Defending the 6500XT without Defending the 6500XT...

2022.01.28 20:16 PotamusRedbeard_FM21 Defending the 6500XT without Defending the 6500XT...

Super TL;DR - speculation is not fact, 6500XT is on "shelves", prices are bad all over, Old games are still fun.
And now, our Feature Presentation:
Y'know, I'd love to see the Crystal ball that people have, that tells us that 4GB is going to be "Obsolete" in a matter of months, or that the next Generation of "AAA" games is going to be far too much for the "Terrible Cash Grab" 6500XT to handle.
Not that I'd shame anyone if they need their fix of the next Far Cry or Assassin's Creed game, or the latest Field of Shooty E-sport FPS, and I don't have any stats as to how big that market is, but it's certainly very vocal.
And yes, the overheads have gone up, some by a little, others by a lot. Nobody's getting a "Good" deal in early 2022.
But the TL;DR of the rest of this post is, it (the 6500XT) exists, Old games are still fun, and as the old saying goes, you could get run over by a bus tomorrow.
Now, if you're interested in the long version, Strap in:
As Anthony rightly stated in LTT's 6500XT review, this is a card for the desperate. It will go some way to getting a GPU into a PC that you've had on the back burner for anything up to 2 years now, and if you crank down the settings on most modern games, (most of which still look pretty good with lower settings IMO/E) you'll still get a playable experience.
And let's step back and take a look at the bigger picture of PC Gaming, which stretches back, if we include the Pre-3D DOS Era, Nearly Half a century. And that's before we include Emulation of other computers/consoles/arcade machines.
"But kids don't want to play retro games!"
Where did I Mention Kids? If all you care about is the latest Esport or "AAA" titles, go get your X-box Series machine, or your PS5, if they're even in stock. Even as recently as 10 years ago, Proper AAA games, sumptuous High-poly classics, such as Id's "Rage", were the domain of beefy cards for their best performance. Early instalments in the Serious Sam Series, Balls-to-the-wall shooters, whose sheer enemy counts could buckle less-capable cards of the day, now don't even put a dent in anything more recent than my very own RX570, or I suspect, my backup GTX 750ti.
And I'm managing to play Death Stranding, with a mixture of settings, at 1080p, and I haven't seen the frames dip to "unplayable" (Sub-20fps) levels. And I'm on PCIe 3.0 as well.
"Tomorrow's almost over, today went by so fast, is the only thing to look forward to, the past?"
Well, PC gaming's back-catalogue is more than enough to keep us entertained, until either the market settles down, or APUs take up the low end's torch.
Bonus question for those who read this far: Do you think that Lego Star Wars - The Skywalker Saga will run okay on the 6500XT?
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2022.01.28 20:16 Vozzinki One of my mugs with a slight lean... I determined she still made the cut to be sold because someone will still love a flaw haha

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2022.01.28 20:16 MaleficentWinter2002 My results

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2022.01.28 20:16 crytoloover MBOX Next Target $12 Soon | MBOX Price Prediction Technical analysis, News Review Hindi 2021-2022

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2022.01.28 20:16 LimitedFragzVR DEAD BY DAYIGHT IN VR! (AFTERDARK VR)

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2022.01.28 20:16 Jackbux35 Who’s that one person you’re proud of?

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2022.01.28 20:16 Max2016YT all of my plush concepts to date!

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2022.01.28 20:16 mlloyd67 Desert-abandoned F150 update: no longer there.

We just took another hike out where we found the recently-abandoned Blue Ford F150. It looks like it has been liberated from the tyranny of ditch-captivity. There's not much evidence that it was ever there - or how it was removed.
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2022.01.28 20:16 Hayabusafield77 Any opponents for Lunastra, Teostra or both at once?

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2022.01.28 20:16 hulksteen To help your friends who still need it🇺🇸🇺🇸

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2022.01.28 20:16 2Naughtyy Selling these Kith x Tommy Hilfiger OG Basketball Sneakers on eBay

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2022.01.28 20:16 MiloFrank The credits

Anyone else notice weird credits? I saw a Rob Paulson. Like from Fight Club. Anyone else see this
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2022.01.28 20:16 TranslatorDizzy Who is speaking in the farcry 3 handbook?

There seems to be some unnamed person who’s doing research into the different characters that you run into throughout the game “When you first escaped from Vaas’s prison camp, I did my research. Jason Brody, from Los Angeles” etc etc. who is this?
My best guess is that it could be Willis Huntley. He’s the only one that has all info about him classified.
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2022.01.28 20:16 kat10187 Blank Check the reboot

Blank Check the reboot
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2022.01.28 20:16 dragoninja94 Authentic Tech Writing Gig Portals

I'm a former Digitization manager (owning cybersecurity + IT project management + OpEx) at a manufacturing plant.
Now working in the DevOps domain (bigdata cloud applications) as Dev manager + scrum master.
5+ years of experience at BigCorp and social impact startup.
Am looking for part time work where I can be valued for my industry learnings/ experience.
I was wondering if there is website, portal, aggregator where one can reach out to hirers, tech blog owners etc, for tech writing work?
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2022.01.28 20:16 mcsniper777 I think I might have messed up Hungary a bit to much

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2022.01.28 20:16 donut2202 Did anyone else have their date disappear at GULC and not get bad news today?

Basically title, just trying to get some tea leaves here. Hoping for an A next week!
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2022.01.28 20:16 Outside-Wolf5928 What on earth is hodooi?

No idea what this token is about, noticed it in top gainers and thrown a small amount in on a whim. Expected extra 10% maybe at most, it's up 50% since I bought in and still going 🤣 needless to say I'm curious about it now, is it a shitcoin? Can anyone tell me what they're about? I'll be doing some research but in honesty I'll be flipping it to Cro when it starts to drop
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2022.01.28 20:16 konradsad have you guys ever gotten sick/ill and decided to go on fasts to increase the speed at which you heal?

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2022.01.28 20:16 Storomyr [Question] pickup anchor pole is loose, how do I fix it?

So I was attempting to lower the bridge pickup on my guitar when one side suddenly popped back up, and would not tighten at all. Upon removing the pickup I noticed the anchor is loose in the body of the guitar.
This guitar is pretty new (I've not had it a year and it was made in February 2021.) Can I fix this? I would post a picture but this sub only let me make a text post.
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2022.01.28 20:16 i4play Switching scopes with compact collimators and 1x-8x

So I have a question and I hope it is not that dumb of a question; be gentle playing the game for the first time (250hrs in atm) I like to run a canted collimator besides a regular scope. I have been messing with my keybinds and all, but there is one issue I can’t find a solution to. For instance; when I use an sks with a canted reflex and a pso scope I can switch between them. But the problem arises when using a scope with a 1x and a 4x besides a canted reflex. Then I can still switch between both scopes, but I can’t get the “main” scope to switch between 1x and 4x? Did I mess up my keybinds or am I missing a keybind/function to switch between scopes and another (seperate) keybind to switch between scooe magnification? Thanks in advance for any help.
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2022.01.28 20:16 Aeshah-mh كيف تتغلبين على خوف من القيادة

جالسه اتعلم القيادة وعندي خوف ورعب وحقيقي من القيادة خصوصا جملة القيادة في شوارع السعودية للقوي وابوي قال بعد اول حادث بيروح كل خوف طيب ما ابي ادخل حادث الله يحفظني تجاربكم بنات لي سنتين اكنسل سالفة
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2022.01.28 20:16 Marshallmason0 Where do y’all think we go from here? I think Mike Zimmer.

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2022.01.28 20:16 RaisinHot8352 Welcome to the Language Cafe!

This server was created in order to bring together a small community of people who wish to learn languages and help each other study. If you feel like this would be a place for you to develop yourself and find new friends, then join us using the link :)
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