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Theirs a real future where evil is defeated by the heroes of light, while theirs also a future where the dark always defeats the good guy that accused him of being evil but its a lie.

2022.01.28 20:03 SamOfEclia Theirs a real future where evil is defeated by the heroes of light, while theirs also a future where the dark always defeats the good guy that accused him of being evil but its a lie.

Someone brought up a timeline in fiction where the heroes are said to be trying to kill a villain that always manages to kill them all off, I commented explaining myself cause thats actually my line of time thats framed and was cancelled because it still happened, those heroes didn't survive
The other line you mentioned where they were trying to defeat the guy that always kills everyone off in a sortof immortality where he always kills everyone and gets away with it is more complicated then that story understands.
See because one of the two lines that belongs to someone belongs to me technically, the other line belongs to someone who keeps trying to do that incorrectly because mine also doesn't actually just do that, theirs a reason for it in the fact their are actually four sides to the story. Two sides knew good and evil, that side always gets defeated because its not supposed to know those things and assume someone is evil or assume themselves evil because then they threaten their own survival.
Myself and another side of time belonging to the actual hero run the other lines of time that don't think themselves good or evil, which is why they both persue a sense of survival, because the actual hero always kills the one that beleives himself evil, but the one that continues to always beleive that their good and blame an evil always blame me and try to kill me wich always causes me to have to kill them off each time which doesn't bother me but always happens because they accuse me of being evil when I'm not and they always make me that without them recognizing that they shouldn't just accuse me of that and attack me for it with no reason for it being the case because they end up on the other line of time thats not evil where the dark side actually wins and still doesn't end the story but keeps going because their not supposed to just accuse me of that because I don't always do that either, sometimes I help save the world just as much as I'm always frame and accused of being evil in the first place and always refuse to be but get attacked and blamed for things so much I usually defeat them always creating a reverse line they can't actually aolve for not actually being right about the idea that I'm evil and always end up making a reverse story where they never win for misunderstanding the point.
Which is don't know good and evil cause that will get you killed whether you beleive your the hero because you assume your good and blame me or you assume your evil and then get defeat by what on the other side not me defeats you as someone who doesn't know good or evil. Because that split of four lines is how they all remain actually stable.
Because one goes the path of being defeated in either direction for actually sinning while the other is not doing so and not actually calling themselves heroes or villains but getting any of it they want for not seeing it the way that fools you, but makes you not a sinner in the first place, even if your a real hero or antihero because you never chose to beleive their was good or evil and I promise my line already looks like I get away with just killing a bunch of people all the time because I'm not actually doing it for evil.
Thats why they couldn't finish that story because I bet it didn't end any differently then the bad guy winning but because it was framed from the other directions bias that I'm evil. But they weren't actually justified by it and they are already attacking me for it without realizing they attacked me first, so they're the ones commiting an atrocity which leads them to being defeated because I'm not guilty for it.
For the stories in fiction to make sense, the hero has to defeat the evil because he doesn't know good and evil and doesn't become a sith for thinking he knows the extremes of good and evil that don't exist thats alwaus defeated because the evil is never justified in its actions and always tries to be evil.
But their are also stories written where the ending goes the other way around, because you can manage to finish writing a story where the evil wins because in the actual case of that story the bias is actually the people who claim themselves a perfect good and try to force the accused evil of being a problem so they always get defeated for also commiting an injustice on someone they blame and frame into an evil that rejects the accusation because they never wanted to do that to them, but because they framed him like he was a villain he just uses what he likes anyways as a weapon to destroy them for what they vommited as crimes against him.
Thats why ancient Egypt for example has a fight between Horus and Set, but sometimes horus or sometimes set are actually victorious depensing on the age because sometimes one sides decieved side always causes somekind of sin while the other is actually the hero because the other one stops it from commiting an atrocity while one looks like the light and the other looks like the dark, but both of them are presently on the planet because both sinners are also on the planet so its more like sodom and gomorahh where the two angels destroy the city, but one looks like a light and the other looks like a dark.
But neither are good and evil or occompanying each other on the same journey because I look like I'm an evil that can't be stopped because I'm not actually evil, while the hero looks like a good that always wins because he doesn't beleive in good or evil either and he's always trying to stop the evil for what the people that beleive they're evil are doing to themselves that they don't see is making them suffer trememndously and that never actually see it clearly either because they're fooled by satan.
But thats also why theirs one character in some stories that looks sometimes like a hero but is also always seemingly ttoubled like a bad guy that somehow never always a hero or a villain but always gets away with what he does because he's not actually evil either, he's the other side of the two lines that retain stability that always fights on the opposite end where all the things these fooled that called me evil reject and try to remove from life, but that is always a crime against the people that like the dark that don't think they're evil in the first place, because these people aren't sinners, they're my saints that look like a nightmare but don't commit any sins in the dark, while those that think they're good and somehow entitled to accuse me of evil are always destroyed like a reverse version of the story, for never seeing their own sins and always somehow beleiving that they're fighting an evil, because they always just accused me of it and never win.
Because they're sinning against themselves when they accuse me of being evil had try to defeat me but I'm just attacked by them without doing anything to deserve it, so I'm always justified to defeat them my way that always looks like they're defeated and killed everytime cause they are, for being on the side thats sinning in the light not the dark.
But they don't see that cause they know they are.
But they can't ever finish a story they try to frame me as a badguy in and manage to complete the story without them being defeated for it in the end, because they can never find a reason that manages to end with them winning in the story they try to tell so they always cancel the story before its done, because no matter how many times the dog demans show up in fictional stories because they do sometimes, they're never on the wrong side of time unless they actually are and aren't alone on that side.
Sometimes the story is biased to the dark or light because its not always good or evil.
Thats why the show primeval is cancelled in later seasons once the timerifts start opening to the future and they find a wasteland thats only populated by dog demans because they assumed they were evil and tried to defeat them in that line when they are not evil because its likely the reason they were bothered by them was cause one character I forget which was changing time and trying to frame them as evil but they couldn't finish the story because that line was already stable and that was the fate of that timeline, because they assumed that the dogs were evil so everyone on that line got killed off while the other line exists on the other side and went as the movie the tomorow war.
It goes like that because those dog demans were evil for attacking the humans on the other side of four timelines that went two different ways.
One got defeated and went extinct the other one survived and theirs another line that exists where both coexist because all of that happened already.
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Colt just sold the fuck out of his mom. He put her on blast and I feel like Deb was genuinely caught off guard.
I feel bad for Deb.
Larissa-era Colt was all “oh I’m all my mom has since my dad died blah blah blah”. Dude like living at home, having mom do his laundry, clean up, and feed him. Oh and No rent. Basically, he put up with it as long as it served him.
Now he got that tv money and pregnant girlfriend?wife? he’s sold out his own mother for tv show drama.
He has always been SUCH A TURD
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If you have any specific recommendations I'd appreciate that a lot! Thanks :)
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