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[WP[ You live in a world where everyone has super powers, though none of them are very useful

2022.01.24 17:54 -DragonMoon- [WP[ You live in a world where everyone has super powers, though none of them are very useful

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2022.01.24 17:54 almozayaf Game like Final fantasy tactics or Disgaia but not gacha

I hate gacha games And I'm not searching for ports or emulators I know about those and I own both.
Any good tactics game for android that not gacha.
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2022.01.24 17:54 Aziz0161 Underground Amazigh house in Matmata Tunisia

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2022.01.24 17:54 Skillz4lif Welcome Comfy Money to the VenomDAO ecosystem

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2022.01.24 17:54 procrastinatinq can someone pinpoint why i keep falling for guys that aren’t over their exes?

it happens every single time. i initially fall for the fact that they’re showing me a lot of affection and attention but then i find out shortly after that they aren’t over them and that im just a placeholder. the guy tends to become hot and cold after he’s realized but it seems to make me more infatuated. can someone please help me figure out why this keeps happening :/ it can’t be a coincidence every time.
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2022.01.24 17:54 PossibilityFeeling20 My Hero academia: Fixing Dabi's backstory

So I've noticed that Chapter 301/2 seems to split opinions somewhat in the fandom. While the purpose of Dabi's backstory is to explore abuse's affect, a percentage of readers question if Toya was even abused. Across the internet, there's the occasional "Enji was doing his best" or "Toya was born evil" comment. I doubt the author's intended so much doubt surrounding Dabi's backstory. So I think if the backstory was more clearly framed, it could've prevented misconceptions. So this thread will attempt to tweak the official story; Hopefully bringing more clarity to it.
First, I think Enji's narration over Toya's flashbacks, makes it too biased. I think Enji's explaining his twisted logic of 'Stopping Toya', can be dialogue in the present day at the hospital. Meanwhile, the flashbacks can be framed in a more ambiguous way, so no one character's narration is over the top. I think this, as I don't think it was communicated effectively enough on why Enji was in the wrong. While Rei does warn Enji in flashbacks, I've seen some of Enji's excuses be taken at face value and used in fan debates.
There needs to be more showing and not telling. Images are more memorable than pieces of dialogue after all. For example, the flashbacks don't show Toya being neglected. The only interactions between Toya and Enji shown; are them sternly discussing his burns. Natsuo mentioning their neglect many chapters ago, isn't enough, it needs to shown when it's relevant.
Additionally, giving context to the incidents of Enji's abuse can ensure there are no misunderstandings. For example, some fans forget that Rei was slapped, due to it only being a sound effect. So when Toya's backstory shows Enji towering above a collapsed Rei: Some fans speculate Rei was not being physically abused, rather she tripped over. Another backstory that succeeded in clarifying abuse, by adding context was Shigraki's father; When he struck his son, the extra shot of him raising his hand, ensured the following sound effect wouldn't be forgotten.
Secondly, I'd add more details to show the timeline. As I think it's untapped potential to not show Toya's reaction to Rei scarring Shoto. It would likely affect his own mental health and his eventual breakdown. It would seem unnatural if it didn't. Additionally, Toya's attack on Shoto felt kind of redundant. The story already had Rei lashing out at Shoto, due to him projecting Enji. Therefore, it felt repetitive for Toya to do as well. Toya acting violently makes sense, but it can be done in a more original way.
As for the detail of the hair colour: I don't think it was worth making a confusing situation far more complicated. Originally, the different hair colours were simply down to the different continuities of the anime and manga. Other differences already existed, so it didn't need to be a big deal. However, retroactively "fixing this issue", actually created paradoxes. In the anime, a 13-year-old Toya playing football, was shown with red hair. But a photo of him in middle school in season 4, has white hair. Even in the manga, he stopped being fully redhaired at five years old. Now Anime-Onlys may get confused, potentially believing there's a fifth child. So honestly, I think Toya should've been kept as he was: White for Manga, Red for Anime.
Revised Version:
1) Enji's proposal or the older children's births, won't be changed. Instead, the first new scene is young Toya paralleling Shoto. Enji and Toya are sitting on the sofa, watching All Might on the TV. His father then directly promises to Toya, he's destined to surpass All Might and he'll train him to do it. Toya has the typical excitement on any child reacting to heroes.
2) There are serval panels of Enji gushing over Toya: though he solely speaks on the topic of heroes. Also, only bought him fire-themed items like clothes and toys.
3) It's training in the dojo: Enji demonstrates his most powerful move. Rei, who's observing, asks if he should be teaching Toya such a dangerous move. Enji counters it's what the kid wants. Toya agrees, repeating his Dad's words, using language unnatural for one so young. Enji instructs Toya to copy and the boy effortlessly creates a flame bigger than his father's. Toya dances in excitement and Enji encourages him to keep going. Then Toya gets burnt and Rei rushes over, ordering they go to the doctors. At first, Enji thinks they might as well finish the session, but agrees to halt it when he sees how bad the burn is.
4) The same scene happens of the doctor explaining Toya's condition. Though there's an extra shot showing Enji and Rei leaving, discussing how they'll tell this to the children. Enji asks for Rei to do it, claiming she's better at emotions. Rei warns that it was Enji who put Toya in this mindset; So he has to be the one to guide Toya through the pain of a broken promise.
5) Cut to the two returning home and Toya runs up to them, covered in bandages, declaring he's rested enough to return to training. Despite Rei's warning, Enji remains silent as Rei gently breaks the news to Toya and Fuyumi. Crying hysterically: Toya asks if he can still be a hero, to which Enji bluntly says no. Toya asks what's they'll do without training - Unable to look at him, Enji walks out the room, muttering he doesn't know.
6) It serval weeks later and there are serval panels of Toya wandering through an empty house. He calls out for Enji, but can't find him. Finally, he discovers his father in his office. Enji mutters he's busy, but Toya reminds him it's his day off, to which Enji doesn't have a good explanation. Toya tries asking if his hero dreams are really over and Enji lets off a disappointed sigh. Enji says Rei already explained it to him and he needs to focus on others people, like his friends or sister. Toya asks why it still can't be Enji. Not wanting to listen, his father abruptly picks up Toya and drops him in front of Fuyumi.
He asks his daughter to teach the boy some games. Toya asks if Enji can play with them, but his father reminds him that 'he's busy'. Fuyumi offers to teach the game, but her brother says this is a downgrade from his fun training. Toya asks for quirk usage in the game to make it more similar. Though Fuyumi is confused and worried about why Toya even wants that after the doctor's news. Not wanting to be reminded of it, Toya storms off, saying she doesn't understand all the promises Enji gave him.
7) Later that night, Enji is complaining about why Toya brought up his hero dreams again. Rei mentions Enji walking away from the ball game, but Enji argues he knows nothing about children's games as a hero. Rei utters Toya's problems are far simpler than Enji believes: It's not about heroes, it's about a son suddenly losing his father's attention.
Rei challenges Enji to act like a normal father and do something to replace the training, like a sport or club. Though Enji remains stubborn, saying if he indulges Toya in any way, the boy will just use the chance to pester for training again. Though Rei counters that treating him as a normal boy, is only positive. Offended, Enji insists none of his children are average. He rambles that Toya is exactly like him and he's the only one who knows how to stop that type of ambition. Enji claims that drive can only be stopped early on and with dramatic measures. Rei argues their son isn't Enji's clone and there are simpler solutions to this. Though it falls on deaf ears, as Enji recalls his 20-year-old self glaring at All Might's back. He reveals that nothing needs to change: He can continue his plan for the perfect heir, while giving it the secondary purpose of making Toya feel replaced.
8) Rei announces she's pregnant: Fuyumi is overjoyed. But Toya, older and more aware, brings up that they never said about having more children. Rei vaguely says people "sometimes change their minds", but Toya can tell something is wrong.
9) The family visit Natsuo and Rei after the birth: When Enji holds the baby, he mutters how it has white hair. Toya glimpses at another father's joyous reaction to his newborn and looks back to Enji, wondering why he looked disappointed.
10) Toya hasn't started his solo training yet. Instead, he focuses on impressing his father another way, assuming that's what he wants. He does endless sport at school and gets aggressive during matches due to desperation. After much hard work, Toya qualifies for a tournament. One morning, Toya manages to catch up with Enji as he's about to leave for work. Revealing his achievement, Enji gives him an off-handed compliment. To most children, they'd be insulted by the lack of enthusiasm, but it meant the world to Toya.
11) As Toya wanders through the corridors, wondering if he can convince Enji to go watch the tournament - He stumbles upon the dojo. Enji is testing Four-Year-old Natuso's quirk, which just manifested. Curious, Toya asks to observe, which Enji allows as long as he keeps quiet. Continuing on, their father yells at a struggling Natuso to keep up the power. Frustrated, Enji grabs Natuso's shoulder, shaking it. The boy utters he's hurting him and Enji recoils, regretfully looking at his hand. Sitting in the corner, the gears in Toya's head are turning. Terrified, he realises his Dad is still crafting an heir, despite presumably stopping years ago.
Tears beginning to flow, Toya attempts to copy Natuso's move while Enji's back is turned. However, the fire-user loses control and accidentally sets the house ablaze. Rei and Fuyumi run out the house. Meanwhile, Enji grabs both boys and flies them to safety, with minor burns. Landing, Enji orders Rei to take the other children while he speaks to Toya alone. Toya is disheartened when his mother looks back at him fearfully.
Angrily, Enji asks why Toya would use his quirk after years. He claims this incident proves he's too reckless to be a hero, even if his quirk was safe to use. Toya reveals he knows Enji is still looking for an heir and since Natsuo doesn't enjoy training, he can take the burden again. Neither Enji nor Toya calm down and ends up in a screaming match.
13) Afterwards, Enji declares Natuso's quirk too weak and bans all the children from observing future training, since Rei is pregnant again. While Toya pleads that Natuso and Fuyumi are innocent, he can't get their bans lifted. Additionally, Toya is too burnt to do the tournament and eventually drops the sport entirely. Toya goes into a depressive lowpoint, not knowing his purpose anymore; Enji neglects him, Rei fears him and now he's lost his only hobby. His father sees Toya despairing on the floor and turns away, muttering to himself it was the price to pay for Toya's physical wellbeing.
14) It's Shoto's birth, and Enji has the reaction Toya thought Natuso's birth should've had. Seeing Shoto's split hair, something sparks inside Toya. After years of numbness, he finally has another emotion to latch onto. Even if it was a negative one like jealousy, he still wanted to feel something. Judging his parents, he's disgusted at Enji and disappointed with his mother being unable to do anything.
15) Now fellow "failures", Toya is shown bonding with Natuso. They play football together and the younger brother naively asks Toya to make the game more exciting, by using his powerful quirk. The older boy claims he stopped using his quirk, before Natuso was even born. Though Natuso remembers he used it once at the House fire and how strong it was. Wanting to please his brother, Toya uses a fiery kick. Sending the ball shooting above the house's roof: Natsuo says he could be a hero with that strength. Toya internalizes Natsuo's words, giving him the idea of solo training.
Seeing the quirk usage, Rei stops the game and makes Natuso leave. His Mum is more gentle, she explains why quirks are so dangerous. Toya snaps at her, not to be so patronising, as he's not a toddler like Shoto. Then, he points he's in a different world to others and has the training to use quirks well. Nervous, Rei asks if he's overheard that phrase from his father.
Rei brings up that his obsession with his father is the source of his pain. Toya asks if she's being a hypocrite since her drive to please her parents, is why she's married. Uncomfortable but deciding to be honest, Rei says it was complicated and was unsure how much choice she had. With the gates already open, Toya bluntly asks if she looks at him with fear because he reminds her of Enji. Rei admits she has a bad habit of projecting but assures it's not his fault.
The two walk away, thinking they've gotten to know each other. Though when Toya glances back, he realises Rei still has the same expression. Turning the corner, Toya questions if Rei can acknowledge her bad habits, why can't she stop them? Then as his hands lit ablaze, he confesses he's about to restart his old habit as well.
16) Time skip and Enji has begun training Shoto. Toya spots Shoto being dragged while he plays with Fuyumi and Natsuo. Envious, the Eldest excuses himself from the game and sneaks up to the dojo. First-hand, Toya witnesses Enji punching Rei and Shoto. Flinching away from the sight, Toya's jealousy turns to horror, running away.
17) Toya is in his usual training spot, weeping. He mutters Enji's frustration wouldn't of gotten to this point if he'd just accepted his fire quirk long ago. Screaming, Toya sets off an explosion: Finally discovering his emotions can create blue fire.
18) Later that night, Toya is rambling to Natuso about his blue flames; declaring it'll prove Enji wrong for neglecting them. The younger sibling asks for him to speak to Fuyumi for once. Though Toya counters none of the girls were expected to be heroes, and only he understands. Out of nowhere, the brothers hear a crash from the kitchen.
The whole family checks on the kitchen and the kettle is already knocked on the floor. Carrying an injured Shoto in his arms, Enji orders the children to stay away from Rei. Then, he blasts open the window, flying Shoto to the nearest hospital. Huddled in the corner, Rei apologises endlessly. Disobeying her father, Fuyumi rushes to Rei, trying to cradle her. Meanwhile, Toya hangs back, numbly staring at his mother. Natuso stressfully looks between his siblings, not sure which side he should be taking. Then Toya quietly asks if Rei would've wounded him like she did to Shoto? Rei is too shocked to answer.
19) It's the first training lesson since Shoto's injury, his eye still being patched up. Though Toya interrupts Shoto in the corridor. While Toya talks casually, he's still distant, calling him 'kid' and 'rascal', but never Shoto. The Six-Year-Old points out the other siblings aren't meant to be around him. Toya dismisses it, switching topics that Shoto is still too hurt to train. The teenager suggests he'll talk to Enji and he can go off to rest. Hesitantly, Shoto goes along with it, wondering if Toya can reason with their father, unlike Rei.
20) Toya enters the dojo and Enji blankly tells him to leave, as Shoto's training is starting soon. When the boy reveals that Shoto won't be coming, his father intimidatingly stands over him. Alarmed at Toya's vague comment, Enji demands if he's hurt Shoto like Rei. Taken off guard by the accusation, Toya stutters he simply asked Shoto to go to his bedroom. Determined to get his speech out: Toya tries explaining his blue flames and promises he can compete with Shoto if Enji allows it. Toya begs for the chance to prove he's not a mistake.
Enji grabs Toya's neck collar, to check for burns on his skin. Shoving Toya back, his father accuses him of being stubborn. Pulling his hair, Toya invites him to the forest for a surprise. But Enji interrupts him as soon as he says forest. Enji reveals that training in the forest with a fire quirk, is the most reckless thing he could've done. Fire quirks can easily begin a forest fire. The Number 2 questions how Toya didn't learn after the house fire.
His next statement cut Toya to his core: 'That if Toya can't learn, even after hurting people, then he's glad he'll never be a hero. If his quirk allowed him to become a hero, then his personality would lead to him killing people in the field. Enji utters he's been training a villain all this time.
Toya's panic turns to anger, as he shouts that Enji is a hypocrite - Beating and discarding your family is far more villainous than anything he's done. In fact, why is Endeavour the Number 2 at all, considering all his previous actions. Toya utters he hopes Enji never makes it to the Number 1 position. Having enough, Enji roughly grabs his flailing son and manhandles him out of the dojo. Painfully throwing his son against the corridor's wall, Enji locks the door. Smashing a fiery fist against the door, Toya shouts he doesn't need him, sprinting away. Peaking outside of bedroom, Shoto asks his training is still happening. Though Toya drily retorts that Shoto is welcome to go back to being Enji's punching bag, but he himself is never going back.
21) Toya returned to the forest, pacing frantically. He utters that Enji doesn't deserve to be a hero and anyone who'd dare to follow him. All the memories flooding back at once: Rei's mental breakdown, Shoto's vomiting, then Natsuo and Fuyumi being ignored.
The anger reached a boiling point, the teenager burst into flames. He didn't know how to stop it. Enji had never taught him anything, but his strongest moves. That night, Toya died and Dabi awoke from the ashes.
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2022.01.24 17:54 Fun_Expression826 if they will implement this Keegan design, what name would you give it (I would give it urban operation)

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2022.01.24 17:54 Ok-Debate-284 Οι Καλύτερες υπηρεσίες μάρκετινγκ ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου – Όλα όσα πρέπει να γνωρίζετε

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2022.01.24 17:54 zanismk first streak in my life

i want to check my streak, it is about 39 days, my record for last decade
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2022.01.24 17:54 Team-rocket-forever How to know what I want despite strong opinions from my parents?

Hi, I’m a college student in the US. I need advice because I’m really struggling to figure out what I want to do.
I have certain ideas about what I think I could want as a career, but I second-guess myself because my parents have another career, which they’ve been anticipating that I would go into since I was very young.
The problem is, I just don’t know if I like the career that they want me to go into. I’m terrified of disappointing them. Even more, I’m afraid that I’ll make the wrong decision.
Now that I’m in college, my parents want me to major in the area that they want me to go into. I am officially undecided on a major. I’m paralyzed. I am taking classes in subjects I am not particularly fond of, just because I know it pleases my parents. I’m afraid to communicate that I don’t think I want the career they’ve mused about me pursuing since I was little.
How can I determine what is right for me, with pressure from my parents towards one specific career path? How do I communicate that I don’t necessarily have all of the interests that they want me to?
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2022.01.24 17:54 JRS559 IG 🔥

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2022.01.24 17:54 sabdotzed £1bn East London development in doubt after GLA hits developer with quit notice

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2022.01.24 17:54 Icy_Resolution1855 Pharmacies

Why do we have pharmacies? Why don’t we just get the medication directly from the doctors office? Would it be cheaper if it was directly from the doctors?
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2022.01.24 17:54 BomberUK Tom Scott breathing it all in

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2022.01.24 17:54 timan72 F

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2022.01.24 17:54 m0i0k0e0 Helping a homeless veteran start a new life

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2022.01.24 17:54 LumpyGravy21 CNN Spreads Dangerous Misinformation on Rates of Serious Adverse Events While Spreading Hate

CNN Spreads Dangerous Misinformation on Rates of Serious Adverse Events While Spreading Hate (substack.com)
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2022.01.24 17:54 Dinoderp889 TIKI - Passive income, NFT, Play2Earn, Staking & More!

What is the TIKI Token Crypto Ecosystem? 🔥 Full scale ecosystem, combining all exciting crypto features into one epic project! 🔥 TIKI Token: The pioneer of automated BNB rewards, 10%+ reflection! 🔥 NFTIKI – beautiful collection of nft’s on opensea, with real utility! 🔥 Staking – solid APY’s across the board, with more exciting developments soon! 🔥 Certik Audited with consistent top 10 place in BSC Skynet rankings! 🔥 Tiki Dash – a clear one-stop-shop for checking all your earnings in the ecosystem! 🔥 24/7 active staff and community on Discord and Telegram 🔥 Long-term HODL & relax, get constant BNB reflections & more! 🔥 non-stop developments & innovations. Upcoming: auto-reinvest, referral system, Lottery, ETH-BSC Bridge & more! 🔥 Marketcap rose from 1.1 million to 1.8 in less than a week! Charts are greener than Greta! 🔥 Play 2 Earn game: Tiki Bird, revealed 15/01/2022: 🎮Release Date: 22/01/2022 (Alpha) – 25/01/2022 (Beta) 🎮Earning rate: 4% per week for all holders, 7% for those with NFTIKI and 10% for NFTIKI GENESIS holders! 🎮 Holding 100k tiki (< 200 USD price right now!) will make you earn 20$ in just one week if you hold a Genesis NFTIKI! These rewards are nuts! 🎮Browser-based game, compatible with all modern devices! 💴 Tier 2 CEX listing in February! That’s right, Tiki Token will get listed on a well-known CEX next month! 💴 Reflections will work as they do on the smart chain! This is a huge development by this CEX and we will be among the very first to launch on this new platform! Contract with solid Certik audit: 0x9b76D1B12Ff738c113200EB043350022EBf12Ff0 Find Tiki Token here: https://www.tikitoken.finance/ Links to our socials can be found there as well! Interested in NFTIKI? https://www.nftiki.co/ <- mint yours today!
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2022.01.24 17:54 TheViciousBitch Every single word that comes out Nikki Regan’s mouth is like nails on a chalkboard.

I have watched blue bloods many a time. I’m rewatching right now. Every time she speaks… 3 words at family dinner or god forbid has an actually story line… I just hate her. She is niece and immature and doesn’t ever measure up to the strength of the rest of the family, or the brains. She is always whining.
Her personality, voice, huge gaping open mouth, and hair cut… just everything about her makes me wish they would send her to boarding school.
No matter how many times I watch the show, the annoyance doesn’t lessen. The episode where she sings someone musical theater song with her grandfather was the absolutely the worse. Her singing was… SO obnoxious. I had to fast forward to make the racket end.
Am I the only one who hates this character and the actress that plays her?
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2022.01.24 17:54 _sweepy In this thread, we predict news headlines from the world of crypto in the year 2040

Why 2040? because 2030 is too soon to get crazy, 2050 is too far away to be semi-serious, and the ending in a 0 helps with my minor OCD.
I'll go first.
BTC down 20% to 250k as the BTC and OPEC backed XOIL trading pair is introduced. Warren Buffett's head in a jar says "I told you so".
Players rejoice as GameStop's NFT based GameSwap platform is hacked, again. This time, 10 million copies of Halo Infinite 6: Rise of Reach were distributed among all GameToken holders.
PlanetWatch users have created a black market for air, taking advantage of the new "Proof of Breathability" protocol to verify quality. Invest now, and breathe like a king in retirement.
Elon Musk announces his company will accept DOGE for Tesla orders "soon", offers special edition TeslaInu on a hoverboard stickers for 500 DOGE each in the meantime.
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2022.01.24 17:54 janmatsonart Over the hills and far away 6 - landscape painting details in comments

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2022.01.24 17:54 _-RandomDude-_ Kakav je zakon za zatamnjena stakla autu?

Koliki postotak je legalan? Na koja stakla se ne smije, a ne koja smije stavljati ikakav tint? Koliko je teško sam raditi sa folijom?
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2022.01.24 17:54 Cat-Lady-Sade Fulco might have just had a Mega Mushroom.

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2022.01.24 17:54 Tyvx Making Orb Egis better visually and competitively

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2022.01.24 17:54 Dull-Scientist5919 Les gars venez dm ceux qui on des tributes sur ydrissia

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