Oregon school district planned to lift mask mandate Monday - but closed due to illnesses (Alsea)

2022.01.24 17:46 SchwillyMaysHere Oregon school district planned to lift mask mandate Monday - but closed due to illnesses (Alsea)

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2022.01.24 17:46 fluffyemme Please God no

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2022.01.24 17:46 Evan_Of_Heaven Trading this LF SPRIT BOMB STW AND ADDS

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2022.01.24 17:46 Victor15150 Streak 177: Are you a countryside person or a beach person?

Well, it depends. I think that nowadays I'm more of a beach person, but I can see myself in ten years being a countryside person. The beach I used to go to before the pandemic was on a small island. It was super cool because it wasn't crowded.
What makes me like going to the beach is that it seems like life there has a different rhythm. There is no rush, no judgment; everyone is just doing their own thing. I would go on long walks every day just to see the city and the many people living in it. It was interesting to notice the difference between the tourists and the residents.
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2022.01.24 17:46 Minute-Stand1985 ‼️FREE 1x Meta Combat 👊 NFT + 10 WL spots 💵 UPVOTE ⬆️ + drop your addy 🔥Check comments section 👇

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2022.01.24 17:46 Kapuzdoknuckls [Mobile][2016/2019] A game 2D

Hi! Today I remembered a game I played in 2016/2019, I forgot the name, the game is a 2D knight, you could buy armor and swords at the end of the phases after bosses, I remember there was a devil boss, a worm and a bird, it was mobile and appeared on one of Leon's channels (a Brazilian channel for vlogs, technology games, etc.), if you have any questions, let me know! That's it, thanks for reading.
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2022.01.24 17:46 Wolfen020775 Dji mini 2 over Agropoli in Italy

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2022.01.24 17:46 wbottydiciple Thicccblue

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2022.01.24 17:46 Lazer726 With the Microsoft acquisition, who says we don't get some new characters? Corvo Attano(concepts)

Who knows what the fuck Microsoft is gonna do with Blizzard IPs, but who knows, maybe they'll give resources to Heroes of the Storm, and introduce some new Microsoft characters to it, as a breath of fresh air. So here's a concept for Corvo Attano, the Royal Protector, and (maybe later) Emily Kaldwin, Empress of the Isles.
Right off the bat, for differentiation, since the two share almost exact mechanics between games, Corvo will be uninfluenced by the Outsider, where Emily will have taken his aid.
Emily and Corvo would share a similar Passive - Freerunner. Emily and Corvo can attach to terrain, becoming Silenced, Immune and Untargettable for .5 seconds. They can then spend as much time as they damn well please, but will lose their immunities. They gain increased range, increased vision, and true sight while attached to terrain. They can detach in any direction, using it to go over terrain, or posting up to strike at a target, giving abilities increased range.
At level 1, Corvo will choose between two talents, choosing to either go for Royal Protector, giving him more durability, and supportive abilities, or Master at Arms, for sustained damage.
Q - Corvo strikes with his sword.

W - Corvo throws a grenade.
E - Corvo dashes.
R - Ultimate Ability.
The goal was to make a sort of dual-role character that can flex between the roles, depending on what you feel your team will need.
My first thought was how many FPS games are becoming potential, and thought of Corvo and Emily as characters that aren't quite as reliant as kicking down doors and shooting everything in sight (not that they're incapable of it).
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2022.01.24 17:46 ArctiC_Matt1150 Girl likes me but I don’t like her back… help

So basically there’s this girl in my class and it’s not a secret that she likes me, she is heavily flerting and it makes me very uncomfortable. I asked one of her friends if she does like me and they said yeah and she knows I don’t like her back but she won’t stop trying to get me to go out with her. She has asked me multiple times and I have refused and it’s just getting annoying and I can barely concentrate on my school work because of it. I don’t know what to do, because I keep telling them no but they won’t leave me alone.
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2022.01.24 17:46 HawkEye1000x DR. PATRICK BYRNE Interview is back on YouTube —> The Founder of tZERO and the Ex-CEO of Overstock.com speaks out on corruption in the financial markets.

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2022.01.24 17:46 scottishsteel Being black is like playing life on hard mode

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2022.01.24 17:46 requin-RK He's the main character

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2022.01.24 17:46 YCat19 Can some one tell me what this is? I have a Logitech G Pro Wireless…

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2022.01.24 17:46 TomFairchild1 rex insta story👍☎️

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2022.01.24 17:46 eyoung_nd2004 Little Legs Bailey (16yo) means the world to my son

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2022.01.24 17:46 throwaway274752 Google SWE Intern 2022 Phone interviews completed - when should I follow up with my recruiter?

I finished my phone interviews early last week but haven’t heard back yet. Should I just keep waiting or when should I reach out to my recruiter?
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2022.01.24 17:46 Camaroni1000 How to incorporate new PCs while in Avernus?

New players wants to join campaign, but I don’t know how to incorporate them in when my party is already in Avernus and exploring.
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2022.01.24 17:46 Left_Variety_8077 Anyone who took bcem 393 last year with fraser

How did you study for the first 10% quiz?
Ive heard its super hard and I need tips
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2022.01.24 17:46 liltemi1 Does changing a title help a low performing video?

I recently uploaded a video & it haven’t been more than 24hours but it’s preforming really terrible will changing the title help boost it?
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2022.01.24 17:46 ilovechemistry8 Do business (consulting, finance) employers look at classes and units taken?

I've been mostly taking 3 classes a quarter (13 units) (other than 1 quarter where I took 4), and I'm wondering if employers consider these factors. I particularly want to go into consulting or finance. Will they not look at me as favorably bc I'm not taking as many units as other students?
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2022.01.24 17:46 Alternative-Land-767 How far along do i look? mpreg irl

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2022.01.24 17:46 AJbandero NBA Power Rankings (1/24/2022)

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2022.01.24 17:46 blahmahass Contadores independientes de Reddit.

A los contadores independientes que tengan experiencia usando diferentes ERP's. ¿Cuál es el mejor software para llevar contabilidad de asalariados o PYME's?, específicamente busco un sistema que tenga la mejor UI desde tu punto de vista y que me permita llevar varias cuentas en un solo perfil sin necesidad de pagar extra por cada una.
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2022.01.24 17:46 AnyDepartment8787 Doesn't the steep rise in high-end rares prove the ultra rich are Rwters or Scammers?

Or even price manipulators, which I also consider scamming. At the rate partyhats are increasing it would not be surprising at all if even the cheapest ones started at 100b+.
People will say it's supply and demand, but if we think about it....even if party hats are very scarce right now, who has the amount of gp to match the insane inflation of the price that is going on right now?
The rarer something is, sure the demand would likely go up, but normally the price would even-out eventually because even if something is super rare and super desirable, sometimes the price is simply still too high.
A blue partyhat can cost more than 200b right now. That means, even if you were camping hard-mode kerapac and got 100 staff pieces, it would still NOT be enough gp to buy a blue party hat. These ultra-rich people are 90% of the time not PvMers. They aren't camping Raksha or AoD all day for gp. I think the price manipulation that is going on is becoming more and more apparent.
You might find that 1 guy here and there who will shell out 200b (and he likely might have bought the gold), but very few people are making that kind of gp for the demand to be real and not artificial.
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