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27m had another rough week at work and looking to chat and unwind. HMU to chill and chat. I’m pretty open to talk just about anything.

2022.01.28 20:21 TryingThisAgain94 27m had another rough week at work and looking to chat and unwind. HMU to chill and chat. I’m pretty open to talk just about anything.

Hey! I’d love to meet new people to chat to and help keep me company! We can talk about anything really. But if you want to start the conversation about something I’m into I like camping, comics, movies, podcast, and I’m starting to get into true crime and supernatural things. But of course I’m interested in talking about something you’re into. Hmu! 18+ please
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2022.01.28 20:21 helloV123 Steady decline in VO2 max. Should I be worried?

Steady decline in VO2 max. Should I be worried? Hi there!
My VO2 was always hovering around 45 +/- 1 for the past few years. Of late, I see it is on a downward trend and today it hit a never seen before low of 41. I use Garmin HR (not pro) strap.
The VO2 max on Apple Watch is always 5 point lower than Garmin. Now it shows 36.
Not sure if I should be concerned. Am I reading too much into VO2 max value? I am 50+. Thanks.
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2022.01.28 20:21 Salohkin11 so seductive

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2022.01.28 20:21 Famous_Payment_2514 Nothing wrong with this image

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2022.01.28 20:21 TheDaoOfSalt What is the best way to format WI?

I'm new to AID and experimenting with creating worlds. I found a tutorial on ways to efficiently pack in data using cat and similar methods, but those appeared to be designed more for character information and pinned memory than for WI.
What methods/formats do you use for writing WI? I'm particularly interested in how people write classes, and how they define locations so the AI can be more consistent with where the heck stuff is.
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2022.01.28 20:21 SkepticStoner420 Another day at a slow dispensary in NorCal

You walk up to the door when the security guard opens it for you. You are relieved he is working today, he is the most responsible of the three guards on staff. You feel safe because he is actually paying attention to customers and the surveillance cameras. You are not sure your role for the day will be. Will you be checking in clients, maybe assigned a cash register, or just hanging around and being polite to the few patrons who decide to actually shop at the store. Who knows, management or supervisors seem to decide on a whim. You look at the inane “Daily Checklist” to see what you can to occupy your time. The unprioritized list consists of mostly cleaning and inventory tasks. Sometimes unsure what has and has not been done, what is important and what can wait. You take a guess and start on a simple one, such as cleaning the glass product cabinets. During the day, you notice a couple of the supervisors will actually contribute to the cleaning tasks. A couple though, you have never seen them even bother to pick up the duster or a bottle of window cleaner. While wiping off bongs in the display case, you hear the store manager and the favored shift supervisor talking smack about other employees. Nothing new, you have heard the gossip about other associates before. You wonder what they say about you. Just laugh it off, it does not matter in the grand scheme. You see a customer walking up to the door. Woohoo! First one of the day and it is only 90mins into your shift! You just hope your associates are paying attention and get off the couch. Nope. One of the budtenders is shoving food into his mouth, in between bites burping and randomly yelling, all while a supervisor and another budtender are playing a video game against one another. You get up to the check-in desk and notice several tabs open on the browser app used for intaking customers. Boxing videos, creepy personal search results for a budtender at another dispensary, and playlist music with profane and raunchy lyrics. While checking in the customer, the burping budtender with his pants around his mid thighs stands behind you, just making sure you are doing your job. Oh the irony. Later in the day while in between the dozen or so customers who might walk in, the manager or supervisor reviews the daily checklist and then asks in a condescending tone what else needs to be done. You have already completely a third to half of the list by yourself. All that needs to be done is to walk around the dispensary and see what cleaning should be completed again. Mid afternoon finally rolls around and you are bored to tears. Your phone is at 15% and you have helped maybe a handful of clients. The security guard shift change is coming up and you notice who just pulled into the parking lot. You mutter “oh shit” under your breath, you know what your last few hours will entail. The next guard is roommates with a shift supervisor and is held to zero standards. The guard and shift supervisor roommate starts talking about a girlfriend. You over hear “why is she hella pissed? Cuz I f*cked her friend like a year ago and won’t get over it. I will be honest though, she does have a tight poon.” Later on, the other budtenders decide to “check on the fence” to share a joint near the parking lot security gate. A shift supervisor joins them a few minutes later. You are alone in the dispensary with the security guard who is occupied watching police chase videos on his work tablet. A customer walks up and since the guard is not paying attention, you need to let the person in. After moving cans of energy drink from the top of the scanner and checking the client in, you walk them to the bar. You aren’t assigned a cash register though and feel uncomfortable using another budtender’s drawer. You yell out and finally the shift supervisor comes in to assist, just after taking a few hits from a joint. You help out the customer in a professional manner and hand them off to the supervisors who rings them up. After you look at your watch for the billionth time for the day, you realize closing time is coming. You walk out to the lobby to hear music loudly from the bluetooth speaker setup. N-Bomb this and F-Bomb that, with a mix of sexually explicit lyrics. The store is still open though, a customer could walk in. The shift supervisor is playing hacky sack with a basketball around a bunch of glass, a drink is spilled over the tablet at the reception desk, and there is still 15mins before you start the closing procedures. Apparently everyone has gone feral. Finally, closing goes without some unprofessional incident and you walk to your car whispering “I work with children. I swear to fucking god. I know 8 year olds more mature than these guys.”
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2022.01.28 20:21 psyjester Lissandra psuedo Echo rewind

I was play the other night. We were up against a Lissandra, Ashe, Echo, and Mf, and I forget what.
We kept seeing some snow ball in and suddenly ghost(phantom?) away. It took me a good few minutes to work it out as they had an Echo but it was way to early for his ult let alone it look like a female character.
What was happening was Lissandra would cast her snow ball hit, cast her E, recast snowball, cast W and E recast. All we saw was a flicker of her and she was out.
Just thought it was cool and had to share.
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2022.01.28 20:21 hiroshimasfoot Okay, I understand my humor is lame. But is this an appropriate reaction to my toilet demon prompt

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2022.01.28 20:21 WalrusUnited How do you buy spec cards in bulk?

For context, I live in Canada and have never bought from American stores, TCG, Channelfireball, etc as figuring out exchange rates, shipping, and potential duty fees seemed too complicated. Our game stores here tend to have smaller supplies and will often have a sale limit of 4-8 copies of a card which makes speculating on large amounts a hassle as you have to order from a bunch of sites to get enough.
If I wanted to buy larger amounts (50+) of a prelease or regular single card what is the best way to do that on American sites? Can you get large amounts of the same card from a single source?
Any fellow Canadians have any experience with ordering from the US? Is it worth it?
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2022.01.28 20:21 Hampered-Siren Frugal Bird Feeding

I really can't afford to buy a bunch of bird seed right now. Is there anything in my kitchen that I could feed them?
Dehydrated Cranberries? Cheerios? Oatmeal? Fruit or Veggies? Peanuts? Is there anything in a standard kitchen that would be healthy for birds?
I seriously don't have a clue, but there are a bunch of little birds flying in, and they seem to be hungry.
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2022.01.28 20:21 sagan96 Ebay real or fake?

Hi all,
Looking to get a pair of airpods max but not at full price. I've seen this seller on ebay who is selling them for $380, which has me a bit skeptical but he has great seller feedback. Anyone buy from this guy before or can confirm if this is real?
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2022.01.28 20:21 sweetjunks Does anybody know if Costco is ever bringing back the 1792 Bartons collaborations or was it a one off thing.

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2022.01.28 20:21 Mynewsify-Website Nyanyikan dalam Bahasa Melayu: Lagu Tahun Baru Cina yang paparkan perpaduan budaya mencuit hati ramai, Latest News

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2022.01.28 20:21 seacobs Red fox

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2022.01.28 20:21 Icy_Opening4481 Texting Gwen 😈

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2022.01.28 20:21 AtlasDrugged_0 What the rest of the NFL fans think about our name options

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2022.01.28 20:21 TheKrakenLord If we hire Mike McDaniel, here's one way to look at it: we would be getting him a year early.

First of all, a disclaimer: one of you guys or gals made a comment in this vein in some of the many threads on this subject, and it just stuck with me. I just want to expand on it a little bit.
We know the caveats about McDaniel: He's green. We don't know if he'll be able to assemble a competent staff. We don't know how much of the Niners' success could be attributed to him. But we also know this: if next year San Francisco keeps it up, and perhaps makes the transition to Trey Lance while putting up good numbers, McDaniel will likely be THE hottest prospect* in next year's coaching cycle (assuming we don't get him this year, of course). So getting him a year early might not be the worst idea...
\Of course, this wouldn't guarantee him being successful; just remember Adam Gase was a hot commodity 6 years ago and, at the time, Ross was praised for getting the guy many coveted, even if he turned out to be a fraud.)
What are your thoughts on this?
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2022.01.28 20:21 village_burner_59 Which posters did you have plastered across your bedroom walls as a teenager?

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2022.01.28 20:21 XXdotXXcoXX Gov tells Bette Midler to kiss dog's 'heinie' - and shows it

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2022.01.28 20:21 Beautiful-City-928 Launching Starship one more time !

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2022.01.28 20:21 mzyps [Katie Halper] - "Gabor Maté: Holocaust Survivor & Free Palestine Activist"

[Katie Halper] - "Gabor Maté: Holocaust Survivor & Free Palestine Activist"
Mr. Mate tells the story of how he survived Nazi-occupied Hungary as a one year old, and what it means to him.
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2022.01.28 20:21 Royal_weeb Outcast.

I was a tall, thin, faceless humanoid monster. I was in a place with endless white hallways and rooms with humans inside them, the humans were sometimes scientists, in that case they would tell me things that would lead me to safety like "do not go into the elevators, it's dangerous. There might be creatures like you." While then there were also Medieval guards, who would tell me things like "we do not want you to go into black rooms" and give no explanation. Then suddenly I was in my class but only the people I hate were there. They all looked at me me started laughing, but not in an evil way, it felt like they were laughing at a joke. Then I suddenly was in a white room that had two walls missing. The walls that were missing would lead to a street like the one in Harry Potter where Harry got his wand. I had some kind of cellphone. On the cellphone there was a picture of a person with medium length messy black hair, a black shirt and black eyes, but not fully black eyes, normal black. They were named "Non" (it means not in my language.). They would try to find a place where I can stay without being seen. Then I started uncontrollably running through the streets and killing, eating people. After a while of killing people I stole colored pencils from a shop and came back to the white room without two walls. I then heard the voice of "Non" a last time and started going dizzy. I fell down to the ground and started hearing glitchy, robotic incomprehensible voices. In the dream I could understand what they said, but now I just remember them as screams and muffled cries for help.
After the school Part, I noticed my school was floating on a platform mid air. I raised my hand and the teacher came to me and asked what I did, and I said " nothing" then the teacher started checking my homework. Meanwhile I got a knife, got up from my desk and cut through the wall. It felt like cutting cake, but it looked like cutting silk. Inside there was a room, but I only cut a bit of the wall so I could barely see anything inside. Everyone started laughing again and the teacher didn't notice what I did. The teacher looked at the laughing kids confused, not angry at all.
My school wasn't my school, it was the elementary-middle school my cousin goes to. The teacher was one of my old teachers, that I last saw about 3 years ago. It was the Geography-biology teacher, who now retired.
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2022.01.28 20:21 djmedx Manifold riser

Anyone selling a manifold riser for the BK2 3.8 with gasket? Not sure if I want to order it on 3point8performance and wait long.
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2022.01.28 20:21 Nobody_Important_2 Anyone else having this problem with a hat in time?

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2022.01.28 20:21 blaringair STOLEN WEDDING RINGS - Please help me find them! If you see them at a pawn shop or have any info, please DM me

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