worried about Mr. X (shark) coming back into the picture. We're really tight with for September, but by digging into my personal coffers, we've got it. I sure would like some help so I don't have to make more personal sacrifices though.
19 - September 24 2021 | Call
We're closing, we're, we're! But now I will start using the expression "we have a guaranteed closing!", and that comes from bank in Seoul and the Board!
That's who we're aligned with. We're aligned with the big boys! That in of itself, that's pretty exciting! The world is changing and we're part of it baby! It really is exciting, something to tell the grandkids, guys!
I'm just bringing it up because we gotta get there! I mean, we have to get there! If we don't get there, we lost some of our bonus pool and if that happens, everyone takes a proportionate discount.
They guaranteed a closing in October. They close either with all of our money, or with our money and "Mr. Bill"'s money! But the deal is, they're closing, they're closing!
I need your help guys, I need your help with more pledges. Everyone listening to this, I need more help with pledges, we'll get there! I just hate to have to ask for more because I know we will get the crap beat out of us, with people saying "Scam! Scam! Scam! All that the guy ever wants is more money!". You think we'd hang ourselves out there to dry in front of the world?
Scammers hide, they use proxy servers to register websites so people don't know where they're at, we don't do stuff that! It's very real folks, it's very real! And for the very 1st time, it's a guaranteed, one way or the other!
As soon as we show them we have the $5M in hand, they start moving forward with the closing!
Let's be CLEAR, the Board and the bank has GUARANTEED a closing one way or another by the end of October. Either with us, or with "Mr. B"! Three million dollars and that's it!
There is nothing that could pull the rug from underneath us because of the Board's commitment, under the direction of their bosses / the billionaires buyers who gave explicit instructions that they want this closed in October!
I appreciate your help! We need your help, we need your help! Sorry, gotta have your help! We don't want to share this pie with a stranger who comes in at the last minute, under the bylaws written by Mnuchin!
20 - November 2 2021 | Call
Neil is going to New York frustrated, demanding action and to not to kick the can down the road. He doesn't expect any stalling! He's prepared to put on his battle uniform if he has to!
Testimony: Just to be involved in the largest financial deal in the last 2,500 years, that should get anyone out of their chairs! It will never happen again! Everybody is asking if it's real and if it'll close! But it all makes sense when Garry and Mike lay it out! This is it! Done before Christmas, what a wonderful gift!
Testimony: Thank you Mike and Garry for letting my group and I in on this deal. I'm personally thankful for myself, for bringing this opportunity to the masses that I have, because unlike other groups, I brought the little people into it at a low price point. They cannot be happier to get to know you guys on a level by doing these calls, inviting me as their leader, and to know where your heart is, and to know, that because we have allowed this and you have opened this up to the masses, what good this is going to do to the world. My group is worldwide, and this whole scenario is going to change the world, and I and my team thank you guys more than I can ever say.
Testimony: I am so thankful for everyone on this call. Mike for your self sacrifice, Garry for being involved as much. Linda and Ivan for all of your efforts, because at the end of the day, we are a family no matter what. Thanks to each and everyone of you, but again specifically to Mike and Garry, because everything that you've sacrificed, the pain, the stress, the turmoil and the excitement and the let downs and then excitement again. Your ride on this entire project is a rollercoaster that would put all the rollercoasters in the world together to shame, with the ups and the downs. And the amazing strength and fortitude that you've shown through this entire process: tolerating people who don't have a clue! I just can't imagine what you guys have gone through, all that does is deepen and makes me so more thankful for what you are doing for us, and yet we never met face to face. You're going so far out on a limb for people you don't even know and have given us so much! It humbles me beyond anything that words can say or imagine! So, an incredibly heartfelt thank you for your encouragement to us, your positiveness, bringing us through this and trying to let everyone know as much as you can that this deal is for real! I mean just the simple fact that you communicate as much as you do, you stay in the loop, you give us information, you know... you know what I'm saying! Just thank you to both of you from the bottom of my heart, for everything that you've done and tolerated us with the emails you've got and everything else. When I say this, I speak on behalf of the groups that I represent and the 1,800 or so people in it, and for the leaders that I work with as well, everything that they had to endure, we're thankful for this. So on their behalf, I know their thanks goes out to you as well. That being said, we thank the both of you for unselfishly giving of yourselves to bring this together to the extent that you did, and that we have the honor and privilege of participating in this! So we love you very much and thank you for what it is that you've done for us!
Testimony: Trust that Mike and Garry's character and head are in the right place and trying to help all of us. This isn't anything other than what they say it is. Don't let anxiety or someone who knows nothing of this deal convince you that this isn't real, because it happens all the time. Mike and Garry have been doing this for 4 years. Trust me guys this is a really really interesting, very very complex transaction that they have done a wonderful job steering us through, Neil also. And just be patient and let it play out as it's supposed to play out!
Let’s look forward to celebrating in Vegas as soon as we can get there guys!
21 - January 21 2022 | Call
Our offer even includes repayment with guarantees! You just don't get that folks, you don't get that, you don’t!
I'm more committed than ever! This deal in actuality is not, folks it's not about me. It's not! It's about us, it's about a legacy, it's about a dream, it's about really truly having an impact on the world that other people say is impossible to accomplish.. I refuse to accept that. I will not ever accept that!
Our deal is about a host of entities that are buyers and sellers and lenders and borrowers and governments and central banks and all of those!
Testimony: If Ivan is your brother from another mother, I must be the white sheep of the family! Haha no, I just wanna say on behalf of us here at TWP.. you all know, if you don’t know me, I’m the Boss Lady, ok? My team gave me that years ago, I am the Boss Lady. I come with TWP, Together We Profit is our group, and from me, from my thousands of members, we’ll just leave it at that, thank you for everything that you’ve done for us, and for how we're going to change this world. I’m not talking just a few places, I’m talking about the world because I have worldwide people on my team. Basically, just wanna say thanks for all you’ve done. We feel your humbleness in how you talk and what you're telling us and allowing us to get the information daily. 3 times a week or however often you send it to us. I personally have been here for about a year and I see how it has changed immensely… with not only the whole concept but the amount of people that you allowed in and just the generosity towards everything. You, Garry, the teams, you name it, we have your back as much as we can! Mike: Thank you Linda, you make me, you make me weep kiddo… Linda: That's ok, I'll make you really cry in Vegas, don't worry!
You’re never going to get another deal like this, the payback % possible on the table is enormous, the deal has a guarantee, two guarantees in fact, unheard of! Let it ride baby! Let it ride! Just let it ride, just hang in there! No fairy tales, right? I mean just let it ride!
Anyone else feeling queasy?
It sickens me to read these manipulative outpour of words, and I feel particularly nauseated by the testimonies of the so called "leaders" on the November 2 2021 call. Thanking yourself, Linda? Really?
The November 14 2020 call has some of the most pathetic begging lines. It also contains the worst relationship advice I've ever heard:
For those who think it's impossible… I know it's crazy, that's why I did my due diligence for 6 months and I didn't even tell my wife because I don't run my life by committee.
Did Mike really just imply that you should keep the loan a secret from your partner to avoid having an external perspective on the promises he makes?
Most certainly:
Don't run your life by committee. The money you make or the money you're investing, nobody needs to know about this.
Have no fear, Mike is here!
If you have any doubts about this deal, rest assured:
I just want you to know that and feel comfortable with all of this.
I just want you to know that because I just want you to be comfortable with what we're doing.
I just want you to feel good about who you are doing business with.
I want you to know and feel good about that.
I hope you're getting a feel for this, I want you to feel good about it, I want you to know this very real!
This is not a game, this is real!
It's ALL VERY REAL, there's no BS being talked about here!
It's very real and in the final phase of getting this wrapped up!
It's very real folks, it's very real! And for the very 1st time, it's a guaranteed, one way or the other!
I just wanna make it clear to you, this is no scam!
We’re nearing the finish line, no hype, no BS, it’s happening!
Just let it ride, just hang in there! No fairy tales, right? I mean just let it ride!
What do you think? Which call or line stood out the most to you?
Stay tuned for part 4.
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2022.01.28 20:42 Beautiful-City-928 Concacaf Champions League 2021 draw pots and format announced;

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2022.01.28 20:42 Li54 Tried to make my own paper. Failed succesfully

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2022.01.28 20:42 undercoverdonutYT I need help with audio settings, I'm trying to record Minecraft Java with obs and whenever I make a clip to make a test, the recording sounds like I'm recording the audio from a speaker with a microphone

I don't understand what the problem is, everything sounds fine in my headset, with is a Steelseries Arctis 5, which could be the problem but I don't see why.
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2022.01.28 20:42 rsachs57 LED question

I'm sure this has been covered before but thought I'd go for the latest opinions.
I have an old Gorgar that's in pretty good shape though it was on the street many years ago. The translight is still really good with no flaking thank goodness.
I'm thinking of swapping to LED's to cut back on the heat and save some wattage. I'm looking at some frosted LED's at Comet but can't decide exactly which way to go as far as color temperature and single vs. dual LED bulbs go. I don't want to make it any brighter than it is now but also don't want it to get too dim either while keeping the color balance as close to incandescent as I can and minimizing hot spots. They also sell them in three flavors, the single and double SMD's and another one called Retro which doesn't say exactly what's in it except it's also an SMD type but slightly cheaper.
Since you can order these things in 50 or 100 packs would it make sense to get something that strikes a balance between the backbox and replace the playfield GI bulbs while I'm at it?
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