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We are all in this together.

2022.01.24 16:25 memototheworld We are all in this together.

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2022.01.24 16:25 sorin_ IBKR liquid net worth

Salut, vreau sa-mi cont pe IBKR dar nu ma la cash pt ca sunt prea sarac - minimum liquid net work 20k euro.
Am vazut pe alte sub-uri ca oamenii recomandau sa "rotunjesti" in sus. Stiu ca sunt multi useri aici pe IBKR, ce recomandati?
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2022.01.24 16:25 DoYouWannaFunk Lol

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2022.01.24 16:25 jeffdabuffalo Why can I no longer recolor Appearance Modifiers?

Since the settlements update I haven't been able to recolor appearance modifiers, not a huge deal but I was wondering if there were any other similar issues.
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2022.01.24 16:25 comicConJester Need work advice

I took a new position in my company as a Cyber security compliance engineer this past October, basically it's updating corporate policy in accordance with gov regs and reviewing RMF packages. Previously, I was dual hatting as a software engineer and an ISSM. I was working a package as the ISSM before my new duties began and was told efforts would be made to replace me in the ISSM position. The package was sent back from the SCA and I was now told I will be replaced after obtaining ATO. All this while doing the actual job I applied for and obtained. I need some help figuring out how to relinquish the ISSM position while maintaining my current position. I love the job, remote work, relatively good pay, great benefits. So I want to stay, I just don't want to work 2 full time positions without comparable pay.
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2022.01.24 16:25 DoctorTurkelton This MF Anti-antiNazi.

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2022.01.24 16:25 nonimportantguyhere Hey I really need everyone's help. My friend has three brothers and two of them got their Iphones stolen. Can anyone help ??? The phones have been switched off😭.

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2022.01.24 16:25 Sooperdude24 [Britney-verse] - The Sheriff

Continuing the story of The Doorman, set in the same universe as Britney goes to school. Apologies for the name, Britney-verse, I couldn't think of anything funny. I won't tag the main story with it, but any of these side stories will be. You don't have to read the other two stories, but I'm kinda assuming you did, lol.
As always, brought to you by the wonderful and talented u/eruwenn, and my idiot brain.
Darren stood in the arrivals area. He wore a black pinch front hat, a black overcoat open to show a smart black suit beneath, complete with waistcoat and a broad smile. Leaning back against a pillar he spent several moments getting the tilt of his hat just right to put his face in shadow. By his side was Senior Officer Skrilen, now in standard Grole Civic Defence Force uniform; a pale green jumpsuit with orange vest, green bowler hat, and the standard issue footwear that had drawn the human’s attention on that fateful night.
Species 368 seemed suddenly elated as the arrivals screen changed. “Shuttles in, he’s almost here! Brace yourself Deputy, he is what we call an acquired taste.”
Skrilen paused as he considered the words of Species 368. “Taste? And, I am Senior Officer Skrilen.”
“Only till the paperwork comes through.” Darren abandoned his dramatic lean. “I remember the first time I met him: punched me right in the face. When I stayed on my feet he just nodded and said ‘He’ll do’.”
The Grole was aghast. He had seen the power of a human, and fear began to grip him. "Your mentor punched you in the face?" He hesitated, but then also asked, "Will he strike me?"
“Ha! No.” The human was quick to dismiss his companion’s concerns. “Well… maybe. But, I’m sure he’ll go easy on you, as you’re not human.”
Skrilen swallowed hard. “But, I do not wish to be struck in the face.”
“Nobody does, but we don’t always get what we want. Do we, Kid? You roll with the punches, or the punches roll you.” The deep voice had a gravelly drawl to it.
Their conversation had caused them to miss the approach of the human, and Skrilen's eyes bulged as he saw the person before him. A touch shorter than Darren, but with a more intense presence, the man sported a hat that, though it was heavily worn and more decorative, was quite similar to the one Darren wore. Beneath the hat was shadowed, but piercing green eyes gleamed in the darkness. A bushy grey handlebar moustache with flecks of red sat under a crooked nose. The weathered face, despite the shadow hiding the greater details of it, seemed to be judging them and was most definitely finding them wanting. Skrilen couldn’t help but look over the man's strange clothing. A long brown coat hung from broad shoulders, ending above pointed leather boots, and the Grole wondered if his toes were also that shape.
The man seemed to grow agitated. “What in the good god-damn hell do you have on your head, you stupid sumbitch?”
“A hat.” Darren tipped it. “Just like yours.”
The older man groaned. “Dumbass. That ain’t nothin’ like mine. This here’s a gambler, what you’re wearing is a… Why in the hell am I explaining this to you?”
The young man shrugged. “Always got a lesson to teach.” He took off the hat and held it out. “Want to swap?”
With a shake of his head the old man scoffed. “You'll ride a black tornado 'cross the western sky long before you take this cowboy's hat.”
Darren chuckled, then held out a hand after replacing his hat on his head. “How about I take your bag then?”
The old man scoffed. “I may have a few years on you, Kid, but I carry my own damn bags. Now, one thing you can do is buy me a drink, or two.”
The man in black nodded. “I know just the place.”
The Senior Officer looked at the 'bags' in question and was slightly puzzled to see that it was, in fact a singular bag. A small one, at that. “Excuse me, but do you not have other bags?”
The green eyes bore down on Skrilen. “Ain’t said I’m stayin’. This here’s enough to hear this fool out. Make sure he ain’t diggin’ himself another grave.” The man grew louder as his anger swelled. “I mean, god-damn it, Kid! How in the devil do you call this layin’ low?”
Skrilen’s interest was piqued. “Laying low?”
The old man whistled. “This dude is on the dodge.”
The answer only raised more questions but before Skrilen could ask them a group of security personnel approached.
“Excuse me? Are you Samuel from Yosemite colony? We need you to sign a receipt.”
The old man turned, causing the group of security personnel to flinch. Their weakness caused the human to snarl. "Only my mama called me Samuel. You lizards can call me Wrangler.”
“Easy,” Darren said sternly. “Remember the rules, be nice to xenos.”
Wrangler wrinkled his nose, twitching his moustache. “I taught you the god-damn rules, and these sapheads took my girls.”
The human nodded. “Lucky they didn’t try and take your hat.”
The old man gave his friend a tired look. “Just get it sorted, Sheriff.”
“Alright, alright.” After a few moments of negotiating, assisted by Skrilen and a phone call to Captain Kahan, the security team finally relinquished the girls.
The girls, Skrilen was surprised to discover, were in fact two heavy pistols on a belt with a large ornate buckle. As the older man opened his coat to swing them into place, the Senior Officer noted that the weapons didn't seem to conform to any design he knew. "Excuse me, sir? What are those?”
One of the pistols was suddenly there in the old man's hands. The Grole didn't even see it happen - one moment he had asked his question, and the next he was getting an unnerving look at the business end of the unfamiliar weapon. Skrilen swallowed carefully.
"This here's a 2117 Colt Army Revolver," the grizzy voice said in a tone far too cool and casual for the situation. "And this" –the second gun flashed up to join the other— "is a Smith & Wesson Model X7."
As fast as they had appeared, both guns vanished back into the hip holsters. The exact answer to Skrilen's question remained a mystery, but the question itself had been forgotten, replaced with terror.
Darren placed a calming hand on Skrilen’s shoulder, and gave Wrangler a slight head shake of disapproval. “If you’re done showing off, let’s go get that drink.”
Skrilen sat at the bar while the two humans talked, his hat on the counter before him and a warm jeloth half drunk beside it. He heard laughter, swearing and more laughter from the table behind him. Garubi walked out from the door behind the bar and stood opposite him, taking in the scene. “Is that him?”
The Senior Officer nodded, he’d learned a lot on the way over. “His name is Wrangler.”
The yellow-spined barmaid peered across the bar at the pair. “What’s with the hats?”
For once Skrilen knew more than the barmaid, and he regurgitated everything he had learned on the ride over. “It belonged to his male parent, who is deceased. His sibling’s son skinned the rattler that makes the band; he died in a recent war. The feather is from an Eagle, a bird from their home world. It was given to him by a native of America, also from the Arizona line. I am unsure of whether this person is still alive. The pin is from a real special lady, who he is unsure of the current whereabouts.”
Garubi’s eyes were wide, and she couldn't help but glance back over to the conversing humans. “That is quite the hat.”
“First rule of the Sheriff’s department,” Skrilen said timidly. “Do not touch the hat.”
“Sure.” Garubi was a little confused by the tone. “Can I touch your hat?”
The Senior Officer held it out for her. “I don’t mind, but prepare to be ridiculed.”
“Ridiculed?” she asked, pushing the hat away as her question was rhetorical.
Skrilen gestured over his shoulder towards the pair of Species 368. “Wrangler said I looked like The Riddler in a life vest.”
With a blank expression Garubi patted his hand. “Why do you think that was ridicule? Perhaps it is a good thing.”
Skrilen shook his head. “They laughed until tears came from their eyes.”
“Quit yer whinin’.” Wrangler slapped Skrilen on the back, causing considerable pain. “Pick up yer warm swill and come join us. He’s gettin’ to the good stuff.”
Skrilen stood up, suppressing the wince, and moved to sit at the table with the two humans. As Wrangler picked up the bottle that sat between them and poured two glasses of a strange brown liquid, the Grole remembered Darren's peculiar habit of enjoying ice cold drinks. "You are not using ice?
Ice?” Wrangler shot Darren a disappointed look.
With a swift laugh the younger man took the glass and drained it. “Never in the good stuff.”
Fascinated, Skrilen leaned forward to read the bottle, but it was in their language so made little sense to him. “The label isn’t in common.”
“We don’t give this to natives.” Wrangler picked up the bottle and refilled their glasses. “You lizards are safer stickin’ to your warm sludge. Dynamite’s got a might’ powerful kick.”
Darren cleared his throat. “Enough cultural exchange for today, let’s get down to business. Wrangler, I need you on board. You’ll be a Captain, second only to myself.”
There was a grumbling from the old man. “And what’s green-skin here? Commander? Or is he a god-damn Admiral?”
The young human smiled. “Senior Deputy, once his transfer comes through. I get to pick my team, and Skrilen and I have history. He helped out when a bunch of Gorlan tried their luck.”
Wrangler looked at the Grole, who seemed to be shrinking in his seat. “Gorlan? And he lived?”
Skrilen tried to set the record straight. “Well, I was hardly involved.”
“Modesty?” The moustache seemed to ripple as the Grole was appraised.
The doors opened and another Grole in a green G.C.D.F. jumpsuit entered. Draq was flustered as he sped to the bar and handed a small bouquet of flowers to Garubi before joining them.
Skrilen shot him an angry glare. “You’re late.”
“I got lost.” Draq’s spines flattened slightly.
The Senior Officer gave an angry hiss. “We’ve been here many times; you insist on starting every shift with a trip here to visit Garubi. How on Grole did you get lost?”
The Junior Officer became defensive. “Yeah, but you always drive, so I didn’t know the way.”
“Firstly, you can’t drive. You have failed the test seven times, even on the self-driving vehicles, and with those, you only have to select the right options.” Skrilen was exasperated and did not stop, despite his junior’s sorrowful expression. “And, you would know the way if you weren’t staring out of the window daydreaming all the time. Honestly, I understand why Captain Kahan was so keen to volunteer you for this venture. What I can’t understand, is why Species 368 agreed.”
Wrangler narrowed his eyes as he looked at Darren. “This shaney one of us?”
The Sheriff gave an apologetic shrug. “They were going to fire him.” Under his breath, he hastily added, “and Garubi likes him.”
The moustache twitched. “Dammit, kid. You’re going soft.” He looked at the young Grole and let out a long sigh. “I guess we could use him as bait.”
Darren smiled. “That’s the spirit. We’ll make a great team.”
The old man groaned. “Just the four of us, huh?”
The younger man shook his head. “No. I’ve put in a few calls, I’ve got others in mind. Oh, and they’ve assigned us an administrator. Someone to help with paperwork, requisitions, and stuff like that.”
Wrangler perked up. “Some brains are what this outfit is sorely missin’, aside from myself, ‘course.”
Darren laughed. “You think you’re the smart one?”
The old man leaned forward, his hat drawing a shadow across his eyes. “You sayin’ I ain’t?”
The younger man leaned back, putting his hands behind his head. “No, no. I just remember how long it took you to learn how to use the grav gun.”
Clearly angered by the insinuation. “Stupid new-fangled toy, I don’t see the point in safe guns.”
“Non-lethal.” Darren corrected. “It’s hardly safe. It just doesn’t cause as much damage as your girls.”
Skrilen tentatively raised a claw. “I have to ask. What is a grav gun?”
The younger man leaned further back, his arms still cradling his head. “Human tech. We found our weapons killed our intergalactic opponents too easily, so we came up with a directed gravity weapon. It hits hard, but doesn't put bloody big holes in everything. I requisitioned some for us to use.”
“Damn it kid,” Wrangler spat, “we can make our own rules. Why you gon’ hobble us out the gate?”
Skrilen was slowly going over Darren’s response. “I’m sorry, did you say that the girls are projectile weapons? Not energy based?”
“Damn straight!” The old man drew one of his pistols and placed it on the table between them. “A few good-sized holes takes the fight out of your enemy real damn fast.”
The new Sheriff pushed the gun back towards Wrangler. “Keep it in your holster. We can’t interrogate them if they’re dead. Grav guns, unless I authorise lethal force.”
The future Senior Deputy was relieved to hear that they were going for the peaceful approach. “Our energy weapons, I've heard, can cause considerable pain. These grav guns sound better - we should try to minimize the suffering of others where possible.”
Wrangler laughed. “You sure don’t know humans. Gettin’ hit by a grav gun is like bein’ kicked by a damn mule. It can still kill, so don’t go shooting Junior Deputy Drip by accident.” He winked at Draq, who paled, then he turned to look Darren in the eye. “So what’s next, Kid?”
“Another round.” Darren lifted his drink. “Then I’ll show you to your new home. We’ll head to the new Sheriff’s office in the morning.”
The moustache twitched. “I ain’t sharin’ a room with you again, Kid. Too many ladies comin’ an’ goin’ fer my likin’.”
The younger man shrugged. “We’re the only two humans on this ice-ball.”
Wrangler scowled. “That’s worse. I sure as horseshit ain’t warmin’ yer blankets.”
“Funny.” Darren shook his head to try and dislodge the image. “Relax. The rooms next to mine were free, and we got a discount on rent.”
Skrilen was surprised. “You get discounted rent? Where on Grole did you get something like that?” His own rent was very high, despite his landlord coming from the same clutch as him.
Here.” Species 368 spread his arms and looked around the bar. “Upstairs actually. Drisk, the owner, offered it to me real cheap.”
Draq looked around them. “But, you are no longer the Doorman?
Wrangler laughed. “I’m pretty damn sure this Drisk fella knows that.” He took in the dingy bar, and smiled. “Got us a cot right above the waterin’ hole. You did good, Kid. Might be worth stickin’ around a while.”
“Thanks.” Darren gave a satisfied sigh. Working the doors had been fun, but it looked like being Sheriff might scratch an itch he didn’t know he had.

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2022.01.24 16:25 XGaelElcubanoX Cursed nightwing

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2022.01.24 16:25 butteryorzo Where to go about communication as a HVW with someone you won't see in person for a while?

I am a senior in undergraduate and am moving to NYC after college in a few months. I met a guy who was visiting a mutual friend of mine at my college and we talked all night (he was pretty shy but we clicked). He goes to school in NYC and will also be living there so he said once I go up to the city, to let him know and he would take me on a date. He asked for my snapchat 🚩(One of Gen Z's main form of communication) and we added each other. He was not pressuring at all, the same religion, comes from a sturdy family, is well-educated, and no red flags when it comes to his social media presence.
A few days later, his friend and I were talking about him one night and he was saying his friend is super shy but was into me and for me to reach out. I stated that I will not reach out and it does not matter if he's shy -- he will reach out if he wants to. I get a message from him the next morning letting me know again that he will take me out when I go up and that his friend said I was going up soon (false, he was just drunk telling him that). We started snapping back and forth but he wasn't saying anything of value so I left him on opened/read. I snapped him a couple days later while I was out with friends and I left him on read for a second time and he immediately said (he was drunk I think) "don't leave me opened respond! I want to see your face you're so pretty!" He also mentioned again he will take me out when I go up. I don't know if I was being crass but I basically mentioned him flying me out to see me sooner and he told me to look at flights but he is on a budget since he just quit his job and went to 3 dinners that week (I don't know if he is living on his own means since he's also an undergraduate). I literally asked him if he's ever thought about budgeting or dieting. I also asked him if he knew how to manage his funds since he's a finance major 🤡 and that the flight fare was not even bad. He suggested we wait until I go up there for when I look at apartments. Since then, we've been barely snapping back and forth after 20 hour intervals with no conversation of value.
What do we do in situations like these where communication is a blank space? I have thought about just leaving him on opened/read and leaving it be? Or just give him my phone number and say I'm not into snapchatting and he can text me from his number so I can just let him know when I go up. My time and attention is precious and I do not want to waste it.
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2022.01.24 16:25 No-Percentage1155 Effective date

My effective date for a supplemental claim is later than my intent to file date by like 3 months. Why would something like this happen?
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2022.01.24 16:25 Smitty_RFL_Commish Madden 22: Explorers vs Crusaders Week 3 Highlights | RFL Season 7

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2022.01.24 16:25 InternationalGate285 Caught

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2022.01.24 16:25 satiredun Cleaning a bathtub drain that seems to go around a bend

My bathtub drain is draining slowly, and I’m pretty sure it’s a hair issue. I bought some of those plastic drain cleaner, barbed zip-tie looking things.
However when I tried to get it down the drain, it seems like it takes a sharp turn or angle about 2 inches below. It could also be the way the drain valve closes to take a bath- it’s the kind with a lever that you toggle up and down.
What’s the way to clean one of these?
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2022.01.24 16:25 Chill76209 Help with brake light issue

Hello, I have a 2006 BMW 1 series 118i I'm having trouble with my rear brake lights, so when lights are switched off all 3 brake lights work fine, when auto light or main lights switched on my rake lights stay on and brake pedal makes no difference when pressed, I have replaced all bulbs in both light clusters, brake light switch, checked fuses & had sent away my footwell control module to be repaired but made no difference any suggestions?
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2022.01.24 16:25 HowAreYouAliveCreep hi! im looking for someone who doesnt mind listening to people ramble

I want someone that i wont be afraid of bothering, i will probably be an honest and exhausting person. But the good thing is i dont judge and you can be honest / ramble as much as you like too
16 yr old male from uruguay, fluid level of english
señor H#6528
if you are not sure if you are interested in talking with me you can give it a try and we'll see
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2022.01.24 16:25 Catman2061 I lost this battle a long time ago.

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2022.01.24 16:25 Fun_Bar_1708 Terrain-shaped patches in print - clues?

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2022.01.24 16:25 rotzgabel Do a barrel roll!

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2022.01.24 16:25 BustinRopes Tips to quit alcohol?

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2022.01.24 16:25 poorcorn Moc toe Monday

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2022.01.24 16:25 waterpipe42 Fresh Hardcore Ber FT

Fresh Hardcore Ber FT dropped two this weekend :P

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2022.01.24 16:25 Thunder-zleny Hey MSI, how am I supposed to install the second fan or RAM? (who needs RAM btw lol) MSI Z690 + MSI Sekira 100p case + MSI CORELIQUID S280 :(

Hey MSI, how am I supposed to install the second fan or RAM? (who needs RAM btw lol) MSI Z690 + MSI Sekira 100p case + MSI CORELIQUID S280 :(
Z690 radiator blocks fan
and fan blocks RAM slot ... omg
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2022.01.24 16:25 Local_Failure Updated lady character + some winter saint denis pictures because I really miss the snow :)

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