star wars is over rated

2022.01.28 19:46 nothing_bizarre_here star wars is over rated

i wont lie
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2022.01.28 19:46 throwaway6484621 No Profit Sharing? OK, No Profit.

This happened about 15 years ago, but I figured it might be worth the share.
Back when I was in college, I was struggling to make ends meet, and set out to try to find a job to hold me over until I graduated. I ended up finding what seemed like the perfect job at the time, working as a web developer (this was my area of study) for a small .NET web shop making websites for various clients.
It was a small company, only having 6 total employees (including myself), and it only paid minimum wage, but it did have the additional benefit of year-end profit sharing (this is important). I didn't really care about the pay at the time, as I was still in college and this was just a temporary thing until I graduated, so I happily accepted.
The first year I was there, we cranked out many websites for quite a few clients, and ended up making somewhere around $200,000 in profit by the end of the year for the company. By this point I had honestly forgotten about the profit sharing benefit, that is until we had our year-end dinner.
The owner of the company took all of us out to a really fancy restaurant on his dime (somewhere to the tune of $1,200 for the 6 of us), and then gave us all envelopes. Inside was the profit sharing bonus for the year: a check for a staggering $12,500.
I was absolutely blown away. It was more money that I'd ever seen in my life at once right there.
Well, the next year, with the newfound profit sharing motivation, we busted our asses cranking out high-profile client websites one after another. We did everything we could to make as many sales as possible, even coming in weekends just to finish a large project.
By the end of the year, it was still the same 6 employees, and we saw we had made just over $850,000 in profit that year.
Needless to say, we were all expecting a massive bonus that year.
The year-end dinner rolls around, and we gather at the fancy restaurant. Boss rolls up in a freaking Aston Martin. We're all looking at each other like "holy shit, this is gonna be huge."
We eat, drink, and are quite merry. And then the owner stands up and pulls out 6 envelopes.
Boss: "Because we did so well this year, I've decided it's time to expand the company. We will be opening a new location in New York City." (Note: we were about 1200 miles away from New York)
Boss: "So, because of this, there isn't much profit to share out this year."
He then hands us our envelopes, containing a $50 VISA gift card each.
I don't remember much of the rest of the evening as it was clouded with rage.
The following Monday, I put in my 2 weeks notice. The other 4 co-workers did the same over the next couple months.
I'll never forget his face when I handed him my resignation. He was legitimately confused why I would ever do that.
I ended up finding a new job that paid almost 4x as much within a week.
That company went out of business about a year later. I wonder why?
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2022.01.28 19:46 InvincibleMango Kinda True, Kinda False

Post your incorrect but true moments or comments here or on incorrectbuttrue
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2022.01.28 19:46 iccaecumsa 🐶MrHusky 🐶First News doge | IOS and Android App | Early Low Cap just launched, the Next x1000 GEM | Huge Marketing | SaFu | LP locked

MrHusky is a progressive token that pays out give aways just for holding it within your wallet! Our team has spent extensive time developing MrHusky and MrHusky News to be more than just a meme token.
Introducing $MRH token, an actual utility case. MrHusky collects all the information from the crypto scene in a way never seen before and visualizes it on his own platform.
MrHusky represents the tenacity and endurance of a true crypto enthusiast, embracing the philosophy of HODL.
Warning: Not for the faint of heart! MrHusky will use its powers to burn through tokens at an alarming rate, rewarding those who have the strength to stay the course.
MrHusky is founded on a strong and fast growing community, sophisticated source code, burning and redistribution strategy, an experienced marketing team, and philanthropy.
✔️ Marketing plans: 👀
1 NonStop Reddit Threads of our project
2 Dedicated marketing team working on getting the project to the moon
3 Special Marketing to promote the News Platform
4 Regular AMA Sessions
✔️ Tokenomics:
Total supply of 10 Billion tokens
0 % buy tax, 10 % sell tax
• 5% back to LP
• 5% Marketing wallet
• Symbol MRH
✔️ Links:
💥 Contract : 0xd082bf5534f6790df4967941605f8b17ef8fe10e
🌐 Buy here :
🔒 Liquidity Locked :
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2022.01.28 19:46 swimfreakon Picked this up as an investment a while ago. Anyone have any idea what it's worth, I'm having a hard time finding anything.

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2022.01.28 19:46 TelescopeFeed Introduction to MIRAGE from JWebbinar 10

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2022.01.28 19:46 hopiepie Been trying to change up my look a little

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2022.01.28 19:46 Accomplished-Work-35 GO Demar derozan

Just got go demar should I put him at SF or PF btw my sf is pd Clyde drexler
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2022.01.28 19:46 miguel29d Friday Mooooon ☮️

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2022.01.28 19:46 Bigsexyhemi Smoking

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2022.01.28 19:46 The_Nuzlocke_Enjoyer I'm tired of people saying they're tired of seeing people complain about Omega

The plot's going to shit, 150 chapters and so far every plot has shat the bed and just wasted your time. There's nothing wrong with criticising something that's bad, we don't have to constantly defend everything the author makes and we sure as hell shouldn't have to constantly make mental gymnastics and headcannon to justify his mistakes.

What broke me was Raian getting bodied by base edward with a few random hits, yet his 100% guihun using his 'ultimate' tehnique gets shrugged off like nothing.

This is approaching dragonball and baki levels of contrived
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2022.01.28 19:46 mink2018 I've done it. I've lowered all settings just to game at this point.

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2022.01.28 19:46 TelescopeFeed Introduction to MIRISim from JWebbinar 10

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2022.01.28 19:46 MikefromMI Imbolc, St. Brigid's Day, Candlemas, and Groundhog's Day (from

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2022.01.28 19:46 RaiHeeHo15 HEEY EVERY BUDDY !!!!!

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2022.01.28 19:46 Supreme-Kai-Of-Time How many hours till the anniversary starts?

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2022.01.28 19:46 hayaleturkcom 2022, kripto para piyasasında regülasyonlar ve yeni enstrümanlar dönemi olacak

2021’de 2 trilyon doların üzerine çıkan kripto para piyasasında Bitcoin’in hakimiyetinin %95’ten %40’lara gerilemesiyle balinaların işlem hacimlerinin küçülmesinin sonucunda piyasa dengesi kuruldu. Ekosistemdeki altın ve borsa gibi diğer yatırım araçlarının getirileriyle dengeli bir seyir izleyen
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2022.01.28 19:46 EpicLifeAdventures Explore Eaton Canyon Park In Pasadena, California.

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2022.01.28 19:46 barstoolbets_bot Scoreboard

Last update: 5:46 PM

Username Wins Losses
NegativeSpeech 27 19
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2022.01.28 19:46 nishitaryan23 Breaking bad ya Aot ?

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2022.01.28 19:46 Financial_Muffin2790 Welcome to Silent Witch Subreddit

Silent Witch| The Silent Witch licensed by Yen Press
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2022.01.28 19:46 badchriss The new Declasse Granger....

The new Declasse Granger.... I feel so uninspired with this thing. The liveries are bogus, there´s no interesting customisation and out of all things, a stock suspension long bodied SUV gets offroad gimicks? This could have been a dope ass ballin cruiser with some fetching shiny grills, tinted lights, a possible speaker setup etc.
Like this, it´s just a people mover folks will slap cringey colors and goofy liveries on and dollar rims...

Maybe the modding community can get some use out of this thing. All dolled up in LSPD colors with lights and everything mit look good on it....or F.I.B....
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2022.01.28 19:46 CEO_of_piss Day 439

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2022.01.28 19:46 IsamBitar Is there any hope for getting iGPU hardware acceleration on 500 series Intel motherboards?

Hi all, so I’ve recently been trying to get macOS Monterey on my new MSI B560m Mortar Wi-Fi with a Comet Lake i5-10400. After a whole lot of suffering I’ve managed to get it to boot but without hardware acceleration. The internet seems pretty bereft of any success getting this to work on any 500 series motherboards, but I can’t get an RX card as there is simply no room in my case and no need (I’ll only be using my macOS for non-graphic applications. I’ve tried patching according to the OC guide but I’m not even sure I’ve done it correctly if it were meant to work at all.
Has anyone here had any success with iGPU hardware acceleration on a 500 series like mine? Thank you.
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2022.01.28 19:46 All-Seeing-Bot Vaccine Developed At A TX Children’s Hospital Could Be The Silver Bullet For Taking Down Covid | MSNBC

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