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Slightly Freaking Out

2022.01.24 16:55 4everalone00 Slightly Freaking Out

Met this cute guy and we have been chatting for about a month+, had a 2nd date yesterday and at the end of the night things got hot and heavy between us for the first time. We had talked about safe sex practices and he told me he had gotten tested about 6 weeks ago and hadn't had sex a few weeks prior to his test, or had sex since; I got tested and was all clear 2 weeks ago.
I was having the time of my life giving him some amazing head and then he said he wanted to do a bump. I told him that I don't care if he did it, but I wasn't going to partake. He went to the bathroom to get his drugs and I followed him there and proceeded to continue sucking his dick in the bathroom while he did his bump. The bathroom was more well lit than the bedroom, and I noticed two small red bumps on the head of his penis. I wasn't giving him head with a condom so I kinda freaked out about it and he said he hadn't seen them before. He showed me his test results from a few weeks back that he was clean and he swore he hasn't had sex since then and his last partner was like 3 weeks prior to the testing.
I'm scared shitless that I may have gotten something from this guy. I have an emergency Z-pack at home and was wondering if I should take it, or if I should head to the nearest ER to get tested. I have never had an STI before and idk how to proceed.
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2022.01.24 16:55 elyssaa- Where are you currently in your read-through of Cosmere stuff? Plans for what to read/when next?

I just started Sixth of the Dusk, aside from that I've read everything except Arcanum Unbound, which I'll explore after this. My plan is to after that give Mistborn Era 1 a bit of a refresher and then maybe Stormlight again. Then I'll probably explore some other authors lol. What about you?
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2022.01.24 16:55 united-verdict-bot Unanimous "Not the A-hole" with 11 votes

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2022.01.24 16:55 Silversurfer300 The roaring 20s ahead of us…?

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2022.01.24 16:55 Dr_SlapMD Me 'memberin when Citadel/Ken Griffin went on a guilty-ass, rage tweetstorm...

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2022.01.24 16:55 CJPi I budgeted for 50 shares when I submitted my purchase last week. Thanks for the extra 9.23 dipping sauces!

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2022.01.24 16:55 HugCor Yoshiko getting nostalgic on twitter

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2022.01.24 16:55 StarZitizen When the Hoverquad goes on sale, please remember: The only feedback that will impact future sales is the one you do with your wallet.

Big community discussion going on spectrum right now.
Majority of backers are very upset with the lack of transparency, the way the Luminalia event was handled in regards to marketing, and the future of star citizen.
There is a movement gaining traction to vote with our wallets this coming sale and do not participate in crowd funding.
That is all.
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2022.01.24 16:55 GriffinFTW Explaining a Joke

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2022.01.24 16:55 Famous_Necessary_978 Presale code for Orlando needed!

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2022.01.24 16:55 No_me13 🤔 hmmmmmm 🤔

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2022.01.24 16:55 Mido_Auriel person was typing mid qte and this is the result

person was typing mid qte and this is the result
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2022.01.24 16:55 ZakX10 With each technological progression, the screen keeps coming closer to your eyes. Movies being the furthest to metaverse being right on your eyes.

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2022.01.24 16:55 narutoash Revisiting the Story of “Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier” After Many Years, Here are My Thoughts

The past few days, I've been posting my thoughts on the "Jak and Daxter" series as I played through them for the first time for some of the games, and for the first time in many years for the others. Many of you have read them, and loved them, so I wanted to take a moment and thank you for that! Thank you for reading my essays and thoughts on these games we all love. I had written some other essays for a few other games if you wish to read them too, they are for some of the "Final Fantasy" games, "Zelda" games" for "Xenogears" and the "Xenosaga" trilogy.
Now back to "Jak and Daxter". This is it everyone, the last one! The big divisive game in the series, the last game released. This is my thoughts on "Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier". But there is a reason why that's not the title for this essay, I explain why the tittle is different below, any way with all that said, little disclaimer.
This post is a little long, about 6 pages on google docs. Now, with all that said, let's get into it!
So now that I have replayed and beaten all 4 main games, and seen the cutscenes for “Daxter”, I also thought I should see the cutscenes for “Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier” along with some gameplay footage to be reminded of how the game was, even though I do remember a good bit from it. I do own the game, but would need to drag out my PS2 since it was not part of the HD collection. And at the moment, there are a few games coming out that I want to focus on, so I won't have much time to play this one. So this will have to do for now, and that's why this post is given the tittle it has rather than the tittle of the other ones I did. And what I found after revisiting the story for “Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier” for the first time in a very long time, was something with a bit more heart than most people give it credit for, and with as much care for the series as I remember.
First, let’s talk a bit about the development of this game, because that’s a very big important part of the overall final product and on how people view this game. See, many people don't view this game as being canon. Many people even wish that this game wasn't made. Some even call it the worst of the series.
Some even call it a spin-off and not a true sequel. The reason as to why, we will touch on soon. But the biggest reason that we can touch on now, is because this game, like “Daxter” is not developed by “Naughty Dog”. Though this game receives way more criticism than “Daxter” due to this reason, and other that we will touch on later. But see, the thing is that this game, was originally started by “Naughty Dog” until they stopped production shortly into it to be able to fully focus on “Uncharted”. Until later when they let “High Impact Games” pick up the scraps of this game and finish it. Now I know that some of “Naughty Dog’s” ideas, plot, and gameplay made it to the final game, but that a lot of the final game’s ideas, plot and gameplay came from “High Impact Games”. And that this game was originally going to be a PSP exclusive before being on both PSP and PS2, which I’m very thankful for.
I also know that “Naughty Dog” didn't like this game that much. So much so that they said they mean no ill will towards “High Impact Games”, but that they are not pleased with this game being Jak’s “Swan Song” and that the game could have been better. But to be honest, this game is a much better “Swan Song” to the “Jak and Daxter” series than “Jak X” was in many ways. The fist is definitely the story. So let's talk about that.
Here the story is not as complicated as “Jak 2” or even “Jak 3” but it’s not as simple as “Daxter” “Jak 1” and definitely not as simple as “Jak X”. It’s an overall calm fun story that has some nice twists and that overall does fantastic world building, probably more so than “Jak X” did, and that one already did a lot of world building. In this story, we are not sure how much time has passed since the end of “Jak X” but Jak and Keira are still together, and the world has been running out of Eco and the Eco vents are all not pouring Eco and the world is going crazy with unbalanced Eco storms. This fully ties into what we see and hear about how the people of the world use Eco in all the games after the first one. So, Jak and Keira drag Daxter along, get on a plane and set out to the edge of the world, a place they call “the Brink” and the Brink is a section on the edge of their world that the Precursors didn't finish building and abandoned. I love this as it further ties things back to the Precursors and things that are stated in “Jak 3”.
While visiting the Brink, they meet people that live there, and see that there are sky pirates there as well, and the leader of one of the pirates ends up having a thing for Keira, and a small love triangle appears, but it’s not one that Keira ever really isn't sure of who to be with, as she never tries to flirt with the pirate captain, and always states how much she cares about Jak. This is great as it further shows that Keira has always cared so much about Jak, and is also in her character to be ready to fight anyone to protect Jak, as we seen her before in the other games fighting with Ashelin for Jak’s attention. Keira also says she is studying to be a Eco sage, which is something the games needed, to reference the process of being a sage, and to show it comes with many years of studying. This is also a fantastic character development for Keira as she is the daughter of a Eco sage, and is also good at building and fixing things. These traits help her in the plot of the game, and shows how far she has come from when we first met her.
We also do get to meet another Eco sage, this one is a Dark Eco sage, and unlike the first ones we met back in the first game, this one is good and not tainted by the Dark Eco. So the fact that there are still Eco sages around is something that again, calls back to the first game and only hinted at in “jak 2”. There is some more complicated elements to the pirates, the city, the Dark Eco sage and all that, but for me to say everything, this essay would be mostly about the story. The point is, I think they did that really good, in terms of tying everything they set up in this game.
Also, two important things in regards to Dark Eco. First, Daxter now has his own “Dark Mode” like Jak does. This is because he gets hit by another huge wave of Dark Eco and can become “Dark Daxter”. This is something many fans didn't like the concept of, because when Daxter fell into Dark Eco in the first game, it turned him into an Ottsel, the form of the Precursors. So why would falling in it make him a huge beast Ottsel? Well in many of the games he often tells Jak “Be Careful, don't fall in the Dark Eco, I don't want to risk getting worse.” or something like that. So it is hinted that he could change. Plus in “Jak 3” we are told about the Dark Makers and how they are Precursors that were overtaken by the Dark Eco. So it’s already part of the lore that Dark Eco can turn Ottsels into a beast like what happened to Daxter. So in other words, I love that this really adds a new layer to the lore based off things that were said before. For me Dark Daxter is probably what the Dark Makers could look like, or a not as corrupted version of them.
The second thing, and it’s another one that fans complain about, is that Jak can't go Light Jak or Dark Jak due to the unstable Eco in the atmosphere, making him feel a lot of pain. So fans complain about this but Daxter can go Dark Daxter? Well, it’s still explained that Daxter can only go Dark mode in certain circumstances, as opposed to Jak. so it makes sense. The Eco threat not only affects Jak via his Light and Dark abilities, but also in how he channels Eco and interacts with it. So it affects Jak in many ways.
This would be a good time to talk about Eco, but that would also include moving onto the gameplay as the gameplay touches a lot on using Eco. So before we do that, to finish talking about the plot, in the end,they find a huge Eco stone, the main villain gets a Dark mode, and they fix the issue with the Eco instabilities of the world, and decide to see where the other newly discovered Eco vents go. Now to quickly mention the other Eco variations again, they do return, we see them in the frist game, some in the second and third, but then it’s focused on again in the racing one, and now all variations are a big part of the story again in this game. And they even find crystals that grow from Eco and hold Eco in them, and that they can purify Dark Eco too. And, unlike in “Jak X” this time Jak and Keira have a great more realistic on screen kiss. Also, I think it’s easy to see from all I just wrote, that Keira plays a much bigger role in this game. This game really does focus on her, and so much more than even the first game. And I personally think this is mostly a big part of her story and the way she is handled here is really well done. She really puts her skills and teachings to good use, and really shows how strong she is and how talented. If I didn't mention this in my “Jak 3” essay, then I am now, in “Jak 3” she actually has a new voice actress, and the new one does a good job too. But I think that in this game, the voice actress did a great job as Keira and really shows her attitude and personality well.
Now moving on from the old characters, I also think the new characters are pretty good too, especially Phoenix. That’s another thing this series does so well, introducing new characters that feel like a natural part of the story. And that actually feel like they are needed in the story too. Many sequels often just add new characters just to add new people with not real reason. So I just love that this series actually does make the new characters feel organic for the most part.
Now with all that said, what I love about this story is that it really touches on just about everything except for the whole “Jak is Mar” thing that all previous games have set up and introduced.
The story of this game really is a natural step forward and does so much world building and character development that the games really needed. And again, like I said in the first game essay, this game and series as a whole really just tosses you in the world and makes you feel like all these new things presented in the games are just how it’s always been, and like you are a part of that world. Everything flows so organically from what was already established in the previous games and here they really take the time to show that, and to show a new side of things.
Now, I know it seems like I’m praising the story so much, probably more than “Jak 3” but that’s because im going more in depth with the story for this one. “Jak 3” focused on Jak and concluding the events of the previous two games with some world building. Here, the focus is on the world building, so I love that a lot. But the story for “Jak 3” was still so much better as it was a personal driven epic, while “The Lost Frontier” is a simple world building sequel. And even though I am praising the story for this game a lot, it’s not like I don't have some complaints.
First, we don't really get any mention of the team’s friends back in Haven or Spargus. And Daxter, who is basically in love with Tess never even mentions her, and I think at one point even talks about meeting some new girls on their adventure or next adventure. So like, did they break up? I mean she’s now an Ottsel because of him. So I don't know. I’d rather think they are still together, and Daxter is just being the player that he is and making jokes, but wouldn’t cheat on Tess. Now Second, Jak has a new voice actor, and I know many people don't like his new voice. But I don't mind it. It still has that rage the other voice has, but also a bit more of a calm side. This fits his new personality, which while still being hot headed and stubborn and upfront with things. He seems to have continued his path in calming down. A path that he started in “Jak 3”. So I like this, it works and shows how he has now put his anger behind him and is being his true self again. What I don't like though is that I was shocked to see just how much Jak talks in this one.
In “Jak 1” he is silent but does talk, though every time he tries to talk, he is cut off by Daxter. In “Jak 2” he talks often though still has some moments of being silent and Daxter still cuts him off before he cuts Daxter off due to being pissed and wanting to get revenge. In “Jak 3” he doesn't talk as much but still does often but is calmer and often still gets cut off my Daxter, though he doesn't really cut Daxter off anymore since he is calmer. In “Jak X“ he is mostly silent unless it’s something important he needs to say, or is spoken to directly, while still having Daxter cut him off. This is basically how he was before “Jak 2” but deciding to speak a little more. This showed progression in him calming down and being that laid back dude we see in the first game. But in “The lost Frontier” Jak doesn't stop talking. In almost every scene he talks a lot, and while that’s fine for most characters, it just doesn't fit Jak. He talks even more than he did in “Jak 2” while this time Daxter takes a step back and, though still funny, still making his awesome jokes and complaints towards everything and the precursors, he doesn't cut Jak off as much. There are only a few moments where Jak lets Daxter do the talking. So this was off putting for me since, like I said, it doesn't really fit his character. I mean, I get it. He is happier now. Back to being laid back and one with his anger and one with his joy. Plus he has Keira as his love now. I know that being in love and in a relationship can change people, and maybe that’s what happened to him. But it’s a huge contrast from when we see him in “Jak X” where he and Keira, finally get together at the end of the game, to now.
I feel like something is missing since we had seen, across 3 games, Jak’s progression to being how he was in “Jak X” and that progression felt natural. And now the 5th game with him as a focus, he is super outgoing and talking. At least let us see the progression from how he went from being selective at talking to always talking like we saw with the other games. Show us him being more open now that he is with Keira and slowly having him talk more about anything. Then have him be the way he is in terms of talking like he is in this game. So ya, I kind of feel like there is a game missing between “Jak X” and “The Lost Frontier” to show us that.
But overall, I liked that his personality in the game is unchanged. Just more talkative and calmer. Now speaking of Jak, he and Keira have a new design. And honestly, as cool as the goatee was on him, it’s cool to see he shaved, and has a new look for this game. His outfit here seems like it’s something he would use, as opposed to the one in “Jak X” and I love that this one incorporates elements from all his previous outfits, and adds something new. As for the short hair, I wasn't a big fan of it in “Jak X” but I think it works here. Maybe it’s just how the models were done in game? I don't know, since the artwork seems like his hair isn't that different from “Jak X” maybe slightly longer? I don't know. As for Keira, her look is the most different, but it works with the setting of where they are in and I love it.
Ok, so one last thing before we move to gameplay, and that’s the music.The music here, while very different from all the previous games, fit the tone of this game well, and does feel like an evolution from where “Jak 3” went with the music. Here it’s grand and cinematic and epic, while having some electronic/rock vibes that “Jak X” has in some songs. But this soundtrack is very much it’s own thing, and definitely makes you feel like you are flying through the sky in a place, facing pirates, almost like you are in an action movie. The music also does fit the pirate theme really well, and some songs makes me think of “Pirates of the Caribbean” which I love. Though, while it still feels like an epic soundtrack and I do like it more than “Jak X”, it’s still not as good as the creative direction the frist two games went with their music.
Ok, now we are at the end of this essay. The gameplay section. I wanted to keep this for the end because like I said at the start, this is more of an overview and my thoughts of just the story of this game and how I think it works with the rest of the series. I do own this game, and want to replay it, but I’ll leave that for another time as I had just got a bunch of new games, and the new “Pokemon Legends: Arceus” game is out this week, which I’m going to be focusing on a lot. So one day I do wish to replay “The Lost Frontier” and then I’d do a part 2 to this essay. But now in terms of what I remember, and seeing videos online, this game was a mixture of things.
There seems to be a bit more platforming than “Jak 3”, the Dark Daxter sections are basically almost top down brawlers with puzzles, similar to the Werehog sections of “Sonic Unleashed”, you can fly your plane to the different locations and also add modifications to your plane to make it stronger, faster and so on and customize them. There are also plane fights and like the cars in the desert of “Jak 3” you can unlock new planes. There are still locations to walk around in, like Aeropa City, and some of the pirate ships. But these do seem to be smaller than the cities in the other games.
The last thing to really talk about now with the gameplay is the two biggest changes. The first being the combat, and the second, the Eco abilities. In this game, Jak is given a gunstaff. A melee weapon that he can also use as a gun. The gun mods from the second and third game are back, but once you upgrade your mod, you can't switch to the previous versions.
The first three guns from the second and third game are back, but the peacemaker is not, it’s replaced with something called the Lobber. This one is green in color. Also, I have thought about this as I played the games but never mentioned it. And while looking up more information on the gameplay for “The Lost Frontier” it seems my thoughts were right, and I love that this is the case, apparently, the guns in the series, all use Eco, the red Eco in the first game made Jak strong, and the Scatter Gun is the red gun mod and it focuses on strong hits. In the first game, the yellow Eco was basically energy blasts that was like plasma or a laser. The Blaster Gun is the yellow gun mod and it does that as well. The Blue Eco made Jak very fast and made him like a magnet to things. The Vulcan Fury is the blue gun mod and it shoots bullets extremely fast. Dark Eco destroys and taints things, and the Peacemaker, the purple gun mod kills anything with one hit. This level of detail really shows us that once again, in the future, they are using Eco for anything and everything, which I can see would cause an unbalance in the planet at some point, which further ties the events of this game to the way people have been using Eco in the previous games.
Before we move to the Eco powers, I did want to talk about the Lobber, its a green gunstaff mod, but it doesn't seem to do what Green Eco does, which is heal and purify. But the lobber seems to toss a few big balls of explosive Green Eco and it kills the enemies. So it’s the only one that doesn't seem to really fit what the Eco it’s using is for, but this is just off reading some articles and seeing one gameplay footage with it. Also, like upgrading your gun mods, this time Jak can also upgrade his physicall combat moves which is cool, and it seems he can also get armor upgrades? Based off the footage I saw, but I don't remember that, though I only played the game fully once back when it released.
Anyway, now, we are at the end, this is my favorite part of the gameplay, and that’s that using Eco other than in guns, and as Dark or Light Eco abilities is back! As I said earlier, in the first game, you could use the other Eco and gain abilities for a short while, and now you can again. And what I love is that like the gun mods across the series, and the racing items in “Jak X” they also stayed true to what each Eco color can do, and expanded on it. For example, I remember the Yellow Eco in this game allowing you to use it as jets from your hands to lift you up higher, the Green Eco, you can use to make crystals to climb, Blue Eco makes Jak so fast now that things around him go so slow, and sending a shockwave of force with Red Eco. There are a few more powers with these colors but those are most of them.
I love this as again, it does show how creative this world can be and how Jak has grown with his abilities to control Eco and how Eco behaves through him. It really feels like a natural progression of the series even gameplay wise. So while I understand many people don't like this game, for whatever reasons, you have to at least give them credit for staying true to the series, and expanding on the lore and things we knew and have learned in the previous games. I personally really enjoy the story, and this evolution of the gameplay. For me this really is a next chapter, but I do wish we would someday get “Jak 4” even though to an extent you can call this “Jak 4” technically you can call this “Jak 5” if you count “Jak X” as being “Jak 4” but any way, in terms of traditional gameplay, this is definitely “Jak 4”. But what I’m saying is, I do wish that we would get a new game int he series that does at least address the biggest unanswered thing. “Is Jak THE Mar?” Like does he go back in time and found Haven City? Or just a descendant of him? Maybe a reincarnation? I really feel like that whatever “Jak 4” would be about, it should at least address this as none of the two games after “Jak 3” did. And i know there was a bunch of concept art for “Jak 4” that Naughty Dog was working on that they made public. But those don't really represent the direction the next game would have ended up being since it was in very early development before they stopped. Sadly unlike “The Lost Frontier” they didn't ask another publisher to finish it, or do it later on themselves.
Any way, while this game isn't my favorite, I do love how the story for it really expands on everything. For me this game is a bit special, along with “Jak 3” for “Jak 3” I remember there being posters, flags and banners everywhere, heck there was even some banners on the lamp posts outside of my elementary school. I don't remember when I got “Jak 3” I think maybe I ahd asked it as a birthday gift or christmas gift, but I don't fully remember, nor do I remember if I bought it new or used. I think my copy is the original one I had, but I can't guarantee that either since I needed to trade in so many games when I was little to get money for other games or toys. But would then end up buying the game again later on used. Maybe that happened with “Jak 3” I’m not sure.
But I do remember buying “The Lost Frontier”. I was so exited for it and I got it the day it came out at Bestbuy, along with a “Zune HD” Mp3 player which I still have and use everyday. And I know that “Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier” that I have is my original copy. Anyway, it was definitely fun to play these games again and share my thoughts this time.
“Jak 3” definitely was the concluding chapter of a book, “Jak X” was the start of the epilog, while “The Lost Frontier” was the end of the epilog, and the starting chapter of the sequel book, but while still feeling like a concluding chapter of a sequel book. And I’m just glad we had got one more game after “Jak X”. And as I said earlier, let’s keep hoping for a “Jak 4” someday soon.
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2022.01.24 16:55 ManePonyMom Think of the Children! Activism and Kissing!

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2022.01.24 16:55 KAOSaCause4Concern Fuck human desire / the world's on fire 🔥

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2022.01.24 16:55 newsdk Tyskland: To dræbt af skud under forelæsning på universitet

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2022.01.24 16:55 Numerous-Start4814 I need some advice

I’ve never had a boyfriend or girl friend or other and I’ve never had a first kiss I have had crushes but none else. but I want one but I’m not sure if I should wait longer or if I should try and find love and get kissed or anything like that and if I were to how would I find it?
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2022.01.24 16:55 valleycherrycello Ai Marketing Referral Link

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2022.01.24 16:55 waveorangejuice 20% OFF Johnston & Murphy Coupon & Promo Code

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2022.01.24 16:55 Morgan-992 CAKE DECORATING SET 170 PCS/SET GREAT GIFT FOR YOUR: This decorating tips set is a great gift for Birthday, Wedding, Mother Day, Christmas, Easter, and so on. Beginners and professionals are easy to use. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We know you will love our cake decorating supplies kit. We will

CAKE DECORATING SET 170 PCS/SET GREAT GIFT FOR YOUR: This decorating tips set is a great gift for Birthday, Wedding, Mother Day, Christmas, Easter, and so on. Beginners and professionals are easy to use. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We know you will love our cake decorating supplies kit. We will submitted by Morgan-992 to McrOne [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 16:55 SevenV1_ Whiteboard, crits?

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2022.01.24 16:55 lexxiskybabe Just walking around the mall😉

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2022.01.24 16:55 newsdk Afghanistan-evaluering udskudt: - En syltekrukke

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2022.01.24 16:55 hsuhduh H: groll and near groll Fixers W: groll Commandos, legacies- Open to other offers

Interested in trading for:

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