The average used car is $ 28,205, according to KBB data, but supply is increasing.

2022.01.24 17:47 jobsinanywhere The average used car is $ 28,205, according to KBB data, but supply is increasing.

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2022.01.24 17:47 Iloveroboticscool Kogoku

Any tips on how I can get kogoku? I think it looks cool so I want it if I have to spend robux for it thats fine
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2022.01.24 17:47 RaveTheRandomGuy this doesn't make the point you think you're making (not my screenshot)

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2022.01.24 17:47 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Greece slammed by heavy snowstorm, shutting down schools and roads ¦ Global News on Youtube

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2022.01.24 17:47 TheAutumnDryad FPS Drops in B1 SPOILERS

Does anyone else get a lot of frame drops when you teleport to Alpha Two in B1? My fps drops from 144 at all times in the normal levels, even while hosting, to ~30 in Alpha Two. It happens in A1 as well, but it’s more important in B1 because you actually have to fight the flying beholders. If anyone else is having this issue, how did you fix it?
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2022.01.24 17:47 agonyofdefeet Do some people really got skid marks of doodoo in there underwear and just live with it?

Joined the discord chat w my buddies and his bros, one of the bros was talking about how it’s natural for people to have skid marks of shit in there underwear because humans shit and that’s natural?
Idk the logic again I joined late.
But I was appalled at the statement and left the discord pretty quickly after that.
Still disgusted. But do y’all do this or what
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2022.01.24 17:47 acolombo Why new keys karts look so bad?

I just saw Marc Marquez testing the new CRG KZ and it has the same bubble looking front fairing that also Tony Kart and others have had for a few years now. CRG fairings from a couple years ago looked a thousand times better. Why did they switch? Is it about aerodynamics? And if it is how much of a difference does it make?
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2022.01.24 17:47 Ok_Oil1834 Could this be TE? I have a lot of stress when I have Exams. I have low iron in my body. Im a 17y male

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2022.01.24 17:47 EnvironmentalDeal Do you have go Keto?

I’m new to fasting. I am considering 16:8 to get started. From my research I’m seeing a lot of info on the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. Do you have to be on a keto diet for intermittent fasting to work?
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2022.01.24 17:47 GustavoRossetto [FOR HIRE] commissions OPEN! Character Design | D&D | Fantasy/RPG full illustrations and more!

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2022.01.24 17:47 nyav-qs Cat has rotten teeth - do we remove?

We adopted our cat about 4 years ago. He’s about 6-7 years old. When we got him he had been on the streets for about a year and a half - he had a scar on his neck (healed) and missing those tiny teeth in between the canines. Whenever he opens his mouth you can see that the back rows of molars(?) are all green and look rotten - not black, more greenishyellow. Could be plaque build up? I can only ever see them when he’s yawning so no pics to share.
He loves food and will chow down his pate in 20 min. He’s also comfortable eating dry food or treats - I’ve heard him crunch on a treat before. I’ve seen a lot of talk about how important dental care is for cats. I don’t think he’s in pain since he doesn’t avoid food, but I’m wondering if it’s best to preemptively get those back teeth removed before they become a bigger problem for him?
I did take him to the vet last year for a bacterial infection (went away with medicine) and at no point did they mention his teeth being an issue or a cause of his infection. But we’re going back for a checkup soon and I’m wondering if we should ask to remove or are they not a concern until it affects his eating?
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2022.01.24 17:47 Embarrassed_Worth_84 Sharon Pieksma (@sherpieksma) [instagram]

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2022.01.24 17:47 watkinsmr77 I filed 3 years of amended returns in April 2021 ('17 '18 '19). The refund should be worth around $6k. Do I have any recourse to go after the IRS?

I filed 3 years of amended returns in April 2021 ('17 '18 '19). The IRS website for amended returns, up until recently, only showed 2017 and 2019. Now it only shows 2019. About 5 months ago I actually spoke to someone who said they're backlogged. He said he found the 2018 amended return and noted the account for the case worker on why it wasn't showing.
Do I have any recourse to go after the IRS on this with a lawer? I have called so many times to the phone number provided to me for the amended return department but I can never get to speak to anyone.
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2022.01.24 17:47 Jack_Doe_Lee What next? Zelda and Metroid are girls?

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2022.01.24 17:47 41m33m How can I politely (lol) include my reason for quitting in my 2 weeks notice

Hi all, long time lurker first time poster! Looking for some advice for my 2 weeks notice, but also just looking to rant and share the shitfuckery that is my current employment situation. I'd be lying if I didn't give this sub at least partial credit to me quitting. You guys have taught me that my needs come first, not the company I work for. So shoutout to everyone here for helping me recognize my worth and market value. Now lets get into my absolute shit show of a workplace. Buckle up, I tried to shorten this as much as I could but it's gonna be a long one.
I work in a call centre for a relatively small company (less than 30 employees). I work with 2 other sales agents (Agent A started 2 ish months after me, and Agent B is barely 3 months in the place). Out of us three I would say I'm definitely the highest performer - I do all of the training, scheduling, reports, etc. When management find out I'm leaving right before our busy season they're gonna lose their minds and throw some bs counter offer at me. They tend to appreciate their employees once it's too late & they're already heading out the door.
The sales manager (let's call him Bud) quit back in November, there was no "transfer of knowledge" per say, and since then it's basically been the blind leading the blind. The accounting manager (we'll call her Minion) has been micro managing everything we do, which is fine minus the fact that she only cares about money. We all hate her and thus hate our jobs. Both myself and Agent A had expressed interest in the position, and were told it "isn't a priority". Minion threw all of Bud's old duties onto us for a shitty $1 raise. All the while they're poaching an employee that quit in JULY (we'll call her Homie), trying to convince her to come back and take Bud's old job. So rather than promoting their current employees, they chase a past employee who left on bad terms. Homie and I are still friends, so she filled me in on their attempts to reach her.
Fast forward to the present day, they're hiring a manager! Minion came to the office and told us that we all have equal opportunity and to send our resumes, cool! I applied, submitted one of the best cover letters I've ever written & was super excited. In the background of all of this, obviously we're dealing with COVID-19 and the Omicron variant situation. We're all symptomatic yet still coming to work as there's no other option (despite our jobs being 110% capable of a work from home setup, we have 1 laptop available so only one person can wfh at a time). I emailed the owner last week to basically say "hey dude, what's your plan? Are we shifting to wfh at some point? Any accommodations for when we inevitably all get sick and need to stay home leading to the collapse of your business?? Let me know!". He responded by sending Minion to talk to me and tell me that wfh is simply "not in the budget". This pissed me off. Our government issued a mandatory work from home order LAST YEAR and I personally have been in the office every scheduled day since. "Not in the budget" my ass, there are grants and funding available for small businesses to help them adjust. I suggested bringing home the equipment we already have (the monitors and stuff we're currently using) to eradicate the expense, but I was blatantly ignored. Immediately after this, they pulled Agent B out of the office and sent her home with the only laptop we have because they could see her nose running. So she can work from home, but the rest of us are shit outta luck because you refuse to buy more laptops? Get outta here. This whole experience showed me that even if they were to offer me double what they currently pay me, I would rather walk on Lego for the rest of my life than accept the management position. They don't give a flying fuck what we have to say, and they prioritize money over our health.
This is where it gets juicy. Remember Homie? Well, Homie saw the ad online for the management job again and shot me a text to ask wtf was going on now. Tensions were high given the situation above had literally JUST happened that morning, so I immediately took my lunch break and gave her a call. Homie's response to 15 minutes of my unfiltered bitching and whining? "I have an opportunity". Her new employer is hiring and Homie has final say on who gets the position since they'll be working directly under her. They'll match what I currently make + far better benefits and it's permanent work from home.. I have the interview tomorrow (Homie told me as long as I don't bomb the interview, the job is mine and the onboarding process starts tomorrow). Naturally I'm calling in sick to attend the interview, and already working on my two weeks notice which will be submitted first thing on Wednesday (once I have an offer in writing).
Oh and to add to the drama even further, Agent A is no longer interested in the management position (also due to the situation above), Agent B loves me and wants to keep working with me, Homie has confirmed that I can recruit Agent B once I get settled into my new position, AND me discussing my plans to leave has also inspired our only dispatcher to apply for a better position elsewhere. I'm causing a real shit storm, hopefully they learn their lesson & recognize that they need to appreciate their workers before it's too late. I'll be sure to let my colleagues know exactly how much their counter offer is when I do leave, I guess we'll see how tight their budget really is. Fuckers.
Anywho, back to the point. My question for you, antiwork, is how can I phrase it in the most polite, kiss ass, kill em with kindness kind of way that the reason I'm quitting is because of THEIR fuck ups, not mine? I want it to be crystal clear that I'm leaving due to their consistent disregard of any concerns we raise, their fucked up priorities, and also the fact that they refuse to follow the legally mandated work from home order because OF COURSE money is more important than our health. I want to get that point across firmly but also while showing them that I know my worth and it's more than what they can offer.

If you've read this far, thanks! I appreciate it and any advice you can offer as far as how to leave this place gracefully yet secretly petty as fuck. I'm pretty new to the whole "being assertive" thing when it comes to the workplace, but I think I'm doing alright. I'm only 22 but going forward I promise myself that I won't let any company take advantage of my hard work anymore. You get what you pay for. I'm thinking of countering their counter offer and saying "you can subcontract me to train my replacement, but it'll be on my terms and on a schedule that works for me". In my time here, I have typed up so many training packages which are saved to my personal drive, be a real pity if they went in the trash.
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2022.01.24 17:47 HoI4singlePlayer Ako vam je kod nekog skupo odite kod drugoga

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2022.01.24 17:47 MikePrime13 Master Tu Teng Yao - Analysis of Video Posts and Discussion.

Dear Wing Chun Redditors,
Recently I saw several videos featuring Master Tu Teng Yao showcasing his wing chun skills. The videos look very slick and heavily edited, so it is very difficult for me to see which ones are legitimate demonstrations and which ones are just fluff (i.e. people flying back from a single punch). I almost wish he has a several fixed-camera set up to clearly shows the techniques in addition to the tiktok quality videos of "cool" demonstrations.
With that out the way, I did observe several things that I want the community's thoughts on:
(1) His fighting stance is very wide and low compared to the traditional wing chun stance. I think this is advantageous because he is not presenting his chin and his stance is much more nimble to quickly move and deliver powerful blows from his hip.
(2) He has a lot of elbow techniques and applying biu ji techniques to break the opponent's stance and deliver elbow strikes.
(3) His striking techniques are very well developed from what I can see. He is putting his body behind the elbows for the strikes, and in my view his best techniques are the punches that can bring down the opponent in a single decisive hit -- too bad the editing makes it hard to determine the actual power of the strikes.
(4) He also demonstrated several applications of the forms (including dummy) that are rarely demonstrated, so it is refreshing to see less common wing chun techniques applied in full contact (i do not want to use the word sparring/match/fight for obvious reasons) situations.
Here's my questions to the group:
(a) Has anyone figured out his lineage? I was unable to find English references of his lineage/school. I'm interested because I want to see which Ip Man branch he came from. I have some ideas but do not want to speculate.
(b) Does anyone have links to videos where it is not heavily edited? I want to see more of his style, but I do not want to see the "too polished" videos that look more like a fight choreography demo reels rather than actual martial arts dissemination.
(c) What is the community's assessment of him? Legit practitioner, albeit flashy, i.e., he can hold his own to a certain degree in real life situations, or will he crumple like Ding Hao (Ding Hao in my view seriously lacked physical and mental conditioning when he went out to try his wing chun skills in public -- from what I can tell he was at best an amateur level hobbyist instead of a professional practitioner (someone who gets paid full time to train and fight))? With the recent implosion of DK Yoo in a ring, I am starting to take a more cautious look of videos of "awesome" practitioners on the net.
Overall, I think he is a good wing chun practitioner in terms of techniques, reflexes, and conditioning, but I'm still taking his videos with a grain of salt.
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2022.01.24 17:47 UakVargas Subwoofer in a 2016 tC

Has anyone installed a JL Audio Stealthbox subwoofer and got it working in their tC? If you have, did you get it to work on the stock Pioneer head unit and used any adapters?
I'm not experienced in installing subs so I know this question might sound very basic.
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2022.01.24 17:47 Fortnitejizzer w18 spiele celly für euch in einem rp

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2022.01.24 17:47 morallyirresponsible Stan Lee

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2022.01.24 17:47 dc031114 Tuesday 25 January 2022 - Strength 2G 60 minutes

Today is the power walker’s revenge and is also the missing strength template that everyone was looking for on the weekend. Lots to like about today’s template, and definitely a bit of relief following a week of mile prep work.
The tread section has three blocks all very similar. Two minute push into a base, power walk at incline, base at incline, base and a 30 second all out. Yes it has returned for today’s template! I was half expecting push at incline and then one minute all outs so this is very welcome. I found today’s tread blocks very easy so my suggestion is to maybe increase your base pace so you maintain your heart rate going into the power walk. I found without doing this I would slip too quickly into the green during the power walk. I also had to jog during the walking recoveries so perhaps I should have added more incline to the all outs. For the metric trackers, I ran 4.94km (3.09 miles) for the tread block today.
The floor is all core and lower body. On the first block the idea is that you do left side and then right side for all exercises before getting back to the rower. We were also coached to do long, powerful rows and to try and minimize the number of strokes required to get to the 300m. The second block has the swing lunge and sumo deadlifts. If you are not a fan of lungetheory then I modded the lunges to goblet squats and full thrusters (I was getting into the gray on the floor).
I didn’t mind today but did find it relatively easy and had to change up some of the exercises and up paces on the tread block to make it a bit harder. I give it a 4 (🪶 🪶 🪶 🪶) out of 5 for gentleness.
Tread Block 1 * 2 min push * 1 min base * 1 min power walk @ 10% * 1 min base @ 5% * 1 min base * 30 sec AO
Tread Block 2 * 2 min push * 1 min base * 1 min power walk @ 12% * 1 min base @ 6% * 1 min base * 30 sec AO
Tread Block 3 * 2 min push * 1 min base * 1 min power walk @ 14% * 1 min base @ 7% * 1 min base * 30 sec AO
Floor Block 1 - 14.5 minutes * 300m row (count strokes) once only * Complete following exercises on left side only and then right * 8 x single leg dead lift * 8 x static lunge * 8 x iso lunge to hammer curl * 8 x side plank pendulum with kick stand * 300m row (reduce strokes by at least 1) once only * Once finished then just complete exercises as a single set
Floor Block 2 - 6.5 minutes * 4 each x swing lunge * 8 total x alt sumo deadlift * 12 total x high plank alt side reach
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2022.01.24 17:47 Ancient_Might_5820 R/ImaginaryMaps won't like this one very much lol

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2022.01.24 17:47 thatsnesguy flag of algeria but in the style of california

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2022.01.24 17:47 Krampus187 People of Reddit, what do you think. Are UFO's controlled by Aliens real? [Serious]

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